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The Media Exaggerates Serena's Behavior for Sport

I'm sure most of you have heard about the remarks Serena made to Umpire Eva Asderaki at the U.S Open during her match with tennis player Sam Stosur.

Serena became emotional and upset after Umpire Eva Asderaki made the decision to give Stosur a point that would have gone to her. Serena yelled before Stosur had a chance to make a return on the ball she volleyed to her resulting in a violation.

This was said to Umpire Eva Asderaki after she informed Serena that the point would go to Stosur:

"You're totally out of control," Williams yelled in a comment caught by microphones. "You're a hater and you're just unattractive inside."
She went on to claim that Umpire Asderaki was possibly the same Umpire who's made unfair decisions towards her in the past.

The fact of the matter is, the Umpire was right in her decision, Serena committed a clear violation. However Serena simply spoke words to the Umpire. The fact that what she said was "testy" considering the situation does not make her out to be the belligerent, wild, crazy woman the media is trying to portray.

If only more people got upset in the way she did there would be less violence in the world. We live in the era of the Internet so anything a celebrity or sports figure does is blown out of proportions at times. I grew up watching a lot of tennis via my Mom and many things are said to the Umpire of course those things could not be blown out of proportion on the Internet in the past.

Emotions run high during any sport where adrenaline is involved. Of course the perfect scenario would have been for Serena to say something after the game, but again many people in adrenaline situations react in a more emotional way. And because she was not physically threatening, this seems like just another opportunity for the media and Internet to create scandal and news.

I'm sure the fact that she's a woman doesn't help. Men are allowed to demonstrate frustration but women are expected to always be perfect and calm, even under circumstances where great pressure and adrenaline exist like in sports.

I must say and play "Devils Advocate" and make it clear that I would not have done what Serena did. I wouldn't have done it, not only because she was in the wrong but because I would have taken delight in being able to "call her out "to others and the media afterwards for the most effect.

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