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"Mr. EBT" Reminds Me of My Evil Ways at My First Job

Off topic: but I must point out that this is the ENERGY that has contributed to V-Nasty and Kreayshawn from the "White Girl Mob". There is nothing that can be said about her flow and style, it's just like this. She was influenced by this.

When I was 14 years old I was lucky enough to get my first job. This was rare for someone living in a big city. A place where many people look for work and the older applicant who was at least 16 or 18 usually was chosen. Of course I stood out because I was always more mature than my age. That together with the fact that though the job was in a supermarket, I came to the interview with a resume. I'll never forget this because the manager conducting the interview was surprised and thought it was funny in a way of being impressed.

Up until that point I had never worked officially. I had only participated in a job readiness class on the weekends one summer and prior to my job in the supermarket I worked through the "Summer Youth Program". I was able to include both of these experiences on my resume. Despite not having a work history, the gesture of showing a resume for a job most people would not show a resume for, landed me the job. By the time I walked home after the interview they called me and told me I was hired.

Now I will explain what I mean by the title.

I come from a family that does not promote nor condone "public assistance". From the time I was a child my grandmother would constantly say "this family does not get on public assistance". My grandmother comes from a large family of 7 Brothers and Sisters, she was the oldest. They lost their mother and father at a young age and had to fend for themselves. They lived on a farm and grew their food. Whatever they could not grow they did not eat. That's the mentality of many old-school Black people.
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Of course as you can see things have changed from that mentality to one of entitlement. Black people think of "public assistance" as a crutch they deserve to have because they are Black.

Anyway, because I had the mentality instilled in me that you do not get on public assistance, I was a total Bi*tch to many customers at the supermarket I worked in. Thankfully I worked in a working class neighborhood where there weren't an overwhelming amount of people on "Food Stamps".
Just to be clear in the early 90's "Food Stamps" came in the form of colorful, paper money that was instantly distinguishable. People did not have credit cards with money on them. There was no way to hide or disguise the fact that you had Food Stamps.

The devil in White Liberals changed that over the years and developed the EBT card. Now people feel more comfortable and less shame being on Food Stamps. It becomes part of their life and they feel normal on them. Their belief that it would deter Food Stamp fraud is a joke. It feels like having a credit card and as stated in the song, you just "swipe your EBT". You don't have to hold up the line counting colorful money that gives away your apparent circumstance in life.

Back to the title.

I use to treat the people who came into the supermarket with Food Stamps with such an attitude. I detested them, they disgusted me. Most of the time it was women. Women who made bad choices in life and Society as a whole had to suffer.

Why did I treat them badly?

Because just like Mr. EBT many of the women had a sense of joyful anticipation revolving around the foods that they where buying. Many of these women would have sugar cereals, candy, ice-cream, top choice cut meats, deli meats, donuts, chips and many items that others would have to allocate into their diet by not buying these types of foods at the same time due to price.

These women where a little too happy for me, I hated their ENERGY. My Mom had to be mindful of the the groceries she brought because she had to pay out of pocket. In fact she would tell my Brother and I, not to eat up the groceries too quick because that will be all until she can shop again.

I think it becomes a problem when you are not humble and grateful for assistance but revel in it, clutch to it and absorb it in a way that it becomes an extension of you. Anyone who is not ashamed to be on EBT or public assistance, has no shame at all. These people are "blood suckers" of Society. They feed off the strength of others and become comfortable in doing so. It's OK in temporarily but even during those times you should understand your sense of being a burden.

Over the years, I have witness "Liberal Devils" destroy the integrity of many poor, weak people. Not only can EBT be used in the supermarket, but it can now be used at candy stores, fast food restaurants and almost anywhere their is food that can be consumed.

It's become like an American Express card to the poor. "They never leave home without it" and plan their life around it. I have struggled for so long and I've qualified for Food Stamps on many instances and I refused to get them. I will go to the Dollar Tree, Alidi's or other places where I can buy food at a low price just to preserve my dignity. And when I go to these places I can't buy a lot, but again I preserve my dignity and show integrity when I pull out my own money to pay for my groceries, even when it's coins.

Here's another example of my desire to verbally "slap the spit" out of some Black people's mouths when they daringly seem confused as to why I wish to detach myself from Black people like this. Why do I have to be linked and affiliated with people like "Mr. EBT"? Those who have a "who cares" attitude when using assistance, those who are able bodied people but find no shame in using EBT. They find no shame because they don't know the sense of strength and power that comes from sacrificing and suffering until they reach their destination.

Instead they go through life with crutches and forget how to walk. So for all those who think that this song is simply a parody, it's not. It's a way of life for many poor people, as well as those who find a way to get on the system despite their lack of need. Mr. EBT reflects the type of children Black women have, how they grow up and the mentalities they develop. I'm glad he is being forced to answer to his glorification of such a negative, worthless, blood-sucking mentality. That's the first step to bringing shame. Unfortunately he will never fully get there because there are many people around him that think and behave the same as him. I can promise you, the environment that he comes from consists of more people like him then those who feel shame in having an "EBT" card.

Times have changed because when I was younger many where teased in school if their family was suspected of being on Food Stamps. Leave it up to this race to get worst and develop worst mentalities the further we get from slavery. The fact that we have an "anything goes"  culture is a driving force for this. We will glorify anything these days and celebrate it through music.

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