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Movie: Gun Hill Road

"Gun Hill Road" a film by Rashaad Ernesto Green Here's a movie I want to rep and encourage people to see for two reasons, 1) I'm from the Bronx and know the Gun Hill Road area very well. Not to many movies are made in this area, so it's cool to see Gun Hill Road on the map. 2) I like Esai Morales he's one of my favorite Hispanic actors. After the movie "La Bamba" I was hooked and always wished he would be given more acting roles through the years.

Now I haven't seen the movie myself, but the reviews for the movie have been good. I hope that the movie comes to North Carolina. After it's screening at the Sundance Film Festival the movie was quickly acquired for distribution. In the movie, Esai Morales's character is an ex-con who comes back home after doing 3 years in prison to find his family in shambles. He faces an estranged wife and a son who is having an identity crisis.

It's always wonderful to see movies that focus on a group of people who are often forgotten. There aren't many movies that highlight Hispanics and the trials and tribulations of their lives. Hopefully "Gun Hill Road" will reach my area, if not I will look for it on DVD.

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