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I Hate Blog or Website Moderation

When thing that is certain and will always be certain about my websites, is the fact that I do not censor comments. I delete or report spam, but I do not censor comments, nor moderate them.

I think it's a sign of weakness and defeat. I never have to back down when I have a legitimate point I stand by. So unfortunately on the site NewsOne, in my attempt to debate with some of the commenters about the Troy Davis execution, all of a sudden by comments have to be approved.

Or perhaps my comment was flagged by the truly weak. It's something I would never do, because I would feel pathetic.

So For those I was debating with here's my final say:

Ok you're a little confused because like I said you did not truly read about the case-----------34, 34, 34 witnesses testified out of that only 9 of them ID'D Troy Davis two of them claimed he confessed.

So there where 34 witnesses, and 9 eye witnesses, 2 of those 9 eye-witnesses claimed he confessed. OK?

Read these case documents, it will show you that the witnesses where not coerced because none of them conclusively ID'ed Troy Davis. They simply gave statements that when they where put together they pointed to him. Together with those who did say they saw him or confessed. Seven tried to recant their stories, 2 gave testimony that was the same as the original trail his girlfriend being one, 2 where not credible witnesses, the fifth was the jail house snitch who said he did it originally, so he was discredited and TWO Davis REFUSED TO LET TESTIFY. It's speculated that he feared they would further incriminate him.

He thought presenting written affidavits held weight, he was sadly mistaken. Each witness would have to go through cross-examination.


And maybe you should ask yourself why Coles wasn't arrested, why was Troy Davis targeted? Particularly if they simply wanted a "fall guy".

Read Troy Davis's account, it is fabricated and doesn't support that of the homeless man they where arguing with. Nor the 34 witnesses, none of them claimed one of the three men ran away during the argument. Even the witnesses who weren't eye-witnesses (meaning they did not see the shooter up close, just his clothes)did not say one of the 3 men separated from the incident by walking away before the shooting occurred.  As Davis claims he did after Coles smacked the homeless man.

Troy Davis claims that the man asked him to tell Coles to leave him alone, the homeless man never stated that.  The homeless man said he was eventually surrounded by all three and this scared him. He stated he walked away once the man was hit, the homeless man did not state this. All of a sudden he becomes this meek helpless person.

He claimed that when Mr. Coles started arguing with the homeless man who he wanted beer from, he and Collins followed him TO SEE WHAT WOULD HAPPEN, despite this he and Collins then cut through the parking lot of the Bank to get to the Burger King(sic). He claims he did not do this to catch the man from behind, he said he did it to get there faster. The question is Why? Why did he need to get there so fast, why didn't he just continue to follow Coles and the man? Ironically the homeless man said he was hit from behind. Once again where does his becoming meek come in at. If he's telling Coles to leave the man alone, why did he cut through the parking lot, then all of a sudden become disturbed by the events. He claimed Coles told him to leave him the hell alone.

That SAME NIGHT he went to Atlanta with his sister, when the police arrived at his home that morning, they found shorts in the dryer though they had no search warrant. So he left to go to Atlanta but made sure to wash his shorts?

If you want an idea of how witnesses can be coerced in either direction read this, these witnesses seemed to be pressured by the support Troy Davis was receiving. So they tried to implicate Coles in order to free Davis


You know what my BIGGEST POINT is, I do not ride behind Black people because they are Black. If metaphysics catches up to them, they should be used as a lesson. I do not believe in the death penalty but I do not support standing behind any Black person despite them having a negative character. This is why our race is the way it is, we "Do What Shall Wilt" and it causes chaos and no order. The negative can hide behind the positive and find asylum in this race. Other races do not do this and they have more order.

Black people know they can use the pain of our past and racism as an excuse for anything. It's sought of like a drug dealer telling the community there are dirty cops. Of course there are. And of course drug dealers would naturally attract them, it's metaphysics. If I was a dirty cop I would know all the drug dealers and target the most profitable ones. Of course we do not say this we simply agree and listen. We allow them to feel camaraderie with this race even though Black men in the past suffered by the police for different reasons.

So we agree on one point He should not have been executed, but we do NOT agree in the racist angle. I believe that Troy Davis did it and even if I entertained those who think he did not do it another Black man did.

We need to save this "Black man victimized" Civil Rights crap and help those who are truly innocent upstanding Black people, not someone like this with so much shad around him it's unbelievable. Mr. "RAH" (Rough as Hell)'s life caught up to him PERIOD.

It's sad he was executed, just like it's sad when a drug dealer dies in the street, but let's save all this Black man victimized bull*crap for someone else, this is for the birds.

Black people are full of crap, there are alot of men on death row as we speak, they don't give a crap about them. They only jumped on the bandwagon of the Free Troy Davis hoopla because we wanted to feed our thoughts of victimization. White Liberals get a kick out of that too, they won't live around us or truly interact with us, but if feels good to feel justice fighting for others even when there isn't clarity, it's what makes them feel special

Black people simply do this for a sense of unity and to release frustrations that stem from other ENERGIES. Most so-called police brutality cases in the past 20 years revolve around shady people, people I refuse to stand by. From Rodney King, Sean Bell, Jena 6, and even Oscar Grant. All revolve around those who metaphysically caused their fate.

The only case that was sad was Amallo Diallo, he was a mild mannered African immigrant that did not understand you do not put your hands in your pocket when the police order you to freeze. And even in that case they shot him due to fear because he could have been a ride or die nigga.

We all know someone was going to pay for this crime, together with the fact that I believe he did it, he fell, so no I do not believe in exerting the ENERGY and the claim of racism for a man like Troy Davis.

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