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My Fight With "The Artist"

Can you believe someone like me would get into it with someone? lol

Surprising right?

Well anyway I have controversial enough views where I can easily be misunderstood. The first thing some misunderstand or don't grasp is the fact that I'm a very complex, broad minded being. I think I'm more broad minded then most people I know.

Of course some are saying "are you kidding me" based on my blog which sounds so opinionated. However with careful concentration and assessment many realize I simply speak about ENERGY. I rarely state exactly how someone should act or conduct themselves, life's too complex.

It's important for people to expand their minds by learning how to think about, feel and dissect the ENERGY of a situation or reality. You can't just focus on opinion, your beliefs, emotion and idealism. Most of my observations simply reveal the ENERGY of a situation or person, it doesn't include my idealistic wishes, thoughts or opinions. I can insert and address that when asked or when appropriate.

Let me explain why I'm saying all of this:

"The Artist" and I, got into an argument because he is very Afro-centric and came up against and clashed with my broadmindedness. Being Afro-centric is a way and choice in life. Just like with anyone who chooses to be very cultured in their surroundings. It's more natural and metaphysical for most people to be influenced by the ENERGY  of their surroundings in turn most humans are less spiritual. Most people don't radiate the culture of their race with the intensity of those who focus on doing so.

Point Blank,

I believe in, understand and embrace the slight MUTATION of African women, which creates me an African American woman. After-all it's the case with women of all races and the case with those who come into contact with another culture, therefore absorbing it's ENERGY..

In short, he does not agree!

I believe that it's natural, metaphysical and human nature for a group of people to be influenced by what they are exposed to. Again that theory is demonstrated by the fact that women of other races are influenced by American culture and their environments.

Even more compelling is the fact that Black people from other countries are influenced by African Americans, particularly the negative aspects of this culture. Despite seeing that these ENERGIES don't work in the Black community they still emulate it. They emulate it because it's a strong ENERGY which results in a strong influence. They can look for and emulate the positive aspects of African American culture, but they simply emulate what they see and feel ENERGY wise. They will emulate the strongest ENERGY that seems to be powerful or celebrated.

You would think a group of people would want to avoid the negative ENERGY, traditions and ways of a people, but again that's demonstrated that that's not the case. So if this is true, how could it be possible to expect African Americans to completely block out the ENERGIES and the influences American culture affords, particularly when they are satisfying ENERGIES due to our new environments.

Example Yung6ix "Plenty Money"

Not MUTATING in a society with a different culture would defy human nature and metaphysics that's why people of other races have a hard time doing it also.  Those that choose to focus intensely on their culture are not the norm of any race. Of course they are not considered self-hating like MUTATED Black Americans are.

So here we have the basis of the argument I had with "The Artist".

It stemmed from me challenging his belief that all Black women that manipulate their natural hair are self-hating, brainwashed individuals and need to turn away from the MUTATIONS developed within White society.

Of course I don't agree, I understand that many MUTATIONS have become ingrained in the lives of many with no thought of self-hate. We might relax our hair, grow it out, wear braids, weaves and many different hairstyles but it does not mean we are aiming be White.

It means we have been influenced by the media that does not simply show Black women. But we are exposed to a media that shows women of other races who we like who are admired. Therefore we emulate their ENERGY consciously or subconsciously. Just like many peole emulate American culture.

We are also influenced by technology and change like most people. Even if Black men continued to embrace our  natural hair over the years, Black women would have came up with different ways to adorn their hair and manipulate their hair to get different looks. Again, it's natural and human nature.

For example we were influenced by Halle Berry's signature cut in the movie "Strictly Business"

There's no way in the world you could have told a Black woman that wearing this style was due to being brainwashed and a reflection of trying to be White, I know I had the cut. To me this is a fair MUTATION. A MUTATION that would have occurred regardless of our negative hair plight in society. Just like African women will straighten their hair with mud. Drop a flat iron that can be heated over hot coals in their village, they will eventually use it, realizing they can do different hairstyles and they will do it simply because they can.

