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What Happens When Black Comedy Becomes Too Real?

 **Warning Explicit Video Included** 
I just finished watching “Martin Lawrence Presents: 1st Amendment Standup” and I have to admit that aside from a couple of comedians it really wasn’t funny. I saw 3 episodes back to back. I’ve always like Martin Lawrence it’s not really his fault, and I will ALWAYS support him and all that he produces.  

Comedy has always revolved around the ENERGIES present in our lives and communities. However it's harder to laugh due to the serious issues that plague this race. So is there a point where laughter stops in the community and things such as violence and the lack of pleasant social conditions become too REAL to joke about? 

These ENERGIES are in your face and can be felt in the community. When that happens comedy suffers.
I say to Black people come on now; we can’t continue to run from the ENERGY of our race and culture. 

The things that Black comedians say and try to get a laugh out of, isn’t as funny as times prior. The problems in our communities are real and escalating.
Jokes about Black sex aren’t funny anymore, Black women are the leaders in STD’s and Black men have become very aggressive sexually, physically and mentally. Jokes about violence aren’t funny anymore Black men are killing each other for frivolous reasons due to their daily frustrations and lack of loving homes, families and communities. Many have decided to make a career choice by "robbing'. Jokes about relationships aren’t funny anymore either, look at the type of social interactions that are occurring between Black men and Black women in this era.
We can’t run from our ENERGY forever, we can’t hide behind jokes forever. God and this Universe wouldn’t allow it.
A female comedian “Chinnitta Morris” featured on the show was funny, raw and REAL. She joked about relationships and points out the fact that Black women have become so desperate they have lower their standards. She said at some point Black women in their desperation will think they don’t even need a man with teeth, they don’t need a man with a good job, 'any job will do' and the longer a woman waits the more her standards lower. She said that you go back to your list of “wants” after years of waiting and realize he doesn’t even need two legs you say “he can lean on me Lord, he can lean on me”.
Though I laughed; it’s hard not to laugh when Chinnitta takes the mic, the reality is:
This is not so funny when it’s true that we are facing an epidemic in this race. Black women are single due to the small pool of eligible Black men in the community, a problem which exists for many reasons. It’s NOT SO FUNNY when the hope and the forecast of that being different in the future seems slim, and hopeless for many. This sad reality will linger, even the brightest and most beautiful women face it. Ironically sometimes they face it more than their counterparts who are considered less attractive and not as smart, this is because many of them will settle for anyone. This can be seen by the incidents of many ghetto relationships and relationships where neither party has anything to offer, they simply lay on each other like pillows. Or drag each other along in life as if they both have handicaps.
Chinnitta tricked the females in the audience when she opened her act by asking the age old question “Where are all the single ladies in the house” many women clapped and cheered, then she said stop trying to act like you happy, ya’ll know ya’ll mad ya’ll the main ones at home crying when ya gonna bless me Jesus praying, “oh Lord please I been to church three Sunday’s straight Lord, please send me a man”. Lol
This situation didn’t happen right away but over time and it won’t be corrected suddenly either, that’s why for the sake of future generations the rehabilitation needs to start now. There use to be a time when they called out for the “single ladies” and the single ladies hollered back, because it’s no big deal it just meant you where available and you’re acknowledging your group, “shouting out” with your group and those like you. It represented more of a choice.
Now many women are surprised to be in that position.
She got the crowd again, when she said “Where are all the married women” and they too clapped and cheered with the ENERGY of thank God I’m not a part of the single crowd then she said “ya’ll need to stop trying to act like you happy too, ya’ll know ya’ll not happy….”. NOT SO FUNNY, in a time where many Black women are getting married just so they won’t be single and considered a statistic.
She went on to point out that even UGLY Black men in this generation have an attitude and demands now.
This is because Black women have DESPERATE ENERGIES and their fear of being alone allows even an UGLY man to feel as if he has the upper hand. Black women think they can HIDE this ENERGY but they can’t. The culture that Black women support metaphysically makes their everyday social interactions more challenging. Once Black women realize this, they will stop supporting a culture that influences Black men to act in a way that affects how Black men treat Black women.

