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Be Careful When Attacking a Man's Masculinity

That's something my mother told me when I was very young. In fact she told me to never do it, however as we know in this day and age many times truths are hidden and speculation comes natural sometimes.

Now I'm part of Generation X so things where quite different back in the days. Prior to the late 90's the term "downlow" was foreign to us and other girls I grew up with. We did not sit around speculating whether each man in the spotlight was gay or on the "downlow". That is new to this era.

We didn't question whether Ralph Tresvant was gay or not and Ralph Tresvant is best known for his song "Sensitivity" as a solo artist.

A song that would make every young Black girl in this era speculate whether he was gay or not.

Ralph Tresvant - Sensitivity .mp3

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Because the song is so gentle compared to the ENERGY of the music today, an era dominated by Hip-Hop R&B. Prior to the late 90's we simply had R&B; only on occasion did a rapper bring their ENERGY to R&B and even then Hip Hip was different so the ENERGY was not as harsh.

Anyway, why do I bring this up? I bring it up because I went to SandraRose recently and not only does she take delight in attacking Trey Songz but she had a thread showing how he has to defend himself to young girls who think he is gay.

He finds himself battling these girls on Twitter, when they claim that he is gay. They say the nastiest things and just reflect how the femininity and softness of Black young girls is almost non-existent in this era.

To read comments like the following disturbs me.

Now I don't know Trey Songz I don't know if he is gay. I know that his look might be considered too "clean cut" for this generation, which only adds to the speculation that he is gay. He could never take on the aura of a "jail culture" or "gangsta" hardcore Brother a look that unfortunately makes Black women think a man is more masculine. This is not true, but that's for another post.

Here's my issue and I hope that Black women and young girls can absorb this because it's important to understand the resentment many Black men feel towards Black women today, because of their attitude.

Let's say Trey Songz is gay, he is gay. He's gay and I would not have known it. The ENERGY he presents in the spotlight does not make me think he is gay. So because of this I would never bash him as being gay.

To do so only effects the image of other Black men. It sends a message that if you are not hard, and thuggish you will be labeled as gay more quickly.

To be honest things are getting so bad that Black men of all walks of life and with a multitude of ENERGIES are being labeled gay. Again this brings resentment directed towards Black girls in this era. A resentment that will manifest in many ways. The way that seems to have the most ENERGY is you become insignificant and less spiritual in the eyes of the men you are exposed to. They might even "fu*ck you hard", oppose to making love to you just to show aggression that hopefully rules out their so-called gayness.

Guys like Trey Songz seem to be trying to resist that ENERGY.
I do wish Trey Songz the best because the industry is full of people, spirits and ENERGIES that would love to devour him. After-all he is a very handsome guy. He's actually older than I thought so I don't have to feel like an old lady lol, he's 27 and I'm in my early 30's.

I like Sandra Rose and maybe she knows some things others might not know being that she's in the industry, but I just don't and can't approve of beating down the spirit of a Black man like this without some conclusive proof that he is gay. And even then I go by what ENERGY the person brings to the spotlight.

That goes for even Will Smith who many think is gay and has been tied to Trey Songz. I can't bash this man because he has always tried and his ENERGY towards women and the public is far from gay.

I know some are wondering can I ever keep it short? lol, lol well I type fast, have alot to say and ENERGY many times has layers, so it can't always be explained in one paragraph. I'm sure it took less than a minute to read.

Anyway, Keep your head up Trey, though you can be very sexual (glad to hear you're 28) I don't think the ENERGY you portray is gay and your personal life is your business. And don't let the secret societies get you. lol

By the way this is my song? Why because Lupe Fiasco's in the House and I like Trey Songz's hook

Lupe Fiasco - Out of My Head (feat. Trey Songz)

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