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Rick Ross's Friends Put Demon ENERGY Aside for a Moment

My site aims to reveal the ENERGY of stories and incidents after the fact. Many of you have heard the water-downed gossip side of a incident, I like to go deeper. I like to go deeper because it will slowly wake you up and help you to develop a more conscious mind.

So let's examine Rick Ross and how his friends reacted when he had two health scares on his way to performing in Memphis and Greensboro N.C. for "Homecoming". Who did they turn to, who did they bring up, who did they pray to?


Yep that's who they prayed to that's who they hope is looking over Rick Ross. Why do I bring this up? Well some of you might know, and some of you might need to know, many rappers are dabbling in occultist, dark ENERGIES in their music. They refer to and use symbolism that represents secret societies like the Illuminati which pray to deities (Gods) and spirits for guidance and power. All of those deities represent demonic forces related to Lucifer. Many do this on a consciously and some do it subconsciously. Those that do it subconsciously feel the ENERGY that of what they are doing but money and fame is a drug to them and they will rationalize the feeling away.

Since those who are asleep tend to believe I pull these things out of my ass, take a look at one example where a girl explains the demonic ENERGY in the entertainment industry. Listen closely to what she said happened while on a video set with Rick Ross...

Now here's some of the "well wishing" words others had for Rick Ross upon hearing that he was sick:

in support of Ross, from Drake to Bun B to Diddy, the latter who tweeted from his @iamdiddy account, “Praying for my brother @rickyrozay ! #PrayforRickRoss.”"

Calls for prayers were also expressed by a slew of others including Twista and 2 Chainz. Twista offered, “#Boss, a person who is guided and watched by angels above. Salute @rickyrozay,” while 2 Chainz tweeted, “My luv and prayers go out to my big bruh and real stand up guy @rickyrozay …I kno he gone b str8. He a G!”
When people face an obstacle no matter how far they have turned from God they call on him for comfort and healing. All things dark and evil cannot be called on. They cannot be called on because these ENERGIES don't know how to supply love and comfort. This is why most criminals and criminal minded people have money and the illusion of power but never feel at ease in life. Their minds cannot rest easy. It's one of the consequences of taking to and promoting dark ENERGIES.

As you can see I highlighted the portions of the quotes that refer to God and praying. I particularly want to focus on the quote rapper "Twista" offered Rick Ross. It's a quote that is completely FALSE. It's the reason why so many rappers and celebrities turn to darkness to propel their career. Rick Ross is not guided by angels, he's guided by something more dark and sinister.

Some might be confused by what I am saying. Many people believe that God, Angels and goodness helped many of these people get in the position that they are in, but that is false.

It's a scary thought and one that I will be dedicating a whole article on in the future. But if someone like Rick Ross or Lil Wayne got down on their knees and prayed to God to help them be a success in the music industry, they could pray for 1 year, 2 years, 10 years or 80, he would never help them.


Because God and the Universe knows and sees all, even before a person does something. God and the Universe would have known that Rick Ross and Lil Wayne would pick up the mic and spread the evil and destruction that they do throughout this world and culture. This is why rappers consciously or subconsciously yield the power of the dark-side to propel their careers. Often times they know someone in the industry that has passed the threshold into darkness and can help "put them on".

Before I make a conclusion to what I'm trying to say and the direction I'm going in, I want to add one more thing. I want to point out something a rapper in the industry said that stood out to me, something that explains the callous ENERGY of many rappers.

Of course my sharp mind catches these things. I pay attention to what someone says and the ENERGY of what they are saying. I know that it protects me from welcoming negative ENERGY and keeps me from supporting it so that it doesn't spread to minds that are weaker than mine. After-all we are all connected and these weak minded people live in our environments so I am wise enough to know their mentalities will affect me.

Anyhow, listen to the rationality that allows many celebrities the ability to disregard their negative ENERGY:

Rapper "Thrill Da Player" of the former group "69 Boyz" pointed out something that needs to be addressed. He said that many entertainers have been programmed like the rest of us that God forgives. Because of this many feel they will simply repent and say they are sorry at some point in time.

I want to take the time to point out that Rick Ross's upcoming CD is titled "God forgives, I don't", I will address that ENERGY further in a later article.

As far as people thinking that God will simply forgive their sins and ENERGY, unfortunately that's not exactly true. God knows the heart of every man and knows if this is what someone is thinking. God does not want fake followers or those who aren't genuine about their love for him. Recently I read the story of an ex-prostitute who decided to stop being a prostitute and be closer to God. God blessed her life and though it was a struggle, she went on to become a successful Real Estate agent. In her case she was truly in bondage and caught up in her lifestyle.  She did not carry on the act of being a prostitute with the mentality that she would simply change and find God when she got older or tired of being a prostitute.   She genuinely cried out to him due to the misery of her life and he came.

For example someone in the occult could not call out God's name if they happen to be stuck on a railroad track and a trains coming head on in their direction. That won't work It's not genuine.

However someone who is in the occult suffering from sickness and suffering can call on God and turn their life over to him, that is embraced by God. God is always there waiting, unlike Occult members who put a "contract" out on those who turn their back.

In closing I would like to say hopefully Rick Ross reflects and thinks back on who he was thinking of when he had his medical scare. He has to ask himself was it Satan or was it God. Then he has to remind himself which one brings comfort and healing. He must remember Satan and Dark ENERGIES despises it's followers. The power they are given by these deities(False Gods) is given to yield more souls not out of love.

I will speak more about this in future articles and point out how we fuel the actions of those "selling their souls" literally or figuratively speaking. I will explain how we can help them and ourselves through NO SUPPORT.

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