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When Materialism Programming Goes Wrong

OK so let's analyze this video. Here we have two college students who begin arguing over which celebrities has the most money "Birdman" or "Jay-Z". No, they are not the friends, cousins, or relatives of "Birdman" or "Jay-Z" each has simply chosen one or the other to look up to and defend.

Now what ENERGY represents Birdman and  Jay-Z? What is the focus and strongest ENERGY within their music? I'm sure even those rare people who don't follow the media, would bet their last dollar and say MONEY. That's right 99% of their music and lyrics focuses on MONEY.

Not only does their music focus on bragging about money, it has a strong ENERGY of conveying to listeners that those without money are worthless, weak, and less than. Over and Over again the minds of young people are being programmed to think it's not OK being without money. They're told repeatedly through lyrics that you're nobody without money, even in the hood. They are led to believe that whoever has the most money in their surroundings is better. No other attribute's taken into consideration.

That ENERGY is demonstrated in music today, it's not about lyricism it's about which rapper has the most money. This is why someone like Lil Wayne's such a big star, he's been able to create a sense of dominance and strength through his lyrics about money. Lyrically he isn't a good rapper, but he says shocking things that talks about the one thing his listeners wish they had.

Let's move on....

So because of this strong ENERGY, the conversation about Birdman and Jay-Z's money turned to, their own money. Now as I pointed out these are both college students sitting in the student cafeteria not a 5-star restaurant. They both have a dialect that makes it clear they grew up in the hood. But just like the ENERGY of rappers they are trying to "profile" and act like they have more money then they do.

Both claim they get no financial aid and their families "well to do". In order to pay for college in its entirety without any financial aid, one's family would have to be rich. I will take a wild guess and assume that's not the case with either of them.

Now, their anger is building, each is becoming more insulted by the other because they're being made to feel as if they have no money. In this culture with the programming that's been instilled in the youth, not having money or the appearance of such is a "no-no". After-all it would mean they represent who rappers talk down to in their music.

He asks the girl "Are you a millionaire". Why a million? Someone could be well off with hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It's the programming of this culture. Rappers constantly talk about the millions, millions, millions of dollars they have. They never rap about having $750,000 and being set for life. It's the millions, millions, millions, that's programmed in his subconscious mind. The word emerges from his subconscious mind without thought.

He lies and claims he'll have a trust fund at 25. He doesn't indicate that it will be a million dollars. He would never do this because admitting that he has less than the word that's been imprinted in his mind means he's less than. He would never admit that he doesn't have a million dollars even if he had $500,000, which is a large sum.

Millions, Millions, Millions, Millionaire, Millionaire, Millionaire's branded in his mind.

As you can see things escalate and she claims she could "stunt" on him in a minute. For those unaware of what that word means, it's a word used profusely in rap music today that supposedly indicates those who are on top. Those who can show they are better than another person through materialism.

What happens next, well we have a recipe:
Being Made fun of
People Laughing--Audience
Camera Rolling--Bigger Audience
Boom! Explosion and they start fighting.

The fighting's instigated by the girl who's insulted not only by the fact that the boy was saying she had no money, but also insulting her about her weave. Another form of programming that's been instilled in Black women today via the media. You rarely see a leading video girl without long hair whether it's natural or a weave. I will speak more about that later!

It's plain to see in this video why I despise the ENERGY of Birdman and Jay-Z and other rappers of today who pound it in the youths head that they are nothing without money. This effects both women and men, but when it's among men in the community many times it can turn deadly. They are encouraged to do whatever it takes to make money. The fact that this is a woman and man fighting, shows how the community's been mutated by this ENERGY. Both women and men of today feel the pressure of keeping up an image that they have money even when they don't. Remember concentrate, the basic ENERGY of this culture revolves around who has the most money, not talent.

Rappers fight among each other in the spotlight about who has the most money and become rivals because of it. It's a far cry from the beefs rappers had in the past, beefs that related to who was the best lyricist. Those types of beefs leaves out the community, it's isolated. Arguing about who has the most money with the ENERGY that those who don't have money "ain't sh*t" effects the minds of the youth. It's something done repetitively and sinks in their conscious and subconscious minds.

I won't go on but it's important to TEAR DOWN this culture and the ENERGIES it feeds to the community. It's important that it's done now before the voices of Generation X fade out due to us growing too old. The control we have and ability to give direction in this culture is fading. Many of us who are 25 to 45 still have economic power and can attack this through NO SUPPORT. We also need to explain to the youth the consequences of embracing the ENERGIES of these rappers.

The youth must know that anything they embrace will dictate their environments. If they embrace trivial beefs and a materialistic ENERGY, that will dominate their environment. They must understand they will be forced to live out what they embrace. And as this video shows it's not fun.

Let's learn one more lesson from the video, and that is, it's not about how the parents raise these kids and whether they are in college or not. This is something we tell ourselves to subconsciously deflect away from a problem and act like there's a simple solution. No, this is about metaphysics. No matter where you come from, how much money your family has, or if you are in college you will take on the mentalities and characteristics of the ENERGIES you absorb...................PERIOD. So we will continue to see youth from all backgrounds acting out the same ENERGIES of the culture they take in.

Here's the one and only comment that shows someone who is conscious of what is happening:
America become the land of d!ck riders? Ladies and gentlemen, this is an example of the rampant materialistic mind state that the elites have brainwashed the youth with through media, especially music. By the way, both of them are lying about not receiving financial aid.
Later I will do a more ind-depth article explaining how this culture has emasculated Black men and makes them feel like less than a man if they have no money, even when they are in school, as in this case. I will also demonstrate how that has contributed to a surge of violence in our communities and the lengths these men go through to protect their sense of masculinity. 

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