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Will and Jada Show Who Truly Has the Power

The People have the power no matter what illusions are created around celebrities as being invincible. 

Sometimes I wonder to myself what type of celebrity I would be if I where in the spotlight. Of course it's never been my wish to be a typical celebrity but it's worth trying to absorb the ENERGY of those who are.

Recently rumors circulated claiming Will and Jada where headed for divorce. Will and Jada decided to give in and release a statement denying the rumors.

Why is my question, I can only assume they did it for the benefit of the kids. I am a defiant person when it comes to all things ENERGY and just the fact that people where trying to control me I would have remained silent.  I would have found pleasure in making people hold their breath when it comes to something that will never happen.

I would not have allowed myself to be controlled. We are talking about two people who have already made an impact on entertainment and are set for life.

Of course Will had to do alot to make it, things I won't go into now but he's one of the few who have been touched by the "Secret Societies" that I respect regardless. I can tell he was raised by a mother who at least tried unlike many others. And I've always liked the ENERGY he's portrayed in the spotlight.

Another obstacles celebrities face is the fact that in this day and age where technology rules rumors not only get started but run rampant if they are not squashed. Without them denying that they are breaking up many scenarios would be created as to why they are divorcing. That's the story in this case. Rumors circulated that Will wanted a traditional marriage after all these years but Jada didn't. There where also rumors that they where headed for divorce because Jada was having an affair with her upcoming co-star Marc Anthony, her publicist also denied this.

There son Trey also took the time to deny the rumors  via his twitter account. He tweeted:

"Did #WillandJada split? No they did NOT split! False information ...it's not true RETWEET" he wrote. "Everyone can think what they want ... even if its not true."
See, sites like MTO intimidate celebrities and force them to respond to rumors. After-all MTO get's millions of viewers a day and thrives off of sensationalism. It's a site I'm sure Fred's Mom is very proud of. I'm sure she goes around town bragging that her son is the Black Jerry Springer or Maury Povich lol. He makes his money in the most filthy, exploitative way. I guess being a former lawyer allows this not faze him and comes natural to him.

I always tell people don't click on MTO ads, at some point you have to demonstrate you have some control over what is trying to be pushed down your throat. Cut his salary in half and watch him dance different dances until you find one you like. lol

Anyway, Will and Jada have demonstrated why being a celebrity is not all fun especially in this era where the people can have a voice via the Internet a voice that can destroys careers, or in their case a voice that brings pity to two celebrities that have a lot of pride in their image.


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