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Kelly's Implant Breast On Vibe

I get confused by the moves that certain Black females make in this era. Now don't get me wrong I know the days of female singers having the ENERGY of Tracie Spencer and Shanice Wilson are1 over, but the message these girls send not just to others but about themselves makes you say Wow!
When I was younger highly successful women made a decision whether they where going to pose nude or do something racy. You had three types of women;
  1. those on their way up and trying to watch their image in the process, 
  2. those who made it to the top and can do this, 
  3. those who where the underground hookers and hoes. 
I say underground because they were not forced in our faces like those today. Those who have great power in running this culture seem determined to do this to the youth of today.

Again, successful women who made it career-wise and those who had great power made decisions if they where going to go nude, pose for Playboy etc. Those on the come-up where the ones that people knew by name and face but didn't have a strong perception of them through the media yet.Therefore, they knew not to lead with a promiscuous ENERGY. There goal was to mold perception in the most admiral way which would lead to more longevity for them. 

It seems like in this era there is a determination by the powers that be, to turn young girls and women into objects, or very sexual beings. There is no build up or peak like I saw with Janet and her career. Janet too went topless for Vibe but that was once she got older. Not within a year of her becoming a young adult. Now sexuality is in your face and very open in the most extreme way.

Guess what metaphysically happens on an ENERGY level when this is allowed?

Men will consciously or subconsciously expect a woman in this era to be ready immediately for sex and promiscuity. They get confused and figure women want this and can handle it. After-all you support it, you highlight it and even emulate it through your actions.

They even got my girl Keyshia Cole a few years back.

Notice it's the same pose. I just want to make it clear that many will say this is innocent. Well I don't want to talk about what you think it is, I talk about ENERGY. I talk about the repercussions of opening these types of flood-gates.

You want to go beyond getting naked in front of your serious boyfriend, to Black men needing a taste immediately. Well there you have this era. Black men give Black girls one second to show that they are down in this era. Black men are consciously or subconsciously looking for what got them excited and riled up in the first place.

This is why many Brothers in this era concentrate on video hoes, and strippers, they are always ready to satisfy their urges. These ENERGIES are put in the faces of Black Men constantly and it excites them and penetrates their minds. Many times it gets to the point where they don't know how to interact with normal girls, who allow a build-up when it comes to intimacy. In turn many of these girls feel left out and will eventually "break" and "snap" into what the culture reflects. Unfortunately, most can't resist because the ENERGY of this culture is 10 times stronger and bigger then them.

I'm a fan of both of these women, but they are simply being used as pawns to keep those coming up today distracted by sex, and not self-empowerment. Forget reminding people you can have both. Having both makes a more balanced individual but it also makes a person strong. Giving strength to potential future soliders is a "no-no" on the agenda of those who make money off this race and those who know we can destroy ourselves through sex.

Hyper sexuality is destroying this race. It's getting so bad that Black women who are being infected with HIV and AIDS rather live in denial. The odds and rate of the disease is becoming so high, people are choosing to ignore it and act normal until they can't any longer.


Photos: Tracie Spencer(first) musicstack.com(second)shazam.com Shanice Wilson(first)backintheday.theurbanmusicscene.com(second)aspacer.blogspot.com

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