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The LBTG Want Ernie and Bert?

Sometimes I wonder if certain things can truly be happening or is it a dream, or maybe I'm in the Twilight Zone. I become dramatic initially like some people then I tone down and think.

Now I already spoke about the fact that the LBTG community is going down the same ineffective path as Black people. And that's going down the path of trying to catch or attack all discriminators. Like Black people in this era the LBTG community likes to "get" those that might be discriminatory.

I understand how fruitless this can be and I get tired just thinking about it. For every discriminator you catch 5, 10, 20 more will pop up or exist. It's metaphysics, because it's unnatural to try to attack a sporadic ENERGY, when you attack a sporadic ENERGY it multiplies.

This is why I only address things that have a strong damaging ENERGY in this race. I don't get into slightness. I would never seek to address Haitian woman who might have human skulls in their homes. It's possible and it's true that some may have them but It's not a strong ENERGY so I really don't care and it's not affecting others or the community.

Anyway, the LBTG is partaking in another ENERGY Black people like to partake in and that is a game called "recruit souls".

This is a game where you try to tag people and claim people are like yourself in order to feel more powerful and accepted. It's like the movie "The Blob". The Blob became stronger as it was able to eat people and sucked them up in it's slim.

Of course before I go on let me emphasis that the LBTG community has the same obstacle as the Black race. We made a silent declaration and "pack" to stand-by all people of the race. So when a person or group brings a negative ENERGY everyone suffers.

So like Black people the LBTG has to deal with those of their community who seem to go out and be annoying on their behalf.

That brings us to the title of this thread. A Gay and Lesbian group started a petition to have Ernie and Bert come out as homosexuals and publicly marry.

See this is why some people did not want to empower the LBTG community to get married, they where afraid that allowing them to feel a sense of normalcy would result in them trying to promote their lifestyle as normal with the ENERGY of "everybody should join".

What do I do folks, I just convey ENERGY, I did not say I agree. Of course I don't agree with the LBTG playing out their agenda using Sesame Street, I don't care what the situation may be. Sesame Street is geared towards young children, young children emulate what they see with less discrimination. They don't understand what every action they engage in means, but the ENERGY of their action will linger. (I'll explain that more later)

Bottom-line they need to leave Ernie and Bert alone and stop seeking out ways to push their agenda and existence. People should be made to alleviate their ignorance of gay people in the most natural genuine way. Anything else would be similiar to a spell.

No,  people should be allowed to see through the natural behavior and actions of a LBTG person that the only difference between a gay person and a heterosexual one is their choice in partner. It doesn't appear that this is happening; it seems as though the LBTG is determined to make themselves, known and heard in a way that commands attention. This is ok, but backfires when people feel forced to absorb ENERGIES they have to adjust too.

So LBTG God bless ya'll but leave Ernie and Bert alone..................oh and leave Malcolm X alone too, if you didn't ask him when he was alive if he was gay, that claim should not be made when he is dead and can't defend himself.


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