Black men are taught how to treat Black women. Unfortunately many are taught by this culture and other men in the community. But the strongest influence that determines how a man will treat a woman is by observing what women seem to respond to. Black women have sent the message that they tolerate being treated badly because that is what they support. It doesn't matter if Black women did not intend on or wish to send that message, it's the message received by observing Black women.

As I stated before this is a metaphysical universe once you partake in an action you cannot control the ENERGY it releases. To release yourself from the ENERGY you would have to change your actions. That would mean that Black women would have to become dedicated in not supporting those who don't seem to respect them. This is a tough task for a race that can be swayed easily by rhythm due to be a rhythmically influenced group of people.
The next comedian “Mark Simmons” joked about how he can’t even go get a gyro sandwich, late at night after work, from an Italian Restaurant in Chicago. He said “before I get started I want to tell all the thugs out there in Chicago stay from outside of all the late night Italian and beef gyro places you trouble makers” He said you pull up see 78 white T-shirts and you get scared and say “I ain’t about to go in here, oh no I’m not”.
He said if you dare to go in the restaurant you have to sit in your car and figure out how much your order will be with tax and only take THAT AMOUNT OF MONEY in the restaurant. He said you must do this so that if you get robbed they won’t take all your money, just the price of the sandwich.
Mark Simmons was funny because his jokes EXPOSED the ENERGY of this race, but again IT’S JUST TOO REAL! Its borderline sad. Another comedian who doesn't have great delivery would have been less funny.

We cannot and will NOT be able to continue to escape the ENERGY of Black men being more scared of each other then anybody else in the world. We can hide if from people, but we cannot hide this fact from the Universe. The Universe sees that this is true.

This comedy show took place in Chicago, how many people and their families in the audience do you think have been victimized by the ENERGY of many Chicago neighborhoods? Judging by the faces of some in the audience, I would say many.
He also spoke about Black women misrepresenting themselves, with weaves, extensions, the “booty pop”, false eyelashes, fake nails, contacts, then they what to show you their picture, he said “I don’t want to see your picture I need to see a X-RAY”, lol, lol, lol
But once again IT’S JUST TOO REAL, it's true. Women try to transform themselves into the air-brushed illusion that is fed to them in the media. This has always been the case but in this era they are trying to mirror video hoes, and hookers. To do so you must be fake. In the process many men are taught not to come against this because they are men. Black men don't have the strength to keep these women "Under the Bed".

When Black men seemingly idolize these types of women openly it changes the way that Black women think and the perception they have of themselves. They will transform into what they think is desirable. This is also why women talk about ass just as much as men in this era. It seems to be a man's main concern so it becomes there's also.

Watch Chinnita Morris and Mark Simmons In Action:

**Video Will Load**
Along with Mark Simmons and  Chinnitta Morris, Sandra Bernhard performed also. Ironically she was the funniest to me; her jokes did not revolve around stereotypical clichés and repetitive topics. I’m glad some Black people stood up for her to make her feel welcomed, they came against those that sent DEAD ENERGY because they couldn't relate to her. Hooray to them!
Black people have always had a hard time listening to White comedy due to claiming it’s not funny. But the truth is we won’t admit that we don’t understand much of it because we can’t relate to it, our lives are different. We come from environments that have different mentalities so we react differently to most situations. Many of us simply don’t have broad enough minds to grasp the many directions white comedians go in, “it’s like what?” We’ve always had trouble grasping broad minded people, even amongst ourselves. Black people who are broad minded are usually considered peculiar, corny, gay or lame.
It’s time for Black people to learn about Metaphysics.

We have fueled as well as accelerated many of our problems by creating and supporting a culture that seems to highlight and celebrate being simple and negative. We celebrate and become nonchalant to all the ENERGIES we want to escape.
In God’s metaphysical world he will make what you embrace and the ENERGIES you allow to rain down on your environment and affect your life.
Again I will ALWAYS support Martin Lawerence and the stand-up comedy shows he puts out which give jobs to Black comedians, but we must assess the ENERGY in everything that we absorb.
And the fact of the matter is, our jokes about NEGATIVITY are all so REAL now. The jokes don’t reflect or represent a few any more, instead they reflect many and the overwhelming, dominating, negative  ENERGIES of our communities. ENERGIES that get worst and worst as we continue to be possessed by this culture.

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