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T.I. Describes The Shadiness of Celebrities

After watching this video, I need you to understand what I mean by the title.

In this video T.I. goes in on gossip sites and those who read them. So why did I title this thread the way I did?

Well because T.I. ironically is describing celebrities in his videos, not just gossip sites and the people that read them. He claims you can't trust these sites and the information they give. When the fact of the matter is that message goes for celebrities.

At this point who cares if T.I. is pissed at Diddy to the point it threatens their friendship?

It doesn't take away from coming against the ENERGY of what he's saying in this video

Just like politicians, you can't trust celebrities. Celebrities spend a lot of money and pay a lot of people to protect and create their image. They wouldn't know the truth if it hit them across the face. That particularly goes for this day and age where celebrities are the most manipulative.

They will plant stories for exposure, reveal themselves for exposure, create fake beefs, take pictures of themselves and do just about anything to stay in the spotlight, be recognized and make money. They will also run from these actions if they are exposed and it doesn't suit the image or illusion they are trying to create.

So they have no right to pick and choose. When a story comes out that is not in their favor they have no right to attack that story because it pisses them off. The Universe would not allow that anyway. When you're fake you're fake, when you're phony, you're phony.

You take someone like T.I., he would never reveal to the public and other Brothers who had to do time, how the hell he got a "slap on the wrist" on his first charge and jail stint by only having to do a year. He only had to do a year despite having an arsenal of weapons(not just one) and he was a convicted felon prior to that charge.

Keep looking at the blogs and dissecting the truth from fiction, but by NO MEANS do you allow celebrities to make you feel like an idiot for even looking and speculating. Remember they work really hard trying to hide the truth and facts about things they think make them look bad. It's just that God and the Universe finally said "No More, I'm always here even when you think you are running things".

As God said " The truth will be brought to light". Celebrities never thought this day would come. In the past celebrities would just hire a really good PR firm to hide their mess, but everything is exposed now. They can't hide any longer, they are being made to feel, absorb and deal with their ENERGY and that's the way it's suppose to be. There's no more waiting till they fall out of the limelight writing a "tell-all" book. You have to deal with your ENERGY now.

By the way he did make one true point. He spoke about how MTO is full of lies, that's not always true but it is a site to be weary of, after-all if you ban a righteous soul like me despite all the junk, destructive crazy comments of others, you are not RIGHTEOUS and you're shady with something to HIDE. The absolute TRUTH is always feared and viewed as competition.

My site will always stay RIGHTEOUS to the truth because money does not motivate what I'm doing..........PERIOD

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