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The Illusion of an Interracial Dating Epidemic

I've been spending more time on YouTube then usual. I realized you can find a "nitch" of people who discuss and ponder over the things you talk about and address.

Here's another video I did in response to a member who decided to use the illusionary ENERGY that Black men are leaving Black women and dating White women in droves as a weapon.

Of course it's not true in everyday life, but I will continue to emphasize point out and stress that people create the perception of themselves and others via the media. In the media it seems that many Black men are dating outside their race so it becomes a reality in everyday life.

A higher conscious person like myself knows that is not true. It's simply an ENERGY Black men and woman can feed off of and use as a weapon to get a reaction out of the other.

This will be part of a series of Video podcasts on the topic.

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