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We Created V-Nasty?

"Lick my Pu*ssy ,Lord Give me money, that's all I want, don't look at me funny"................Wow, lol, lol

I want Black people to be critical thinkers and become stronger. It's important for us to understand when we are making decisions that will haunt us later.

I think the ENERGY in Hip Hop has gotten so concentrated and thick with negativity that there's no way the ENERGY of the genre would not eventually influence others in the wrong way. We all saw it happened but many didn't think or realize that  yes, a day will come when others are so saturated by the ENERGY they will emulate it openly, and seek to make a career out of it just like others.

Now doesn't this video explain this?

In fact many Black people are having a hard time admitting it, but they feel a little embarrassed that after a girl like this absorbs our culture, this is what she comes up with. This is how V-Nasty is manifesting the ENERGY of our culture.

She sounds simple like many other southern rappers today. I will be honest with you, despite what she says, I still can't figure out if she's mocking this race. I like to think I see through things when it comes to ENERGY absorption, but like I said I can't tell. I cant' tell if she's being funny or seriously wants to portray what she's been influenced by and feel that false sense of power rappers have. Does she want to live the illusion too?

To me that's scary, it's so scary that no matter how ridiculous and silly her music sounds you can't tell if she is making fun or being genuine like she says she's being. You can charge that to the state of Hip Hop in this era, I guess.

When I was younger as soon as we saw Weird Al Yankovic we knew he was joking, not only because he made spoofs of popular songs, but because he wasn't trying to be perfect by sounding just like the artist. We knew he was just trying to be funny and entertaining, he wasn't trying to prove he's just as good as the artist he's mocking.

Again rap is in a state where you can't be sure with this. It seems like she might geniuenly think she's blending in, and the sad thing is she's right to a large extent. Listen to Nicki Minaj's lyrics and get back to me. Notice I said lyrics not the expensive production you get caught up in, but the lyrics. V-Nasty seem like with a little work she could be on Minaji's level.

Now read the title again and think about how many White people truly embrace their sons, and daughters transforming. Or does it bring animosity and disgust to those who perpetrate this ENERGY the most? We must be careful of what we feed people because people will transform based on it, just like with food in our lives, whatever you eat has an effect on you in some way, short term or long. And we don't have a diverse culture, this is it folks, Hip Hop is still the strongest ENERGY coming from our culture, so when others transform negatively due to it, it creates a direct path back to this race.

Black people please support a better image of yourself, it's both empowering and beneficial. You will feel so much control and power from this Universe if you take over and dictate the ENERGIES you consume and feed to others. The Universe will give you strength.

And let me be honest for a moment, because other cultures have feed this race so many negative ENERGIES through the years. It may not have been as concentrated but they have. But it's important for Black people particularly Black men to be able to find employment, ya'll need jobs man.

Black men have not become self-sufficient as they should be by creating jobs for each other, so I imagine many of ya'll trying to get a job and the White man through resentment and anger of the culture his kids absorb, says "No". He says "No" while thinking, "I'll take the lessor evil, bring your girlfriend, sister or wife down here and maybe, after all there's affirmative action I must follow, but you?............. Nah "

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