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Selita Banks Shows How Ugly She Is

I never like the ENERGY of Selita Banks. I don't know if it's her life-less focus on the camera in her pictures, or the fact that her arrogance and vanity shows through. In fact I think she's one of the most overrated models that I've witness through the years. I find nothing unique or intriguing about her, she seems like she could be replicated by any attractive woman out there. She's not a one of the kind model.

Having said that it's really no surprise to me that recently she decided to reveal some of her arrogant, vain ENERGIES during an interview with "Naughty but Nice" host Rob. ENERGIES which are normally kept hidden because she's usually a non-talking model.

How dare Nick Cannon not marry her, could that be something she's never gotten over? Is that why she decided to play with Nick Cannon's masculinity and manhood?

Recently Selita Banks made comments referencing to the size of Nick Cannon's "package". She also claimed he was only an ok kisser and when she was engaged to Nick Cannon it was just a ring. Ok so she was set to marry a small dick man who is a bad kisser? What does that tell you about her character. It's a good thing that Nick Cannon woke up and ran.

Nick Cannon can sigh a sign of relief because he dodged a bullet. Particularly because these are the things she would have said to him to make him feel small during fights, if they got married.
In addition, I must say I always liked Nick Cannon, I can always tell a Brother who had a good Mom, was raised well and has more balance. I can always tell the level of integrity and Alpha Male tendencies a man has based on the women that he chooses to be with, walk with and be seen with.

He made one slip by dating Kim K for a few months while she was trying to make a name for herself. I'm sure he quickly realized after being with her what her goals where. When the cameras aren't on Kim K seems like the type of woman who says "I'm tired or my nails are wet". Well after Nick she caught herself another youngster and found Reggie to be her "accessory" boyfriend. Not to many men could tolerate that type of behavior long term.

The Universe responded to Kim K and has brought her someone who is perfect for her. A man who simply wants to go along for the ride. A man who does not mind entangling himself with a woman like Kim K because she has money and can also be milked in many ways. In other words she's not a high risk, he could only stand to gain being with her. Whether for publicity, endorsements or simply a more secure life for a "blah" NBA player it can only be seen as a step up.

Back to Selita Banks

I want to point out a couple of things Selita Banks said that shows the shadiness of her character and ENERGY.

Of course as I said she ridiculed and attacked Nick Cannon's manhood by referencing to his penis as small. That's a "no-no" and something that you never do to a man unless you want an enemy. Even if you don't use those exact words, even alluding to that being a fact is a "no-no".

Selita also spoke about her mindset as a young child. She claims that as early as 6 years old she knew she was beautiful. Sitting at her mother's vanity one day she looked in the mirror and said
“Oh, I could make some money,”

I won't go into the fact that I was raised by a Mother who would kindly deflate my ego if it where inflated to the point where all I saw was me and how I was attractive. She would somehow remind me that there are other people in the world too. People who will not accept your lack of humility and arrogance.

One can only say "Wow, really" when they remember to comprehend the fact that she had this disposition at 6 years old. I'm sure she was a pleasure to be around lol, lol. How interesting a 6 year old conscious of her beauty and how she can use it to her advantage. Sounds like a great child to have. A child who develops an inflated ego early. lol All I can remember is Barbie dolls and playing with friends at 6 years old.

But here's the worst ENERGY mistake and comment Selita made.

Selita went on to talk about fat people. Now as a slim person I know this is a no-no in most situations but Selita Banks who is a top model thinks it's perfectly fine.

Here's what she said:
“Listen, I love voluptuous women, what bothers me is when they wear spandex. Don’t wear spandex ladies if you are over size 16. Just because it comes in your size does not mean it’s for you. As women we can wear whatever we want, be sexy but just know the difference, everything has a time and place.”

Again this is not the best thing to say if you are a world class model. It's also such a frivolous thing to point out. It almost seems like an opportunity to pick on fat people, or an opportunity for her to insert ENERGY that reminds others how perfect and slim she is. I would say I'm more exposed to everyday masses then her and I don't see women wearing spandex everywhere I go.

I wear it because I can, but I rarely see other women venture out in doing so everywhere I look unless they are older. Even in that case as with most women I do see wearing spandex they will have a long top. Is the ENERGY really that strong where a fashion model addresses it? I say not, she should leave those types of jokes to comedians.

What she said was uncalled for.

I understand the pressure to fill up an interview and seem interesting and funny, but it's wise for Selita to understand that models have to be the most humble. Models can't attack or address the looks of others openly, it never comes across right.

Anyway, yes it seems as though I type long articles, but you will discover that they take less then a couple of minutes to read. I type really fast so I am trying to find balance. I like to read so I don't understand those who don't. But I do understand this is the Internet and people have a hard time concentrating on anything because there is so much to see.
To conclude I will say I am happy Nick married Mariah. Mariah Carey is a bit of a diva but she's someone who brought a lot to the table and seems more willing to appreciate Nick's love and attentiveness. Source

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