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Lil Boosie Channels Out Inner Torment

I had an awakening, an enlightenment. You will see the tone of my website change slightly. God spoke to me and lead me to some things that allows me to go deeper. He lead me to knowledge and ENERGY that allows me to see things with even deeper eyes then those that I was using.

God told me that what I say is true on this site, but I am simply attacking the "host". He said I am attacking people who are possessed by an ENERGY, those who don't always know they are possessed or what they are getting into.

He said my mission should be in waking Black people up to this possession. He said I should try to save as many people as possible from being zombies to this culture.

I have clearly seen a transition in Hip Hop as well as in African American culture in general over the years. He told me that this was purposely done and it's something that is hard for us to resist because we are a rhythmic people. If anyone seeks to attack Black culture I'm sure they realize that it's possible through rhythm and dance. If visuals are added it becomes like "Kryptonite".

Anyway, I posted this video of Lil Boosie, because he was clearly stating sometime before his final incarceration that he was being harassed. Many rappers are forced to join an agenda if they expect to make it in the industry. If they don't their past is used against them many times. Coming across Professor Griff (formerly of Public Enemy) on YouTube just reinforced what I already suspected, but gave a voice and meaning to what I felt.

I always knew that there was no way they would allow a young Black man to come from his environment make money and gain true power. They would not allow this without a benefit to them that goes beyond money. The Industry could empower more positive Black men in Hip Hop and allow them to seem powerful to the youth and make money.

After-all at the end of the day the youth will consciously or subconsciously seek to emulate what seems to be the most powerful, due to wanting to feel power in their powerless environments. We can see that that is true in this era. I always wondered why they would put up with the arrogance and cockiness of a street Brother or criminal rapper, when they could make a Kid n Play or Special Ed type of rapper a star.One with a nicer more pleasant, grateful demeanor.

And the sad thing is; the power or money they do manage to obtain comes with strings. However, even then those strings are usually temporary and eventually broken, leaving the rapper like a used carcass(dead body). One of those strings becomes the fact that many rappers must promote an ENERGY in the music that results in what some circles would say "population control" of the black race. This manifest in many ways.

I will be trickling this knowledge in my future post and explanations. I will also try to keep my post shorter, though I've told you guys I type fast and it only takes 1 minute to read despite how long it looks, lol, lol. At the same time I'm trying to become a better writer.

In terms of Lil Boosie he fell into many traps set-up for him, he's in jail and will in all probability be in there for life. He had no one around him to tell him that in order to truly release yourself from the ENERGIES that are killing you spiritually, you have to be in total CONTRAST to them, you can't welcome them. As he said in the video the Devil will not just leave you. He didn't understand you have to repulse him away by having those contrasting ENERGIES.

The gun at the end just shows that while he's use to fighting he didn't understand he couldn't win this one with a gun. May his soul find peace in jail.

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