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Analyzing the ENERGY of a Random Love and Hip Hop Episode

Those who read my site know I don't watch these reality T.V. shows. However "The Universe" put it in my spirit to watch a few clips of these shows to further absorb the ENERGY of them and warn Black women of what they are watching. These shows paint Black women in a negative way making them untrustworthy.

My mean side must interject and make it known, this will not be a habit, I will watch these clips ONLINE with no advertisements when the wind hits me, but I hope that Black women can get a sense that my warnings are genuine.I will also review past shows only. Reviewing future shows has the danger of sending out the ENERGY of anticipation. If you feel a sense of anticipation you will resist rising up and respecting yourself enough by not supporting these shows and demanding better.

Now I know these shows have become like a "tub of ice-cream" as you sit on the couch, after a man stands you up or is not acting right. They have become a sense of comfort for many Black women and they feel as if they can find an understanding of their life in the drama. People like to watch those who are like themselves. Unfortunately, they don't realize that sacrifice and being a little uncomfortable is the only way to spiritually grow and sacrifice is usually temporary. It's temporary because you always get a result from sacrificing and those results can be positive.

When you spiritually grow you will demand and receive better shows that are entertaining. I wonder if most Black women today remember the sitcom "Girlfriends". A fictional show that had an out there character like "Toni" but did not focus on the ENERGY of drama that made Black women seem untrustworthy.

Black women must sacrifice senseless drama for better image portrayals.The social conditions and state of our race demands this. If portrayed at all these shows should only represent a "drop in the bucket" of our culture.

It's important to remember these shows are presented as reality. Consciously Black men and women might say they realize it's staged but that does not help the subconscious mind. It does not help the subconscious mind because the characters are real even when they are not married to these men. Many of them have had some type of relationship with the men they are talking about, so their actions reflect the ENERGY of what a woman would actually do and say in that situation.

These shows create a separation between Black women and men. Black men don't trust Black women and that ENERGY is increasing at a rapid rate. Black women are becoming a group of women men are extremely weary of. It makes Black men want to close themselves off to Black women even more than they already do. They feel a risk in being open and simply deal with and "handle" Black women in this era.

Well, let me get to the theme of this thread......................

The other day I came across a clip of "Love and Basketball" on Bossip. Bossip like most sites fail to push the consciousness of Black women to a higher level they simply feed the stereotypical perceptions of Black women to the world. Despite this from time to time I find an article or thread that allows me to create a post for my site. A post that goes deeper into the ENERGY and spirituality of a situation.

Now the following clip is Episode 1 from the first season of "Love and Basketball". Let's take a look at the ENERGY of one scene. Please don't bother me about the updates of this show, just like I randomly picked it out, so can Black men. I can only assume like me they don't watch these shows but come across clips online.

In the clip Emily Bustamante is having lunch with Mashonda at Barolo Restaurant. Both Emily and Mashonda have had relationships with Swizz Beats and each have a child with him. Emily is currently his stylist and Mashonda was married to him and just went through a divorce with him.

First negative ENERGY-------------Just to open your mind, I want you to picture your ex-boyfriend or husband having lunch with a man you currently spend time with someone you would like to trust.

You would wonder what they could possible have to discuss. Even if you have a child with each man you would not be foolish enough to think that would be the only topic of conversation. It comes across sneaky and trifling, particularly if you had a messy divorce with one of the men involved.

In this case we get to hear exactly what they where talking about.

Here you have Emily who's attached to Swizz Beatz as if they have a deep relationship. She gives off the vibe that she wishes he would acknowledge her more. She longs for him to take her on the "red carpet" at award shows, lol, lol

I can only assume that this show was recorded before Swiss Beatz and Alicia Keys solidified their relationship with marriage. Even so, wouldn't Alicia Keys be the one he takes on the "red carpet"?

I have to admit because I don't watch these shows I had to do a little research because it seems to me Emily said they lived together. In another breath she said Alicia Keys was pregnant with his child. After doing a little research my suspicions of the drama purposely fed to Baby Mama's and Black women in these shows was confirmed.

The first episode of Love and Hip Hop aired on March 14, 2011
Alicia Keys announces pregnancy May 2010
Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz married July 31, 2010

Even if I assume these episodes where scripted before it's airing, Alicia Keys announced her pregnancy when she was 4-6 months in her term.

Ta, ta, ta OK let's move on...............

Hopefully you are beginning to see why you are ADDICTED to these shows. They play into your emotions and EXPLOIT them. Many of you are in these situations or have girlfriends who are. You want to be with your Baby Daddy and wish he could see you for the so-called jewel that you are but he doesn't.

Then Emily goes on and reveals the ENERGY that has become a Black man's worst nightmare. She basically tells Mashonda that she is not secure like her because she was not married to Swiss Beatz so she won't be financially set if he leaves.

Negative Energy Alert: Is she trying to "come up" using Swiss Beatz's finances or did they have a son out of love? Though she is supposedly gainfully employed she seems concerned with this. She claimed she waited 8 years and their relationship went nowhere. The ENERGY she sends makes it seem as though she hopes she can at least get some money from the situation if he decides to leave. She can at least "stick it" to him if he doesn't satisfy what she wants "at the end of the day".

Remember I'm conveying the ENERGY of this, not what you believe to be logical or wish a man could understand but how a man would absorb this ENERGY.

OK, let me try it this way.............

In order to really absorb the ENERGIES I am trying to get you to notice, do role reversals. Put yourself in the place of the man they are talking about. This is something you should do with most things in life to see the point of view of another.

So if I were a man, I would get the feeling that Emily is the perfect candidate for a potentially vindictive Baby Mama, she wants more from me then I am willing to give. She would seem like someone who would cause drama in my current relationship and try to create deeper ties using the child we have even when I try being nice to her. I would also sense that she is willing to put my business out their and paint me in a negative light for sympathy instead of handling our problems together.

Look at all the ENERGY I was able to absorb from one clip. I think even Black women with the hardest heads could see that Black men don't trust Black women in this era. It doesn't mean that Black men are without fault but each person has the responsibility to change a bad situation into a better one. Therefore you cannot simply react negatively because someone is being negative in your eyes. When that happens both parties will lose, but one will lose more than the other................................

In this case it's the Baby Mama

Black women stop embarrassing yourself by supporting these sad, broken down, ran through women who live confusing lives. It's dangerous because it seems to represent you because you are in the same predicament, it makes your situations seem even worst. It continues to make you seem like someone to run from.

Many of these shows seem to feature Baby Mama's from hell, aren't many of you "Baby Mama's"? Stop giving Black men a good reason to avoid you and dismiss you. The sad irony is the fact that many of these women are losing the men they are with in everyday life due to their ENERGY on the show. These men become embarrassed being with such sneaky, trifling women who are willing to exploit themselves for money.

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