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Father uses "Break Down" technique to Discipline Child

Many people will claim that how this father discipline's his son is appropriate. These are people who are obviously not absorbing the ENERGY of the situation.

Actually it gets more complex than that. Many people come from harsh families in the Black community. Families that believe being aggressive is the one true way to show discipline and get a child to behave. They come from "Medea" type families where being threatened to get their ass beat was the norm.

I however come from a different type of family. I come from a family where you might get a "spankin" on a rare occasion if you really act up, but that was not compounded with humiliation and other types of physical abuse. Both of those latter ENERGIES are just uncalled for.

This is why Black children grow up and they don't have a problem demonstrating aggressiveness, in fact it's embedded in them that doing so should be instantaneous. After-all whenever they did something wrong they where put in their place physically.

So no the stories of the Bowie University murder, the two Facebook murders and the murder stories of  friends becoming violent in a deadly way while fighting don't surprise me.

Black children are bred with aggression and aggression is used against them and it becomes a means of communicating in our community. I can count the times I got a "whippin" when I was younger. Instead my Mom and Dad where verbal. That's why I have the ability to express myself without having to resort to violence almost immediately.It's also the reason why I have sharp thinking and reasoning skills because I was taught that ENERGY through my parents verbally using them themselves.

I hate the type of men Black women choose to have children with in this era, in turn often times I hate the ENERGY of the children, particularly when they grow up. Of course many Black women are this way due to how they where raised. Often times they too have a harshness and abusive way of disciplining their children..

It's a cycle that needs to be broken using more civilized methods of discipline. We can't be a simple-minded race that gets so much joy seeing a Black father involved with his child that we don't pay attention to the ENERGY and ramifications of his actions towards the child when it comes to discipline.

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