Wearing styles that where created by MUTATED African Americans is a natural MUTATION, but does not change the ENERGY of Black women. Believe me unlike many comments White people make towards  someone like Beyonce who looks like a White woman at times, a White person would not look at a Black woman with this style and say she's trying to be White. It would seem ethnic to them.

Give Black woman a break, or maybe some Black people are under the misunderstanding that though we are in America we want to shun it's ENERGIES completely and make African culture our basis because it's where our ancestors are from. An honest fact would be to realize that many Black people are fine with being African American. Many Black people would love to learn about their history and culture, but they would not welcome completely transforming and going back to the most primitive, natural form of an African(if that still exists).

I feel we are a breed of Black people who has to find balance within our MUTATIONS. Trying to go beyond that and become the "rawest" essence of where we came from is a choice. It's a choice that has to be focused on and desired. And because the Universe continuously churns, and in the process MUTATES things, it's an unrealistic demand of the people. With certain modifications within our race and culture we could be highly functioning MUTANTS here in America.

After-all that's what we are that's what we will always be and it's what the Universe knew would become of us. Our entire culture is a MUTATION it's a mergence of African and American culture.

Here's an example of a MUTANT:

I like these styles:
And I like these too:

All hairstyles above contain hair extensions. So who's trying to be a White woman above? I like these styles because they are styles that are believable on Black women. 

Point Blank: I'm, a MUTANT I have a right to be a MUTANT even the short time "E.T." was on earth he started to adapt and learn earthly ways. lol How you use those ways is what becomes important.

Another example of a MUTATION would be my African neighbor who is from Africa. She didn't even speak the language when she first came over here, now she does. This is a woman who wants to eventually go back home, this is a woman who loves her country. This is a woman who doesn't allow me to put visible extensions in her hair though her hair is short. But guess what, here's two complexities about her.

One, she's worn wigs lol, lol she rarely does and made a habit of doing so when she's held jobs, so that mean she conformed a little bit. However even when I would braid her hair she was in the habit of relaxing it every two weeks., which I told her was a no, no.

What's my point, well many of those thing she did above could be considered trying to be Euro-centric. Despite this, I can attest as I breath that this woman is not and does not have the ENERGY of trying to be a White woman? lol, lol, lol

Just the thought of it is funny. She is heavily into her religion, will wear African attire and is proud of her country and language that's why she wants to go back. However guess what else? At the same time, she loves to shop at Kohl's, so she wears American style clothes sometimes.She honors the foods from her country and makes them often, but boy oh boy she loves KFC and I told her the other day to try Papa John's. I always give her coupons for Kohl's and KFC.

So does that make this lady less Black, less African or simply human where as I said you will MUTATE due to absorbing the ENERGIES of your environment? That's why you must focus on balance and ENERGY not being unrealistic, which would mean refraining from all influences.

I am a well-balanced Black woman who is conscious of my culture and try to be 10 times more spiritual then most Black women. but still I am a MUTANT. I can't help but MUTATE in some ways. Here's the thing I like some of my MUTATIONS. I like absorbing the ENERGIES of my surroundings and embracing certain ENERGIES to feel certain ways.

Hair is fashion in our society and I understand the MUTATIONS Black women go through. I even understand the insecurity that many Black women have regarding their hair. Insecurities spurned on by Black men of course. For Black women in the past to have been strong enough to maintain their hair in the most natural state and carry it to this day, it would have taken a lot of support of Black men. A continuous support, not a support in between drooling over the long silky hair of Kim K. Or telling Black women their hair looks peasy:

A quote from Method Man, when asked does he like women with natural hair:
“No. I don’t like peasy afros, sorry. I don’t like dreads either. I like a woman to get her hair did.“
Black women through transitions for reasons that go beyond self-hate. If it was conclusively presented to Black women that wearing certain styles and manipulated it in certain ways was self-hate and not supported by Black men, Black women would change or compromise. You would see more Black women with natural hair, but again many will take advantage of technology and the different looks they can create. Especially sense Black men don't seem to embrace it.

