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Tyler Perry Brings Fear To Black People

According to the NY Times Tyler perry will get his own T.V. network, the tentative name is Tyler T.V.

God Bless Tyler Perry he's another example that people go by ENERGY and unfortunately people can't get past Medea. It will probably always define Tyler Perry.

Not that he doesn't fuel that fire.

Of course I have to be honest and admit that I have liked a few of Tyler's movies I really liked "The Family that Preys Together". When Rockmond Dunbar's character "Chris" sent Sanaa Lathan's character "Andrea" flying it was priceless. lol

No I absolutely don't condone domestic violence however it was an ENERGY scene to me, what she said to him was like a slap and beyond comprehension so she flew.

Another movie I liked was "Why Did I Get Married", the first one, I haven't seen the second.  In the first movie the ENERGY of Jill Scott's husband Richard T. Jones character Mike was too much. I love when they where sitting at the dinner table and Tasha Smith's character Angela went in on on him and he just starting going around the table taking everybody down, he wasn't going down alone.
I only slay people in a righteous way, he knows he was wrong. It was funny though.

Then I also like "For Colored Girls", I think he did a great job and the script was condensed due to it being based on a book but executed well.

Ok, back to the title of the thread

A lot of people are tired of the buffoonery in Black media, it's almost overwhelming. Black people are also tired of seeing Black men portrayed in a dress trying to emulate Black women. Not to mention that in the process of doing so it's always a ghetto, dramatic stereotypical Black woman.

It gets tiring, when do we create characters that have a sense of advancement, if not physically then at least spiritually? Buffoonery comedy is a safe comedy but not a progressive one. We don't have an "Emerald City" yet so at the very least we need to have balance. Balance with the more positive as the foundation.

However I already stated that Tyler Perry has the ability to make good movies. The question and the dread felt by myself and others is wondering which ENERGY will dominate his T.V. Network. Will we be forced to watch and absorb the ENERGY of his Medea movies and his two sitcoms which have the ENERGY of being the male/female version of "Amos and Andy" in this era? Or will he offer a rainbow of ENERGIES with the most stimulating, worthwhile ENERGIES always dominating?

I'm not saying Tyler Perry can't do it and I would love to see another Black owned or run cable network. At the same time, I hope he doesn't just "write off" the dread of the people, but understands it.

If he makes this move he will have awesome power, hopefully he will go by ENERGY when choosing shows. While taking into consideration the ENERGY of this race, community, and the youth today If he does that, ENERGY will be his guide not people's concerns and he will feel spiritually at ease with what he's creating.

I wish him luck!


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