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Rhianna "Wrung" at Carribean Festival

Rhianna gives it up to many, at Barbadian Festival. At least that's the ENERGY of her actions by her dancing in a sexually suggesting way with random people.

I grew up around West Indians so I know the "heat" within them, they are very hyper-sexual and physical. American Black girls always where the most prude, our church going grandmothers made sure of it. Of course that changed over the years, but to me, West Indian women always seem to move with more sexual expression. We where introduced to grinding, the bogo, and many other West Indian dances that where sexual in nature by West Indians. Today West Indians and Black Americans can go "toe to toe" and "tit for tat", exchanging sexual dances back and forth.

So I'm not coming against Rhianna for blending into the ENERGY of her environment. I don't like it, I think it's disgusting and I would not touch and grind on random people. But as you can see I would be a "party pooper" with this crowd.

I was going to use this thread to talk more about the fact that she is spiraling out of control. But it would be hard for someone to absorb this, due to the ENERGY of the festival. Of course she took to acting out behavior that is becoming increasingly normal for her, which is squeezing breast, touching, and being overly affectionate. Behavior that is synonymous with 'Ecstasy" and/or alcohol abuse.

I won't post more pictures here. For more pictures check out Vladtv.com

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