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Birdman Buys Lil Wayne's Fame

Birdman is being accused of buying some of Lil Wayne's new albums "Carter 4" to boost sales.

I've always suspected rappers and other artist of buying their albums to boast sales. In most cases not necessarily the artist but the record company that they are affilated with. There's many reasons why they would do this.

Rhianna has always been high on my list of being one of those artist and I've had my suspicions about Beyonce too. Notice I suspected two females. There's no mystery to this because female artist require a much larger investment then male artist.

Female artist have to have hair, make-up, wardrobe and other beauty regimen's that male artist can skim by on. Therefore it amounts to a larger investment. And the record companies want their return. They will buy albums for an artist like Rhianna, hoping they will get their money back in some other way or with their next album. They think that if they can keep up the appearance of the artist being on top, people will gravitate towards them.

It's a scientific metaphysical fact that Media dictators know very well.

However, I don't think it's not working with Rhianna and aside from the slight sentiment Jay Z seems to have for her I believe she's on her way out. She has a major substance abuse problem that sops her ENERGY anyhow.

As far as Lil Wayne, Birdman set him up to have to fight a different ENERGY. He's in an egotistical battle that they hope to win because it would make all they do and all they have done for money seem ok. They couldn't stand to lose, they have sacrificed too much, including their soul for fame. They have bragged and proclaimed themselves to be the best and are in the position to make that seem like reality.

This is why many artist become burned out and in fact Lil Wyane claims he will retire. He hasn't been rapping for long, but he rationalized his actions, demeanor, ENERGY and behavior with the fact that he would retire early I'm sure.

Lil Wayne is not a dumb brother, and though I know he has allowed himself to be possessed in order to secure fame, he struggles with this. The only way he could release the pressure of that being a reality within is spirit was to make himself look like the internal struggle that is going on within him.
Notice how he has descended into a downward spiral and looks like a mutant during a time when he is suppose to be the most successful.
Again, his heart, mind and conscious is always aware of the things he has had to do in order to obtain fame. It knows it even when others don't. It knows it even if he was to crawl in a corner, turn the lights out and put a pillow over his head. It will never leave him.
I can promise him that at the end of the day, when he's forced to look at another successful rapper and it feels like he never existed, it won't be worth it. Because all the grimy things he's done remains on the mind, even when the fame doesn't remain.

I talk about Lil Wayne because I see through Lil Wayne and I know he's just another highly intelligent Brother lost to the pressures of his environment and culture.

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