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Diddy Learns a Metaphysical Lesson about Power

Power hungry Diddy proves a leopard rarely changes his spots.

Recently Diddy became possessed by a "Ciroc" demon and tried to come at a non "Ciroc" drinker at T.I.'s welcome home party.After the incident he issued an apology:
Diddy like so many others become possessed by power. The sad thing about being possessed by power is you forget that this is a metaphysical Universe. This means you will never, ever, ever, ever maintain being on a certain high level forever.

He made a commitment to Ciroc, sponsored T.I's party with Ciroc and wants to see his investment grow. He doesn't understand that things fluctuate in this metaphysical Universe. People will not always gravitate to Ciroc and Ciroc will not always have the explosive sales it experienced when he first signed on.

God made the world this way on purpose. Those who maintain a number one status or consistently make high salaries usually have a great deal of shadiness surrounding them. That's why I am always skeptical about those who maintain a certain level of power or keep obtaining more and more power.

Think of a drug dealer; he has to do many things to maintain his power. It does not just come to him. He has to be brutal, conniving and manipulative to maintain his position. Even then he will fall eventually. And not only will he fall, he will usually fall hard. This is because all of the shadiness he used to obtain and maintain his power is like a weight and falls on him when he falls.

Even someone like Oprah Winfrey...............................

had to experience metaphysics, towards the ending of her talk show. She was constantly challenged by Judge Judy in the rating department. And Judge Judy beat her ratings on a few occasions. It's been claimed that Oprah Winfrey did not take this very well. I will not go into it because though I believe that might possibly be true, Oprah's ENERGY to the public has always seemed to one of gratefulness and humbleness. She constantly opened her show up to others so they could shine too.

To drive my point home, that's why God and the Universe allows and structured the world where there are these fluctuations. God wants us to be humble and grateful. Unfortunately many who have tasted power like Diddy cannot absorb this. They become possessed by power. If he was worth 450 million last year and next year he's only worth 200 million he would consider that losing. He would fail to be grateful and humble. In turn the Universe realizes it has to work on that fact and usually a great-fall is in the horizon. 

This incident should also be an example of the pressures many people in power face when they are not humble. He made a commitment to make Ciroc a household name and feels the pressures of doing so.He signed himself up to accomplish something that cannot be consistently accomplished. That is the way of the egotistical human, a way the Universe will eventually come against.

Being humble and grateful offers spiritual contentment, being the opposite offers pressure and spiritual pain, one am sure he quells and satisfies with Ciroc everynight, HOW IRONIC!

I don't drink but if I did I would help Diddy by not supporting Ciroc, he needs more lessons on failing so that he can be free and become a better person.

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