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Uncle Luke Spoke Now Can Miami Act?

Talk is talk, in fact that seems to be all that Black people do at times. I can promise you that all the things I say on this site I back up, I back it up through action and/or NO SUPPORT. The fact that Black people simply talk, and talk and talk with no action is one of the ENERGY reasons we are so annoying.

So here we have Uncle Luke of Miami calling out rappers who have come to the area as a fad, trend or fashion and don't support the neighbor hood.

He called out Lil Wayne and Cash Money, Diddy, DJ Khaled and all the other rappers who now live in the area and come from other hometowns. He rightfully claims that these rappers should be giving back to the youth and communities of Miami instead of just using it's resources to profile in their career.

So my question is, will Miami act on this?

See I get scared when it comes to Black people. I've gone back and forth with Black people who get offended when I say this race is simple. But to me it's the truth. It's an ENERGY statement, it's not something that has to be and can change. It's a strong ENERGY within this race and is demonstrated by observing what we seem to support. It doesn't matter if there are many who aren't simple, their ENERGY is not the strongest and isn't felt the ENERGY of our being simple.

I say this race is simple because we can't think in visionary ways for a higher purpose. But yet, we expect miracles in our community. I say that we are simple because NO SUPPORT is a type of fight anyone can do. I could see if coming against some of the negative ENERGIES in our community regarded great physical effort, but they do not. In this case to see a change all one would have to do is refrain from supporting all those that don't respect you and the struggle your community faces.

Let's see if Miami can stand-up for themselves and do something that seems so simple. Let's see if they can see the bigger picture and keep from being not only SIMPLE, and usable, but ROBOTIC, REPETITIVE and RETARDED.

Maybe it's me, but I think that unless money and diamonds fall out your ass while you are listening to or going to see these artist, you can find others to support and other ways to occupy your mind. But again, that's coming from someone with a strong mind that chooses to be about something.

He gives them ONE YEAR to show a change, before he orders his people to make them feel un-welcomed.

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