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Lil Wayne's Son Revealed


Well his other son that is!

I've been getting a lot of hits to my other article Lil Wayne takes pictures with Tiger Woods and his Daughter. This was an article I did some time ago that showed the son Lil Wayne had with his other "Baby Momma" Sarah Vivian. Of course I was implying that his son looked like a young Tiger Woods and nothing like him, which is the truth.

I also brought up the fact that he seems determined to have kids that don't exactly reflect or look like him. He's made references to hoping that that is the case. In fact it seems as if he wants to create a rainbow coalition, never going back to the dark hues of course he's done that.

Well, anyway I think it's only fair to post the picture most people expect to see when they click on my other article. People would like to see Lil Wayne's son Cameron, who he had with "Baby Momma" Lauren London.

So here it is, courtesy of Straightfromthea.com
Many people are saying he doesn't look like Lil Wayne, however I beg to differ. Just compare this picture of Cameron with this picture of Lil Wayne when he was younger and you will see what I mean.
He definitely has Lil Wayne's eyes. When I have the ENERGY I will put together a picture chronology of Lil Wayne through the years. I think he was a cute kid and handsome boy, but of course he has transformed over the years. He begun to show his life and demons on the outside and is almost unrecognizable to himself and those that knew him I'm sure.

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