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Part 2: Tupac's "Blow Girl"

Some of the things I say and some of the references I might use, may often sound peculiar to many. I try to continuously point out that I speak about ENERGY.

This simply means I go beyond what seems clear and what is apparent to show the ENERGY behind the situation. So that's exactly what I want to do in this thread.

Most people have seen the still pictures of Tupac's so-called sex tape. It's sad we live in a world where those possessed by evil know that people would flock to this tape, but it's true. Luckily his family respects the image of Tupac and has made it clear that the release of the tape would result in a lawsuit.

In any case, I want to talk about the girl in video. The girl who was giving Tupac a "blow job". I want to discuss her because I think she represents a lot of girls in this day and age. And no, I'm not going to talk about how what she was doing was wrong; I rarely waste time bringing up things that go without saying.

I want to talk about the ENERGY of how she was treated. Now Tupac and his friends weren't abusing this girl or treating her badly, but Tupac was sending an ENERGY to her that she was like an in-animated object. She was being treated like a sex toy that happens to be human.

Tupac is demonstrating how real men act when they fall into their lust, and use a stripper or hooker for satisfaction. Unlike someone like Wiz Khalif, Tupac would not and could not, get caught up and show emotion to a chick like this. In fact he's doing the opposite. He is not giving her any attention and makes it clear through his actions that she's like a wooden "back scratcher", there to serve a :itch" in this case a "want".

He proves that she's insignificant by carrying on his conversation, and even drinking while she's giving him "head". Even if it felt good he is not the type of man to show his feelings to a hooker and totally "let go" his emotions. Again, that's how real men conduct themselves.

Real men make a clear separation between a respectable woman and one that's not. A man who is not a real man cannot do this.

He continues to talk with those around him, continues to drink what he is drinking, without dropping it and refuses to hold eye-contact with her. It's as if she's there but really isn't.

Helping Black Women

Why do I bring this up?

I bring this up to show the ENERGY of this encounter because it seems synonymous with many interactions of today. Interactions that don't necessarily include being paid for sexual services. Being able to absorb the ENERGY of the interactions you partake in is very important.

I have witnessed the attitude of many Black men in this era and how they treat Black women. The most evident place to see this is within this culture. The attitude and ENERGY of Black men today seems to be one of being dismissive to women.

It may seem as if the soul can bear such an interaction while it's occurring but afterwards it becomes a different story. Afterwards the spirit feels empty, drained and used. The person does not feel fulfilled. Oftentimes the person will try to rationalize this feeling, but doing this does not offer a long-term comfort. That is why many of these women choose to get high or drunk, in order to mask the shallowness they feel internally.

Ask Yourself Is he Really Into you?
  • Does he make eye-contact with you?
  • Does he express himself and show emotion?
  • Does he ignore you or put all others first?
  • Does he seem distracted by the things around him?
  • Does he show gratitude?
These are ENERGY assessments you should make. They reflect questions you should ask yourself, when it comes to basic contact. Later I will list more in-depth questions you should ask yourself when starting a relationship.

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