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LA Basketball Wives an Example of what Black Women Support?

 I can hear Black women now: "But oh my God their shoes are so fly"

Ok *cough*, *cough* you are telling me Black women are so weak and simple in this day and age, they can't refrain from supporting Basketball Wives of LA that features Draya.

Yes Draya is casted in L.A. Basketball Wives and watching the show supports her. It doesn't matter that she's one member of the show. You have to have enough STRENGTH to demand standards.

But let's face it Society and the media within Society knows that Black women have such a low character and such a lack of respect for themselves they will watch and support anything. Even if those they support assist in fueling stereotypes. Most don't have enough common sense to realize you can't support your stereotype and then claim it doesn't represent you. Especially when you don't have a culture that reflects diversity within mainstream media. The stereotype and what you support will come to DEFINE you.

People watch who you support and judge you by it. After-all why would you support what you CAN'T relate to? It doesn't matter if you don't think it should be that way or wish it wasn't, metaphysically it is that way in this Universe.

For those who are confused, less then a year ago Draya whose real name is Andraya M. Howard was arrested for child endangerment.
She would leave her 7-year old boy home alone while she was out of town. Not only that, but get this; he would get off the school bus and have to wait for someone to leave or enter the parking garage under the complex where they lived because it was kept locked. She would leave the apartment door unlocked (sic) so that he could enter by himself and would have frozen T.V. dinners in the freezer so he could eat. Boy I'm sure that feels like love. The look on his face in this picture shows it. I'm sure he's happy his Mom is distracted by trying to be a media whore, can't you tell?

But, Wait, Wait, that's not all

When the young boy called the police after getting tired and scared of being alone, when the police arrived, they found that the apartment was a mess. They found clothes strewn all over the place a dog locked in a cage and feces and urine in multiple areas of the apartment.

Click here for more details

That's who you Support?????

I would BLIND myself before I watched any of these types of reality shows, but especially one that features a woman like this.

But like I said I can fully understand why Black men have no respect for Black women, nor does Society. There is nothing to respect. People watch..............

what you support and what you seem to stand by and will assume you can relate to it. They will also keep feeding you the same. Having to be affiliated with Black women due to being one has been the hardest thing for me to bear in life thus far. My mind, standards and sense of self-respect surpasses that of the Average Black woman.

I know the benefits, joy and power of SACRIFICE and turning away from certain ENERGIES. Unlike most the restraint feels like POWER to me. These celebrities feed off of your easily guided attention span. So though that happened in January of 2011, she now wants you to focus on what she wants you to focus on now and that is illusionary side of her.

Screw Draya and the rest of the low standard, crap crew, I want to know how her son's doing. Oops! God just reminded me that many of you treat your children the same way, they come last, you simply throw clothes and food at them and call yourselves a GOOD MOM.

Stay Tuned: I'm still in research mode, but I will be doing and in-depth analysis explaining how Black men perceive Black women who support these types of shows, shows that have women with these types of characters.

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