Black women weren't brainwashed by White people. Black women always wore their natural hair over the years. The problem is Black men have turned their back on natural Black women and get the most excited about women who do not look like natural Black women.
The funny thing is, many Afro-Centric men will marry, have girlfriends and seek women who are not African or African American. They might meet an Indian women they like, a Brazilian woman or Asian woman lol, lol.

Talk about not wanting to be influenced by another culture and not wanting to influence someone else. I say this because I'm sure it's safe to say that an Afro-Centric man would want to be with a woman who showed some sort of interest or support in their culture and what they believe in. Why don't they ever seem to go in the Jungle's of Africa to find a pure African woman? Why does it seem they always pick a woman who seems closer to what the world considers idealistically beautiful? A woman with long hair.

It's because they have MUTATED and they've learned and been trained to see the beauty in many women. Having one that is not Black is just an extra prize because men of other races will respect and admire them more. Many Black men consciously or subconsciously fall into this, particularly when they get money.

 Kevin Harts ex-wife
Kevin Harts New Girlfriend

He can't help but use his money to buy that silky long hair he's been brainwashed to love. lol

Black men like long hair, they can't help it. Even the person who offered me the experience that made me write this article Mr. Afro-centric "The Artist" portrayed a woman with hair pass her butt as his dream girl. She had dreadlocks, but the ENERGY of being influenced and geared towards women with long hair even though it's not typical of Black women is deep within him.

He has portrayed many Black women with short hair, but his dream girl has long hair that's long like "Rapunzel" , to take the ENERGY of being brainwashed out she has dreadlocks. Her having dreadlocks makes it a nice fantasy though, it's sought of like a Black man can play out his obsession with long hair but feel Afro-Centric at the same time.

As a licensed cosmetologist I can tell you that it is rare that a Black woman has hair past her butt. This is true even with natural styles. You rarely see a woman with dreads past her butt, though you can grow your hair long with dreads. You can grow you hair long with dreads but because African hair is so fragile the maintenance required would have to be very delicate and precise and could not be accomplished by most, because genetically we weren't designed to have hair that long. A person with dreadlocks grows long hair because they don't comb it and it doesn't shed.

However, many people who have dreadlocks will lose entire locks when they grow long. This is because they will eventually become heavy and it's weighing on the scalp. Dreadlocks is a delicate procedure, more delicate then people realize when they get them. 

If you dread your hair with the idea of wanting it to grow and you pick the wrong size of dreadlocks, even slightly, you will have problems. Dreadlocks always get heavier as they grow. This is because dreadlocks consist of hair that has not shed. Your hair is suppose to shed naturally on a daily basis, the hair does not shed with dreadlocks but continues to accumulate over time.

This is why they get heavy and fall out eventually. This is why you will rarely, if ever see a Black woman with natural dreadlocks past her butt. It's almost impossible to achieve. And for those who do achieve it, it takes many decades of patience to do so. Many women would go crazy from the lack of versatility not because they want to have a more unnatural style but because they want to change their hair and can't. Many women long to brush and comb their scalp. Because of this I've met many Black women who have grown dreads then cut them off.

To conclude my thought, my message to "The Artist" is to remember ENERGIES cause MUTATIONS that don't always chip away at the soul. It's simply that, people absorb the ENERGY of their environments and it transforms them on a conscious or subconscious level. This is why some societies and groups will try to dictate what people are exposed to.

Of course I don't believe in this approach. I believe adversary, diversity is what builds and grows a society. I think it's one of the reasons Black people cannot progress. We feel as if we should all be the same and have the same mentalities. This is unfair and an injustice, that's why I speak about ENERGY. I never speak about specific actions someone should take.

For example here are some more MUTANTS, who don't fall into the category of Self-Hate

You could never tell these women they are trying to be White

You could never tell this Black women she's adopting White principals.
 No she's a MUTANT

Or even if a Black woman wore her hair like this and you said she was brainwashed by Europeans and trying to be White.
She would think you're crazy. She would never think an updo like this means she's trying to be a White woman. It doesn't mean that, a Black woman who wears a style like this is simply a MUTANT

Another two MUTANTS, I love , two who have never had the ENERGY of trying to be a White woman. .

