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Will Trina Eventually Take Buffy The Body's Crown?

There's nothing more sad then watching these aging whores keep resorting back to what they feel they do best, in order to make money. Flaunting and selling her body is all that Trina has ever known in life. It's what she has practiced the most and done the most in and out of her career.

It doesn't matter that she's pushing 40, she has a lifestyle that requires money and will always do what she knows best to make money. It's like a ex-hooker or low standard chick needing to pay her rent, so in order to do so, she will turn a few tricks to get by. "Buffy the Body" is 45 and still resorts to the same method from time to time.
Here's the thing, that's fine. I would never look for these women in the community and chastised them. Even if I saw them on the street.

When these women are in the spotlight it's a different story.

Trina for example, chose to be in the spotlight and should be an example of how a person can develop no shame when they do something often enough. Just like "Buffy the Body" and all the other chicks who make themselves look pitiful and simple, they need to be a reflection of how sad it is to have to keep showing your body to put money in your pocket. Even when your beyond the expiration date, worn out and tired.

This is why I think of ground beef when I think of how their vagina's must look.

This is a woman that needs to pray she doesn't have a child like me. I have a brutal, acid tongue and wouldn't be afraid to use it. In fact there isn't much Trina could say to me about standards if I was her child. Of course in reality she will metaphysically have a daughter who is the same as her more then likely. After all she will be raised by her ENERGY.

To be honest, I have a deeper disgust for Trina then most. I have a deeper disgust towards her because I witnessed first hand how dangerous her ENERGY is to the Youth. I was at a clients house and her young son (who was no older than four) came across this picture:

I'll never forget the look of confusion on his face. In fact while looking at the picture his little forehead scrunched because he was confused by it. His brain could not process what the picture meant. He saw blood on the guy, but at the same time she is on top of him naked from the waist down and does not seem disturbed by it. I never liked her, but I hated her after that day.

Of course the picture disgust me for other reasons too. One being the fact that it represents exactly what many Black women do in the community; they Fu*ck a Black man in his misery. They don't uplift him through love, spirituality and wise choices. They simply screw him at the state he is in until he gets locked up or dies and then move on to the next man.

I know most of ya'll relate to her more then me, it's just another example of why I despise being apart of this race. I don't care what shoes, clothes or jewelry this woman has on, she could never impress me and I would NEVER support her or her ENERGY.

And at the end of the day, the jokes on Black women because her ENERGY and body type creates an aura around woman who look like her and have a shape like hers. That's why in everyday life you see women like her with a Mr. EBT, street nigg*a instead of with Black men who have a classier, more respectable aura. Through your support of her you strengthen that ENERGY and the fact that you're typecasted.

I think at this point it's virtually impossible to see a woman that looks like this and one who has a shape like this and think of class or anything worthy. Again that's why you attract certain men who have sex with you like they are hitting a pinata or punching a punching bag.

I'm getting weak, I told ya'll I'm like Whoopi Goldberg in "Ghost" when Patrick Swayze entered her body. I could go on about how your big ass is really a "beard" and certain men like your big ass because they can fu*ck it hard and simulate the rough sex they had in prison.

But anyway, in closing lets look at the body type and shape of Trina's mentor Luke Campbell, the so-called king of strippers and adult entertainment in Miami,.I made sure to get a side shot to show her ass size.
Case Closed, I'll explain more when I have the ENERGY

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