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DMX Shows How Hard Prison Can Make You!

There's so much to be said about DMX. He's someone who's made a point of being very vocal about the industry and the shadiness of that environment. Because of this he was instantly made a target by the higher ups and elite who control things. Due to being a target he was harassed and thrown in prison many times. You can't always believe what mainstream media says or how they portray someone. Just like "Ol Dirty Bastard" who was unfortunately silenced forever, DMX has been tortured due to his outspokenness. Of course it's not something I will go into detail explaining in this post.

In this post I just want to point out how prison makes Black men resilient in ways that aren't always beneficial. Many times it hardens Black men. For the most unfortunate it becomes a revolving door that numbs them everytime they go through it. This is demonstrated by DMX's comments in a recent interview he gave to XXL magazine after being released from prison.

XXL: How much do you want to leave jail life in the past and move on?

DMX: How? It’s a part of me. I can do [another jail sentence]. I can do it. I don’t want to. Who wants to? Nobody wants to do it, but I can do it. You don’t want to do it. But if need be, I know I can take a nigga face off, sit down and do that time. See, I’m 40. I can do 20 years. I can do 20 years and get out when I’m 60 and still be in good shape. Yeah, I don’t want to. But I know that, Hey, money [puts his hands up as if to fight], Ayyyy, ayyyy, ayyyy, ayyyy. You know? It is what it is. I’ll take a muthafucka face off, like Nicholas Cage. Real talk. Real talk.
Anything someone experiences over and over again forces them to develop a way to bear it. Even when it comes to a place like jail. The sad thing is just because the person can bear what they are being subjected to doesn't mean that the person is spiritually sane. In fact often times their brain snaps in many ways due to the spiritual agony of the environment or torture they experience.

I can only hope DMX stays spiritually strong and hasn't lost some of his "care" or sanity in life. So many Black men develop a "don't care' attitude after being incarcerated. They have experienced and hit the lowest of the low and forget how to feel and be normal.

To read the full interview Click Here

P.S. Who knew he had 10 kids with 6 different Baby Momma's, I can only hope that his kids each feel as significant as the next. After-all the women he ran through apparently weren't, each had a short time span where they felt the illusion of being significant. Wow!

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