Jada Smith
And her daughter Willow Smith

Both MUTANTS, neither have the ENERGY of being White or trying to be White. They seem perfectly natural. They have the essence of their heritage with the influences of their environment mixed in.

Here's a White woman influenced by Black culture, she's influenced by it's ENERGY.

Despite the negative light that Black people are shown in she was influenced by this strong ENERGY and look coming from African American communities in this era. The "Micro-Braid" look. A look that did not originate from African woman. A look that requires extensions of a wavy texture not hair that is of an African texture. It is a style done by many African hair braiders on Black American women who consider this to be more natural then other types of hair styles.
This style can be more damaging then chemicals. Chemicals are applied and removed, wearing any hairstyle that applies constant tension is very damaging long term.

So we covered Black women who are MUTANTS and why they style their hair the way they do. I did this so that it's understood that despite many, many Black women having self-esteem issues that revolve around their hair, there are many more Black women who are more balanced.

I can tell you first hand that weaves only gained steam within the last decade or so. When I was in elementary school through High school, you could not wear a weave. If anyone knew you had a weave you would be teased. Despite this Black women have always pushed the envelope when it came to styling our hair.

Again if you want insight as to why more Black women don't wear their hair natural in this day and age. Read my article about how Black men caused this scenario. Black women would showcase their natural hair more if Black men embraced their natural hair like the past. Keep in mind many Black women had no problem wearing their hair natural in the past.

Due to the ENERGY of Black men towards natural hair, instead of Black women embracing their natural hair and only switching their hairstyles like Pam Grier; over the years Black women have kept and maintain chemicals longer then they should which results in hair damage. Being like Pam Grier would be the most natural metaphysical route for a MUTATED Black American considering technology and hair being like fashion in society.

The Health Aspect of Chemicals on the Hair

This is an understandable concern but does not reveal the ENERGY of self-hating in many Black women. Beauty is painful no matter what. If you go to Africa, Asia and many other countries the beauty practices that they engage in make what Black American women do seem like a massage. Read some of the practices here.

And further more as a licensed cosmetologist I know the truth. Many women who wear ridiculous weaves and extensions suffer the most hair damage, and usually are the ones harboring a low self-esteem. This is an ironic and surprising fact for many.

Women who use chemicals in their hair suffer due to a lack of maintenance and care. Many women who wear chemicals in their hair do so and opt for a Black American hairstyle, their hair looks like the essence of Black American women, think Michelle Obama.

A woman that wears a weave down to her butt is more of a suspect when it comes to insecurity and self-hate.

Again Black women would love to go back and forth as I often do. They would love to wear their hair natural at times and give it a rest. That doesn't mean they wouldn't continue to use their hair as a fashion statement but they would embrace interim periods where they wear their hair completely natural, by growing out the chemically treated hair periodically.

I already stated above why they don't do this.

So the bottom-line is maybe Black men are the biggest culprit to why Black women wear their hair the way they do. So, in addition to the ENERGIES that I stated above, making the statement that most Black women manipulate their hair to seem White, becomes an unfair inflexible way to think.

"The Artist" must understand that with inflexibility, he will never be able to relate to or understand Black American women. Particularly if he doesn't absorb their ENERGY and realize the normalcy of MUTATING within an environment.

It does not make Black women less Black. It makes Black women what they are, a group of women who where brought to a new world striped of their culture and had to learn how to define their own beauty and continue to find ways to do so.

Just like African women we would have eventually found ways to straighten our hair, we simply live in a technologically advanced society where we would not have to use mud like many African societies. Anything that can be formed or molded in a boundless way will mutate because humans have complex minds and hair falls into that category.

