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Kim K Wedding Comment of the Day

So far I've only been able to find a picture of Kim K in her veil. I'm sure she's holding out for a big payday to expose the actual pictures of the wedding.

I don't know where to begin, because I want little girls, to see through the many illusions created by this manufactured person. I also want women to have the strength of mind to teach these young girls to see past illusion. Often times they will give into illusion because illusion's like a drug and it feels great to a low conscious person to go by or accept illusion. Unfortunately like a drug it wears off. 

Now you can live a life like a mentally unstable person like Kim K. A life of feeding your illusion by creating more and more and more illusion like a rat on a "rat wheel" until you crash and burn spiritually. Or you can be yoruself.

I want to post what I think is the best comment I've seen thus far concerning Kim K's nuptials:

 ChampTW   08/19/2011

the point that yall are missing is that it is a smart move for him to marry this bitch, simply because he'll make more money from being associated with this whore than he would playing ball. by the way have u ever seen this dude play ball? if u haven't my point exactly, if u have my point exactly. kim is the only basket he could score and it helps that it's like throwing a rock in the ocean lmao .....@myworldnmyhands i follow back 
Congratulations to ChampTW, I will be sending this article to him on tweeter.

I feel the need to go a tad bit deeper.

Kim K was raised and grew up in an environment that creates and lives my illusions. Many people envy this environment and the fact that those in it have money. I want to take the time to intercept these thoughts and remind people that being in the type of environment I'm talking about makes a person "spiritually void". Just like the Ghetto does, so you are walking from on spiritual hell to another an dnot finding yourself in-between.

Now some of you are just thinking of dollar signs and saying you don't care. Some of you are saying damn I'm poor and want to be around the celebrities too. But you do not realize until you enter that environment the pressures and spiritual hell that awaits you. It's one of the main reasons many celebrities use drugs to numb the human tendency to feel and know when something is not right.

What does that mean exactly?

It means just like many others Kim K has strived to create herself through materialistic things and money to define her. She will exploit herself and ignore her spirit to feel the drug of illusion.

Every addition in her life has to fit her illusion and everything in her life becomes a tool to use to do so.

Kris Humpries is also a tool being used to create a point and fuel her illusions. All of her sisters are married so she wanted to get married. It was a great determination of Kim to do this. This is why she was able to jump from relationship to relationship and marry a man in such a short period of time. The only obstacle was finding the right bendable, weak man to fall into her trap.

As the commenter above stated Kris Humpries was a good, willing candidate. Unfortunately my higher conscious mind knows that the Universe has a little surprise for Kim.

What is that surprise?

Well Kris Humpries's is not as dumb or easily manipulated as Kim thinks. He's along for the ride for a purpose and that's why I chose the comment above. He is not just another younger naive candidate like Reggie Bush was.

No Kris is different. He understands Kim needs him more then he needs her at the end of the day.

See the Universe will metaphysically cement you to those who are like you and those who accept your ENERGY. Reggie Bush who has a more gentle, reclusive soul. He did not want to go on the ride of having a "Publicity Stunt" marriage. He has a deeper spirit and more emotion. It's hard for Pisces to be phony and block emotion.

Kris is an Aquarius, like most Aquarius they enjoy people and can be removed from their emotions. They don't necessary have to have deepness in their relationship, they are fine with companionship. This is because they find themselves distracted by many people. They are more accepting and less judgmental when it comes to off-beat or peculiar people. He has the perfect personality and temperament to have an aloft relationship with Kim K, one that's designed just for the media.

I can write a book dissecting the ENERGY of Kim K who is just that by the way. Kim K is simply an ENERGY she's a shell of a person who radiates an ENERGY.She could be anybody in her position with her ENERGY and I would talk about her. She could be "See K", "Tee K", or "Gee K", or anyone in the spotlight like her, she's just an ENERGY. I would not be interested in her ENERGY if it was hidden.

Kim K used the simple nature of most people who have simple focuses in society and was able to become a celebrity. Someone with a high conscious mind like mine could only be irritated and could not condone her ENERGY. To know that you live with the human race which feeds off the most simple feelings and focuses is amazing and challenging to bear at the same time. All a person needs is money and clothes to attract others. It's no mystery those ENERGIES are strongest in society and help tear down many of our communities.

I will keep this short and speak about it more, I really just wanted to display one of the best comments I found.

Celebrities need to be and should be used as examples always. Over the years the standards of people have lowered and there is less accountability when it comes to the actions of celebrities. However that doesn't stop the public from rising up and placing that accountability where it belongs and tearing down ENERGIES before the youth.

It's like a modern day "witch hanging" that involves no violence. I'll explain why it's important to have those before the eyes of society and the youth in the future.

In conclusion there's no mystery that a highly conscious person like myself is repulsed by the ENERGY of Kim K and the sense of relevance that she was able to obtain through manipulation and self-exploitation. I feel the need to tear her down just like most negative ENERGIES. As I stated it's not personal due to her not being a person to me but an ENERGY, but it is metaphysics and metaphysics rules this world.

Metaphysics says:

  • Whatever ENERGY you take in will multiply---- Think of Reality T.V. and the lack of substance and talent people in the spotlight can have now. Or think of any negative ENERGY you are surprised toke over.

  • Whatever ENERGY you focus on grows power--- Again Kim K has no talent that could sustain her if that was mandatory. Society has allowed this. Society has allowed women to go beyond Marilyn Monroe who had true talent to simply showcasing themselves and the materialistic things they have in order to gain the same status.

  • Whatever  ENERGY you take in will transform your environment--- This is what has happened in society. We have become an illusionary society, a society with no substance. Whoever has the most money, clothes and other materialistic things is deemed a celebrity. This is why the mentalities of those in Society have changed. Yes, a ghetto Mom will sacrifice the things she shouldn't sacrifice for expensive fly shoes or a hand bag. And Yes, Black men will kill each other to gain materialistic things he believes adds to his status.
These people have been empowered to lead others into being "spiritually void" this is because they feed off the acceptance of others and couldn't possibly admit the ramifications of their life and focuses because it would tarnish their illusion.

It's the reason why many celebrities write "tell-all" books when their careers fizzle. They are scared to be honest and reveal themselves after they have created an illusion. They try to keep their psychological problems and spiritual misery to themselves. It's normal for humans to do this regardless but in the case with celebrities they are in the position to influence, therefore they need to be torn down.

I do this through no support. I am a SUPERIOR Black woman who has never watch an episode of Kim K's show, Atlanta Housewives, Basketball Wives or Hip Hop wives, this is unheard of for about 90% of Black women. My consciousness is too high to watch these shows anyhow, I would not be entertained. This is because, I see through people and the illusions they create. A skill I hope that my future children will inherit.

Read my article here, where I describe how Kim K continues to pimp America's low standards.

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