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Vanity Reveals the Darkside of the Industry

Even as a heterosexual, every little girl has that woman when they are younger that is so beautiful and intriging she looks up to her in great admiration.

Vanity was that woman for me as a little girl. I loved Vanity growing up. I'm sure one of the biggest reasons is because one of my favorite movies growing up was "The Last Dragon" with "Tamik".

I have been dying to read Vanity's book about her trails and tribulations in the industry. I've been on the edge of my seat because unlike other women in the industry who've written books about their drama, Vanity has truly been redeemed from her circumstance, she's not just trying to make a buck writing about the drama's of her life.

She truly changed her life around and found comfort in God.

Well, I thought about Vanity because a video was reccomended featuring her. In this video she explains how she was possessed by demons during her time in the industry. She explains how she was basically a walking zoombie and was consumed by drugs and wild behavior

As you read more of my articles you will hear me reference to Secret Societies and the Elite  people who truly run this industry. Many people just refer to them as the "Illuminati". I don't want to try to explain something that is alot to absorb and comprehend for most, especially in one article. But it's a known fact and verified by many celebrities themselves that the industry is ran by those who practice the occult.

It's important for these Societies to have control over those in the industry and they do so using the occult and rituals. I continously urge people to check out "Professor Griffs" videos in order to understand what I mean by this. I will try to speak about it as I write my articles so that people can begin to understand.

I will enclose links below

After learning about what goes on behind the scenes in the industry, people will begin to understand why the media seems so controlled and why certain ENERGIES are the focus in the media. It's done strategically in order to brainwash and direct the minds of people, particularly the youth.
Anyway, I will not overwhelm your minds at this point, to get a good idea of what I'm alluding to; besides watching Professor Griffs videos check out:

It's unfortunate that like Vanity many artist are unaware that they are being used and programmed to satisfy the occult ENERGY within the industry.

I am so happy that I came across this video because guess what?

Just like many of you who have been waiting for her book to come out, it has come out.

That's right Vanity's book "Blame it on Vanity" is now available to order. She self-publishes the book so expect to wait a few weeks for it. Despite this I'm sure it's worth the wait.

Here we have a woman who felt the need to tell the truth about the entertainment industry, and not in a way that glosses the facts. She's willing to tell the truth despite how it might possibly make her look.

It's unfortunateshe has to self-publish the book, it seems that there are factors present that seem to make it hard for her to get the word out about the book. After-all a book like this has the potential to wake up other artist. Particularly female artist like herself.

Rihanna reminds me of Vanity. She has the same feel and ENERGY as her. She also seems possessed and in a zoombie state often times.

Here is the link, I will be purchasing the book and will write a review for it afterwards. I encourage Black people to support good ENERGY. ENERGY that cares and ENERGY that tries to enlighten others.

We put Karrine Steffans on the New York Times Bestseller list for 52 weeks, a fact that disguses me. I'm proud to say I didn't support her, but I will be sure to support Vanity.

Here'ss the link to her website, where you can read more about the book view videos and purchase the book:

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