The following is my ENERGY assessments of a Black women who displays Self-Hate through her hair. I write this as a licensed cosmetologist who has felt these ENERGIES

  1. A woman who refuses to cut her hair even though it is damaged
  2. A woman who uses chemicals at the slightest sign of new growth or kink, I prefer relaxing the hair no more the every 3 months for most hair.
  3. A woman who continues to use chemicals even though her hair is damaged
  4. A woman who wears weaves that are unbelievable in texture and length (Asian, Indian, Caucasian textures) and weaves that are unbelievable lengths.
  5. A woman who wears weaves despite it damaging the hair because they know they will simply wear weaves forever and could care less about their own hair...........example:
To say that Black women who aren't completely natural are brainwashed and trying to be European, is very narrow-minded. It does not take into considerations all the ENERGIES of someones surroundings and makes an unrealistic claim that Black women who transform beyond their most rawest natural African self is a self-hating, brainwashed woman.

Any attack, point of view, opinion assessment that does not include COMPLEXITY usually produces a narrow-minded thought, or opinion.

Moving On................

"The Artist" also believes that Black women should not shave, lol, lol, lol

This is another narrow-minded, inflexible thought in my opinion.

Let's weigh the ENERGY of this.

"The Artist" claims that shaving puts the human body at risk, because hair protects the body. I agree with this, however I would agree more during more primitive times when we didn't have the protections and ability to take precautions like now.

With the advancement of technology comes ways you can be cautionary. I can assure "The Artist" I have a grandma who is 91 and had a great-grandma who was 104 when she died and though they may not have had bikini waxes, or Brazilian waxes like I seek to have, I'm sure they shaved and they didn't die from shaving or put their body in great risk in that way.

If you take care of your body and you are mindful of who you allow to enter it, shaving is not something that is detrimental to the health. It must be done with caution but it's just another beauty practice women are bound to adhere to. I'd rather these practices then some of the brutal unexplainable practices women of other cultures do.

After-all we can't think in a bubble. I'm sure "The Artist" would agree that men prefer a woman who is shaving within reasonable means. It represents an advancement in society. Despite how risky a person thinks it is it has afforded humans the ability to be in close proximity and amongst many others without the offensiveness of smelling the sweat within the hair on a person's body.

I would beg to differ that humans would be more pure if they did not shave. Considering the lifestyle and habits of many, I think bacteria and commutable diseases would be a problem if everyone was hairy. We live densely amongst each other in most societies.

In terms of vanity and cosmetically, no I don't want to wear a nice dress and have legs that look like this
Sorry, so yes if wanting to shave legs that look like this is being brainwashed then yes, I have been brainwashed. I simply say this for the satisfaction of "The Artist", but I know that women in most cultures find a way to remove the hair on their bodies.

Not believing or feeling a woman should shave is idealistic, narrow-minded and an unfair imposition. It's another technique men appreciate but women are told not to do. lol

I think tattoos are damaging and a MUTATION to the body that has no real reasoning, but I accept people with tattoos. I simply would never get one.

Now I want to address the segment of our argument that deals with LEARNING ABOUT THIS CULTURE and our HISTORY.

Often times I meet too many Afro-Centric Black people who want you to be angry about the past injustices of Black people, injustices that linger to this day for other reasons.

I have a desire to learn about my history and the traps and obstacles that are present today, but I do not believe self-accountability is obliterated because of past injustices. The Universe does not agree with this either. This is why despite the pain, torment and injustices of the past God and this Universe will not and does not give Black people an easier path.

The Universe will never do this. the Universe will never do this because God made man so strong, that man can overcome and get through any obstacle with dedication.

The fact that Black people have never had a strong, persistent, dedication to combating certain mental enslavement's and actions is a point that has to be focused on and reveals the truth of our continuous decline in this day and age. We have to acknowledge accountability for our predicament at some point.

The first question to ask is what was it about our living situation, conscious level and existence that made slavery so easy and possible? Were we a naive people, were we not advance enough to defend ourselves, not organized enough, why did slavery occur and why did God allow it to occur?

Someone cannot effect a strong minded person, who has strength within his environment.

As I stated Black people must face accountability for our vulnerabilities and susceptibility to being victims. We can't just become victims and whine about it. We have to ask ourselves "why" are we such victims and easy to destroy.

