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Part One: Fred From MTO is a Money Hungry Demon

I'm almost speechless, don't laugh I know that seems impossible. But I'm almost speechless when it comes to absorbing the ENERGY of what I'm about to tell you.

Now most of you guys know that there is an alleged sex tape of Tupac out there. Supposedly there was a 6 figure bidding war over it. Many scummy, worthless, driven by money rejects wanted to get there hands on it.

Now that's not what shocks me. In a world like this, metaphysically that is expected. It doesn't mean it's right or righteous, but it simply speaks of the mindset of people. I would have died before I watched it, but others get off on that type of stuff. I respect the dead particularly when it comes to things they can't defend. He made the tape in private and that's if he even knew it was being made.

I'm pretty confident that he knew it was being made, simply because that's the way many male celebrities choose to protect themselves. And though it's not clear if it was made before or after the rape conviction Tupac had to endure, I'm sure he had knowledge of it.

Here's the thing, every gossip site and even more news originated sites reported about the tape. Most showed the still picture like this one to do so.
"But no", one particular site had to take it further. MTO had to take it further. I won't say the sites exact name but I'm sure most are aware of the site. On this site as a HEADLINE STORY they dared to claim that Tupac was a

They made this claim simply because Tupac's male friends where present. In no way shape or form was he engaging in any lewd act with the men in the pictures. He was simply getting a "blow job" from the girl in the picture and talking to his friends at the same time. (my next article about the ENERGY of the Tupac sextape will explain that)

Anyhow, just for ratings Fred decided to spice up the thread by suggesting that Tupac was a "Homo-Thug".
To make this assumption based on no evidence suggest a desperate attempt to generate ratings. It's not even an accusation made based on theory. They simply took the picture and added a sensational headline for ratings. 

See this is why I tell people you cannot click on the ads on MTO. It's bad enough people click on the threads. It's not conclusive to me yet if that brings him money also but I know the ads do. I have an ad blocker on my computer so I don't have to fight this temptation. If you see an ad you like go to a blank tab and type in the company through your search engine.

For Fred to spit on Tupac's image for money is ridiculous. Tupac was by no means a perfect man, but when he chose to be a conscious Brother he said things that make Fred and what he produces look like crap. To attack this man's masculinity in his death is astounding and an insult to his mother and family.

I guess that's their way of standing out. No other site presented the sex tape story and did this. One must wonder how Fred sleeps at night. I decided I will be putting many blogs on blast at times. Of course MTO metaphysically will be a main target.

Time and time again I have witnessed them try to TEAR DOWN good positive ENERGY and uplift the negative. It makes you think he is the "Baphomet Devil" himself.
He will pull a stripper off the pole , from "under the bed" out of the adult magazines she's in and tell young impressionable girls how beautiful her body is. At the same time he will disrespect a female icon, or entertainer who is more positive because she gained a little weight, or suffered a sickness and doesn't look the same in her old age.

Day by day MTO is becoming less and less reputable. I've made it clear so many times that I come there for research. I go to MTO to analysis the comments of this race and the generation coming up. They knew it was wise to make the decision to ban me because my site would snatch the attention of there largest readers, celebrities. Celebrities go to MTO like they are checking the morning paper. That's why he decided to put up a view count so that they can gauge how relevant they are.

I'm lazy and haven't really put my site out there, nor do I post alot. I hope to change that and ask the Universe for strength. However,.I'm like Whoopi Goldberg in the movie "Ghost" when Patrick Swayze's character entered her body. It takes alot of ENERGY for me to write these articles sometimes because I refuse to be frivolous and speak about things on a deeper level. I absorb the ENERGY of a story or person and relate the Universal metaphysical meaning.

I won't go on, this is just one bullet toward Fred and his creation, I have a whole arsenal of weapons and when I start my skit videos Fred and his creation will be one of the TOP ENERGIES I portray. Starting with his tendency at labeling every Black man gay, and pulling hookers and whores from under the bed. I will literally show this being done.

In the meantime watch it Fred, for your own spirits sake. He must make pharmaceutical companies a lot of money being one of their top consumers.

To understand what I mean by pulling hookers and strippers from "Under the Bed" Click here to read my article "Hookers should Be Under the Bed"

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