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Alicia Keys learns Character Does Not Change In Marriage

Ok maybe I'm annoying! Well actually I'm not but I do go places most people don't want to go and that could be considered annoying. I don't just look for fact, I look for feel which usually reveals the facts a person tries to hide after they've told you they revealed all the facts.

People are often times hesitant to reveal to you their whole self. Most try to show you what they think you want to see. I'm amongst those rare beings that need to be fully exposed and understood for me to have the desire to truly connect with someone.

Why do I say all of this?

Well I'm sure most of you have heard that Swizz Beatz is being accused of having an affair with a woman through "sexting". Prior to this woman he's been accused of stepping out on Alicia Keys.

Now this is a common thing within many marriages, I don't want to go into how it's wrong, not right, blah, blah.

I want to address the ENERGY of courtship and character.

Some of you are saying, What?

I write in what seems to be a "spacey" tone, but it's above the normal, cliche way humans speak. I speak on a metaphysical level so it's bound to sound weird to some.

I do however try for understanding, so I will try to convey my assessments in a way that the average person can understand.

Point Blank, Alicia Keys decided to ignore the character of Swizz Beatz when it came to the most seemingly subtle ways. Forget Mashonda for a moment, his first wife who he cheated on with Alicia Keys, though she denies it.

Forget her for a moment.

It boggles my mind that a man can reveal himself in certain character ways and a woman's willing to ignore it. There are two reasons I knew that the marriage between Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz would be a rocky, hard one.

He owed 2.2 million dollars in back taxes prior to them getting married. A burden you couldn't help but wonder if Alicia Key's made all better

But what's more astounding to me is the fact that Alicia could ignore the type of art and ENERGY he puts out to the world. An ENERGY that shows that he has negative mentalities and he's not a man who would focus on her solely. I think he has demonstrated that not only through his music, but the people he chooses to be around.

My point is ENERGY attracts ENERGY.

So it's very important to access, what someone stands by and the type of people they surround themselves with. Swizz Beatz has never seemed reluctant to the ENERGIES in the industry, so how could he not absorb them.

There are some entertainers who make a point of being reclusive and selective to the environments that go in. They may portray their work, but you rarely see them at clubs and chilling with those who have a certain ENERGY. And when I say portray their work, I mean they they act out the roles that are given to them.

Swizz Beatz makes music, he creates music and lyrics from the internal. So it's important to take into consideration what is coming from his essence. You would think the fact that he has f<b>our children by four different women</b>, in July last year in Corsica while she was six months pregnant with his child.

Good Luck to Alicia Keys, I rarely talk about someones marriage but in light of these events, i wanted to take the opportunity to tell women to look past words and look at what a man DEMONSTRATES and what he stands by before totally embracing him.

Take a look at the car Swizz Beatz brought his wife on his birthday after the rumors came out
I do want to add that I would not laugh, or respect Alicia Keys less if she decided to leave Swizz Beatz. Anytime I talk about their relationship I will be sure to add that. I add that because many women will try to hold on to a relationship because they think people will laugh or judge them for leaving.
A message I've always wanted to send to Mary J Blige too!

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