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Kanye West Look Alike Describes His Time In Hell

This week has been really busy for me, I will post another article later today. I hope one day I can do this full-time. I'm not like other gossip site's so until I make my "Big Bang", which I will do when I start doing my skit videos, I will not be like MTO.

In fact sometimes I get tired and put many things before this. Though my stats show an increase in readership, just like with most things with this race there is a lack of stimulation when it comes to anything less then frivolous. It's OK because my main goal is to get information out there that causes this race to think about our ENERGY and the ENERGY of celebrities.

However it's still sad that there is a lack of communication when concerning more important issues, though I know there isn't much one can say after reading my post, due to covering all basis. When you speak about metaphysics, metaphysics usually can't be denied because metaphysics explains the makings of this world.

Luckily I love what I do, together with the fact that I haven't solicited or advertised this site I still have hope that people will want to wake-up enough to speak out. I'm still absorbing the ENERGY of my site and it might just be a fact that most people don't and won't read a long post. Put that with the fact that I type really fast, and I must be very explicit as to what I'm saying and I can understand this will be a process.

In any case I will try to be more consistent with my posting or at least keep to my "Status Updates".

Anyway, I did want to post a video that I came across while on YouTube. I think it's a compelling video. It takes you into the spiritual world after death. Here we have Tyrone a brother who had a near-death experience. During this experience he died and went to hell. Luckily he was spared and allowed to come back. God works in mysterious ways and I'm sure he was spared because God knew he would not take his experience lightly and would share it with others.

That's exactly what he did. After the experience he became a minister and shares his story with all those who will listen.

His story is one that should be taken seriously. It's hard for people to fathom but it's always important to remember the complexity of God not just by looking at the world and all that is in it, but remember he made dinosaurs. Yes, that's right, before man there where dinosaurs and they existed for approximately 165 million years on earth.   I'm sure it's safe to say we are not descendants of dinosaurs. Nor are we a evolution or mutation of dinosaurs. So it just shows how complex God is. I can promise you the spiritual world is the same. Space is another aspect of this Universe that demonstrates that. So no, you will not simply die with a sense of finality, you will simply travel into another dimension.

Which dimension depends on your life here on earth.

Due to the nature of the video I will show another complexity of God. The following is a continuously burning gas crater in the earth located in Turkmenistan in North West Asia.

Again You will not simply die God is too complex for that!

So let's get back to the video,

Within the video Minister Tyrone explains the type of lifestyle he lead. A lifestyle that sounds eerily similar to the life-style many Black men in the community live today. Minister Tyrone lived a life that included drugs, pimping women and illegal activity all those things caused him to be sent to hell. Not only those things but the ENERGY that these things bring, ENERGIES such as greed, vanity and violence.

It's important to hear how he describes hell. He describes it as a place where lost souls don't have the pleasure of being in the light and ecstasy of heaven. He describes hell as being a place of darkness, sorrow, constant crying, moaning and regret. A place that one cannot get out of once they enter a certain depth. He explains it as being a place of different chambers and the pit of hell does not offer a chance of return.

How many of us today would go to the same place if we died? How many of us today would be hanging from the wall without being able to escape like he describes in the video?

Of course the video also stood out to me because doesn't this Brother remind you of Kanye West? Ironically Kanye West too had a similar car accident that this Brother had He did not lose an arm or have an experience like this but he was maimed. Ironically having one of these experiences would have benefited Kanye West. He would surely refrain from highlighting and acting out some of the ENERGIES he portrays to the world. An ENERGY that reflects feeding an occult ENERGY through using occult symbolism in his music, like Jay-Z.

OK, enjoy the video I will catch up with you in a little bit.

To watch the full 50 minute video that offers more explanation and an interview Click Here

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