God and The Universe does not help, sympathize with or cuddle those who become victims. Often times people within that type of bondage have to find their way out, and it's hard, many never do.

So what is it about Black people that made us so vulnerable and makes us vulnerable to this day?

Again, The Universe does not support an answer of...........SOMEONE ELSE. If you dare to make that your answer that "someone else" will control you and the Universe will allow it.

Despite illusions, despite how things feel no one can CONTROL YOU unless you allow it. It becomes a matter of how strong you are against your oppressors. In the case of slavery, most slaves where bound to break due to a "masters" slave breaking techniques, but you have to ask, how did it get to such a point. How did so many Africans become slaves in the first place?

Were the gates naively opened by Black people and weren't able to be closed? I believe Professor Gates theory of slavery, though it's not the only theory I would listen to. But the fact that many African nations have apologized for slavery themselves makes me wonder if it's another situation made bad or worst by Black people and we refuse to have any accountability.

See I have a higher conscious mind that plugs in with God and the Universe and I understand the benefit of taking some accountability for slavery. Here's the thing, I even think it would be a beautiful thing.


Well when you take accountability for something, in this case at least some, you are in control of yourself.

The most successful people in life have obstacles and face those that create obstacles for them but a successful person even when someone has done them wrong will say "how could I have avoided that or how could I have done things differently so that it could not have happened". This is how they regain and maintain control in their life. They do not sit and complain about being a "victim".

It's the most empowering thing ever, it takes away the CONTROL someone has over you.

I do not ignore the injustices of the past or the mistreatment of Black people, but I have a higher consciousness and know that it could have happened to blue, yellow, or orange people too. We simply where the ones who fell into the trap of Europeans. They are and where master manipulators that made sure they always came out on top.

The Indians trusted them too. It does not excuse how they where treated but Indians will not take a "victim" approach, they realized they where conquered by a power and ENERGY determined to conquer them and trusting them made it easier.

Understanding it in that way also allows a person to refrain from feeling like a victim. Remember The Universe does not empower or entertain victims. Knowing that Europeans used this race and enslaved us simply because they could, also raises the self-esteem.

It's not a conspiracy against Black people. When a person or group of people have a particular character, they will play this character out on anyone that they can play it out on. God said the strongest prospers and survives, so the constant question would be how to strengthen ones self so they cannot be used as a victim.

Again, if you don't think this is possible and you think a person or a group of people can always find a way to control you, then you where made to be a slave. Thinking that way is the ideal when a predator seeks it's target.

So no, I will not carry animosity towards White people in this era because of the past. Their character dictates they would have treated any race the same if they could, and they have mistreated many races across the nation, even their own people.

The obstacles Black people face now are due to a lack of unity, concentration and the unfortunate determination to believe that one cannot maneuver past an obstacle.

If you believe that is true, it will be true, if you focus on that being the truth it becomes a reality. When you choose to think the opposite you will find that obstacles become easier to overcome because you are now in the mode of ENERGY the Universe responds to. The Universe responds to those who make a decision to empower themselves.

For those that don't understand and believe this, maybe they believe that Black people should just die, and drop dead because we cannot help but be "punching bags" and helpless beings.

Again the Universe knows this is not true so the so-called mental oppression continues. You have to be in alignment with the Universe for assistance and again the Universe does not assist the weak or "downtrodden"

But what's the TRUE REALITY, the true reality is that over the years Black people (being the clever people we are) have fought so much to free ourselves that we have created a culture to reinforce all the negative ENERGIES we want to avoid. We even made it possible for a White person to call us Nigg*a.
This is something that can't be disguised and the Universe has absorbed this ENERGY and will continue to send Black people the same results and all the ENERGIES we chose to embrace.

Once again a Black or Afro-Centric person will say that's a result of what someone else is doing to this race. And again, I will say the Universe does not buy that. You either have the strength to grow and become empowered or you don't. The Universe is that merciless. It does not entertain "victim-hood". If you view yourself as a victim and feel like one you will become one, it's metaphysics.

