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Little Girl Doesn't Want to Change Color, Especially Black

I have to admit I laughed when I saw the following video. I laughed at the ENERGY of the video due to the fact that it represents how impressionable kids are. You can lure kids into anything where they develop certain beliefs subconsciously.

In this video the little girls father tells her that she is going to turn Black on her 4th birthday. All this little girl knows is turning Black means change, and she likes her life and self the way it is. She's scared that change means she won't be able to ride her bike anymore.

The funny thing is, her father could have stated any color and she would have gotten scared. Notice how she's worried about being able to ride her bike if she changes colors.  If he would have said she was going to turn Green, Yellow or Blue she would have become upset also. lol

Ok I told ya'll I'm a Devil Advocate sometimes meaning I don't pick sides I just expose both sides. I must say I just fell out laughing when I saw the following comment on YouTube:

She might steal her own bike.
SubsonikOfficial 10 hours ago 41

It has the highest votes, lol, lol too funny!


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