Exposing the ENERGY of Entertainment To Release People From The Mental and Spiritual Bondage It Creates!

Part One: The ENERGY of the Hood is Like A Shackle

Tying This Video to Our Culture

I wish Black people knew metaphysics, unfortunately it's a foreign language to the community. Not only is it a foreign language but it sounds like science to many Black people. Though it's often viewed as a science it's not, it's simply explains why things happen when the "Laws of Nature" aren't acknowledged. It's more on a spiritual level, a level closer to God and this Universe.

Some might say "Ohh, Scary I have to become a strict, religious nut". No, that is not the truth, in fact you would be surprised to know I DON'T have a religious affiliation, despite being raised as a Christian Baptist.  I am spiritually religious, I embrace the good in all religions but only hold alliance with God himself.

Here's the thing: "The 'Laws of Nature" simply state that: Whatever ENERGY you take in becomes you, defines you and grows". Metaphysics doesn't distinguish between good or bad. So the ENERGY taken in reflects either, it could be a good ENERGY or a bad one.

The reason why I bring this up in this thread is because Black men in the streets should be the first to turn away from the ENERGY in the music today. An ENERGY that grows their problems, dangers and imprisonment. The music today creates an even stronger ENERGY of negativity in their community because the negativity's of the community become highlighted in the music. It's like the ENERGY of the culture's taken to the highest mountain so the world and all communities can see its glory.

It creates illusions and empowers men living a street, gangsta lifestyle. It glamorizes the lifestyle and makes it seem like something everyday Brothers do. Not only that, but the saddest transition has been the fact that the music of today talks down on Black men who aren't living a street life style. It sends a message that they are not real men. It also sends a strong message that if a Black man is not making money in the hood he is worthless and soft.

The music doesn't offer options it focuses on one ENERGY, so it doesn't allow the mind to grow. Most Black men seem trapped in their environments because of this. Not only do they seem trapped but they witness many men around them doing the things they want to get away from.

Note the ENERGIES that the man in the video spoke off. He claims he wants to get away from his lifestyle. Now think of how the music fosters those ENERGIES and continues to mutate the ENERGY of the men around him. Because of this he feels he cannot let it go, letting it go would mean he is "slipping". Even if he made an attempt to become free, he would constantly be bombarded with the ENERGY that he is not a real man. He would feel like the "odd ball" the man left out. That is one reason why I believe that we need to attack this culture and tear it down through NO SUPPORT to most artist, before we can truly penetrate minds.

If the culture is not torn down first it makes all our efforts in vain. Our efforts are in vain because we chose to allow the culture to seem like it DEFINES BLACK MEN in the hood. It only makes matters worst when these men appear successful.

I will do an article later tonight showing how gangs are mutating and fellow gang members are fighting one another other due to metaphysics

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