But saying all of that is in vain because we know we don't work towards ironing out our problems. In fact we demonstrate many characteristics that show why we where easy to enslave, which is scary to me.

Next heated disagreement with "The Artist" is the fact that I pointed out that Black people need to help themselves, especially Black men.

God and the Universe blesses those that have it's own and create, that's why White men and men of other races are more blessed. God and this Universe will not take slavery into consideration and make the path of a Black man easier. The Universe which is governed by metaphysics deals in the now. The past are ENERGIES only kept alive by the people and not supported by the Universe.

It's one of the most merciful things God allowed. He created a Universe where you can change you life, thoughts and actions in an instant and see new results. Black people have not progressed because we want to change our ways and conditions in theory or thought, but not in action. We do not put forth the ENERGY necessary to change our race.

God and the Universe see's this.

The Universe see's that Black men do not create jobs, support Black men who create jobs or focus on empowering the youth, so his life and legacy will be less then men of other races who concentrate on creating a legacy through the youth and supporting each other economically.

Once again, if your mind is drifting and you are thinking of pointing out that someone else is the cause of this or prevents you from growing, you where meant to be a slave and owned.

I pointed out to "The Artist" that White men should not and do not have the responsibility of making Black men strong. I understand their mentality and tendency to give crumbs to Black men and allow the person to make a meal if they can.

I would not empower Black men to rule or dominate over me if I was a White man and I won't do an injustice to Black men by lying to them and making them think this can, will or should occur.

It won't occur because it defies logic, human nature, a practicality. Most men are prone to wanting to be an Alpha Male. They will NOT empower another man or group of men to dominant over them. This is not racist it is human-nature, and explains why Black women are employed more then Black men.

You have to separate idealism, from realism and what is natural.

White men empowering Black men so that they are on the same level, would be an idealistic scenario but does not represent human nature, and it would be the truth when it comes to men of all races. They would do the same and be treated the same by other men.

Black men have no unity amongst themselves and usually HAVE TO find success through White men and White society this brings frustration to Black men. Ask yourself is that a racist society problem or a problem that needs to be acknowledged and addressed within the Black community?

Once again, if you start pointing out how condition and lack of unity between Black men is someone else's fault too, you were meant to be a slave, you were meant to be controlled.

Remember you have both the strength and accountability to mold your environment, you are men. No other men will do it for you. No other men will repair you

When do Black men have enough strength and accountability to break through obstacles? That's when the Universe lends assistance. The Civil Rights era demonstrated that.

Simply talking about how others control you and make your life hard is an  ENERGY the Universe does not know how to respond to. The Universe simply says "and????"..............."what am I suppose to do about that?".

Should we look for all those we think are racist and put a spell on them? should we beg people to like us? or should we understand empowerment comes from within and mentally. Any obstacle can be overcame with the strong minds God has given us.

We have to face the fact that we are a broken down race, not just because of our history, but because we dwell on it in a way that makes this race weak, we get by feeling like victims. It's a pitiful state to be in, it shows how easy it is to control Black people.

There are approximately 42 million Black people in this country if 50 percent of us gave $5 dollars a month to an organization within the community we would accumulate $105 million dollars a month. That's over a billion dollars a year.

The problem is we must face the fact that we don't think in that way and there is no one stopping us from thinking in that way it simply takes alot of ENERGY. It takes alot of ENERGY and we are not united. It takes alot of ENERGY and we aren't trained to think for ourselves. It takes alot of ENERGY and we don't want to concentrate on anything that distracts us from the fried chicken and beer too long.

My point is,  God and the Universe gave this race a mind to free itself from it's oppression and unless we use it we will continue to perish, because the Universe does not reward victims. In fact The Universe is designed to be the harshest and most brutal on victims and weak people.

God and the Universe purposely allows this because being the "source" of consciousness God knows you can only get stronger when you have to struggle out of a situation.

He will NOT come and make things all better for this race no matter what the obstacles may be. So NO I do not support or think in the mode of being a victim even when I opt to learn about our history.

