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Floyd Mayweather and Victor Ortiz to Close for Comfort

The observation I'm about to make is not a slam towards homosexual people even if it seems to be. In the near future I'm sure we will be seeing openly homosexual men boxing which will be beyond interesting to most I'm sure, lol.

I caught this video on MTO a site I despise but use as research. If you go there don't click on the ads lol, lol be a silent spectator. They constantly tear down positive ENERGY and highlight the negative for sensationalism and ratings.


Floyd Mayweather and Victor Ortiz made the type of contact during a press conference for their upcoming fight that I've never seen in my life with boxers in the past. It's not just how close they got most boxers get close in a "star down", but it's the level of comfort displayed particularly on the side of Floyd Mayweather.

Let's start with the picture of him sucking Victor Ortiz's nose:
I wonder if he is on something that makes him inhabited. Sometimes when people are high they forget boundaries.

Now take a look at this short video of their conference:

Some might say that this is part of the agenda to make Black men meterosexuals. I could right more, but I would have to observe Floyd Mayweather more, I only observe him in passing.

Regardless this is far from the "alpha male" ENERGY I grew up with when it comes to boxers.

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