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Shaunie O'neal Wants to Tame Her Wild Beast

I love this "Gif" image. If I was Tami's daughter I would save it and use it anytime she tried to tell me something that has to do with standards.

Sigh, another show another reflection that it will be easy to implement the "New World Order" we where born to be slaves and guided.

Why do I say this?

I say this because Black women just can't, can't, can't resist supporting "Basketball Wives" and shows like it. Why is it that I can? Why is it that seeing them on the internet day in and day out is the closest I will get to the show?

I guess I'm special!

No, I'm just the reflection of what those trying to implement the "New World Order" would consider a nightmare. I'm a nightmare because no one can have my brain, I feel too much power in guiding myself. I don't care what's going on around me.

In an era littered with trash I would never support a show like this. I would never allow my future kids or the men of the community see me hypnotized by such worthless trash when there is already a landfill of trash that needs to be cleared out of this race.

Of course most Black women are simple in this era, they don't care. They don't have critical thinking skills and their only asset is their fat, balloon ass that a man can jump on like a tambourine and move to the next.
So here we have Shauni O'neal feeling the pressure of her disastrous creation. She claims there is too much negativity on the show and that was not her wish when creating it.

Wow another puppet Black person that was squeezed like an orange and so desperate for attention she caved in and gave up her creative rights to the show?

Most people know you can manipulate Black people because Black people are weak. We get confused by this because many of us think being physical is power. Most Black people of this era will settle for many crumbs so they can be brought cheap or you can take their creation and make it your own.

So therefore, Shaunie O'neal cannot dictate the direction of the show. She got paid for the rights to it and acts on the show, they allow her to feel like her voice is being heard and that is the extinct of her power.

What's surprising is the fact that over 90 percent of Black women agreed on Essence's website that the show is too negative, but yet they can't resist watching it. They can't resist letting Black men see them support all the things that make Black women the bottom of the barrel as it is.

People support what they can relate to. For example, my consciousness is too high for most Black people that's why my site, though it's gaining viewers could never attract the masses like zombies to flesh. Guess what, that's a good thing in this era.

Considering an era where the lowest standard, and quality shows attract the nullified minds of the people it makes metaphysical sense. It makes sense that I would have to bash myself into the heads of stiff neck, thick skull, hard headed people.

People don't want the truth they want entertainment, they are even hesitant in trying to have both.. I can only hope the upcoming "Age of Aquarius" in 2012 will prompt people to wake up. I say to Black women: Your daughters are watching, Black men are watching and society is watching what you support. We do not have a diverse media where we can be saturated with shows like this.

That's why though I'm a Black women I don't become alarmed by the perceptions of Black women in this era, they are fitting and metaphysics. People judge you based on dominating ENERGIES, so it doesn't matter that many Black women are going to school or don't act like the ENERGIES in the media. Despite the complexities of the human mind most people without thought gravitate and create perceptions based on what they see the most and feel the most.

I try to imagine having a simple Black female friend who valued and watched shows like this, I think it would be hell to my brain, I would die of boredom, my mind is too advanced consciously. I can't simply ignore contributing to negativity when it's at an overwhelming point in our culture.

But like I said Black women can and it makes us worthless to our communities, Black men and our children.

We're about to become like the children of "ThunderDome" in the movie "Mad Max" with Mel Gibson and Black women what to see who's fighting who and screwing who on a simple show that could be replaced with another show like "Girlfriends" or "Half and Half".

I wish Black women could learn the power of "No Support" in order to watch shows like this melt away like the wicked witch of the west drenched in water. I wish that Black women could feel and understand the sense of strength God and this Universe gives when you defy and go against ENERGIES that don't benefit this already damaged culture.

The Universe will make you feel powerful as it has made me feel. I have a strength rarely matchable by most Black women I meet and it doesn't matter their level in life. Consciousness is not developed academically or career wise, you have to have the desire to obtain it.

This show is just reason number 1 million, trillion of why I don't like Black women in this era. They eat sh*t, breed sh*t and sit in shi*t and want more. I'm like a Bus Boycott Negro and I love sacrifice for a good cause. So I will simply continue to feel consciously superior to the weak minds that infringe on my space in life.

Boy, it's a joy to be tied to Black women of this era "We got's it going on" lol. I guess we created an "Emerald City" and I was asleep, therefore we can definitely afford shows like this.

In the voice of Shaunie O'neal's daughter "You did's good Mom" why would Dad ever get tired of you"

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