To lighten the harshness I will say, God is also brutal to the weak because as the highest consciousness he knows that if you can get through your struggle you will be stronger then someone with no struggle. It's like a little gift from him, a gift in disguise.A gift appreciated in the end.

And the last thing I would like to address is TRUE PERCEPTION

True perception simply means looking at things HOW THEY ARE, not in a way that you wish things were.

If I say that there is NOT a strong ENERGY of Black engineers in this country, it's the truth.
Here's an article that talks about it. It also addresses the lack of Black people seeking technology careers period.

I don't speak in terms of how I wish things where, how I hope things will be, I first speak about the true ENERGY of a situation. I always start with the truth no matter how painful. That's what separates me from others who speak about issues, I don't start with my opinion. I start with the indisputable truth.

What bothers me is the fact that as a highly conscious person I will refrain from my own opinions, wishes or hopes in order to reveal the true ENERGY of a situation. At the same time I will meet and run into Black people like "The Artist" who base things on their environment.

They base life in terms of their experiences and those who they know. So for "The Artist" to tell me there are many Black engineers, has no effect on me, because it's not the truth ENERGY wise and relates to his life alone.

If "The Artist" tells me a Black man invented the Internet, again it has no effect because that is not a TRUTH known, documented or even supported by other Black people. Why don't Black people assist in revealing this? lol

People go by what they see and feel, that's why positivity misses out and is not a strong ENERGY within a culture and society that is very NEGATIVE. It becomes a whisper, like a soft wind.

To make my point clear, I had a wonderful, wonderful Father growing up. Despite this as you can see by my site I do not refrain from talking about irresponsible fathers just because my father was the opposite as well as the other men in my family.

I don't interrupt people's legitimate thoughts of exposing the lack of fatherhood in our communities by talking about my wonderful Father. I do not tell people to escape and concentrate on positive Fathers just because I had one. I understand that problems need to be revealed and concentrated on.

So in conclusion, because I type fast..........................

I am a very broad minded person that assesses things by ENERGY. Because I assess things by ENERGY I accept more flexibility within people and the choices they make. I understand metaphysics and the natural order and flow of the universe. I also understand the MUTATIONS of the human soul and character.

Nothing stays the same on earth, everything is either moving forward, or backward. So to seek a stagnant, one way of being, in an ever-growing Universe is unrealistic and unnatural. One can only live by ENERGY and govern their life by ENERGY.

Everyone will not seek to live the extremely, extremely disciplined, focused life a reclusive person, or introvert lives. There are people that will be healthy in life that eat red meat and shave, there will be people in life who fast and juice but would never ever go on a 6 month juice diet because they don't feel the need to. Some of these people will die at 50 some will die at 110.

There are Black women who will relax their hair without the thought of being brainwashed or trying to be White and dedicate their lives to helping Black people. There will Black women who relax or straighten their hair this year and wear it natural the next.

Inflexibility is a scary thing in an ever moving, changing Universe that's why I go by ENERGY.

To learn more about the power of ENERGY read these articles

We Can Learn How ENERGY Affects Our Culture Through Amish People

Another article about being a victim for life

Black Model Faces Harsh Reality

The true reason Black women don't wear naturals much anymore
Black Men and Long Hair

In conclusion I would like to emphasis that I respect "The Artist" and his work, but like so many African Americans we don't know how to hear the candid viewpoints and ENERGY of each other in order to find resolutions. We would prefer if we united by all thinking the same. That is one envy I have of other cultures particularly White people, they thrive off of diversity and understand it's importance in order to find balance. That's how strong nations are built.

"The Artist" is very focused and disciplined in ways that go beyond the wants of the average human being. Most people would like to live balanced lives that don't have the sense of extremity that some might consider "The Artist" life. I respect his life, but it's removed from most people. It's a life where many would have to defy human nature, tendency and urges to achieve. It would not be enjoyable for some.

Despite this I enjoy seeing that it's a wonderful life for him and hope that he can have more tolerance for others and the complexities of life.

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