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How Did Model Die at W Hotel?

Have you ever come across a story so bizarre or a freak accident so peculiar, that you could not wait until all the details and facts came out? The following story I'm about to tell you about falls under that category.

I'm about to tell you about a tragedy that is so unbelievable I just had to write about it even though it happened a couple of months ago. Of course, I run this site solo and I can't always keep up with the news outlets or other websites who have a staff; but I try to write about those things that can't be ignored.

Pictured above is Lashawna Threatt.

Lashawna Threatt was a model in the Atlanta area. She was striving to make a name for herself. She did gigs for different promotional, and advertising companies. She even appeared in a music video with Bobbi Valentino.
Unfortunately LaShawna is dead now.

The circumstances surrounding the following tragic event are beyond "shady" or weird. Before I go on I must add that I am in no way pointing a finger towards the victims, family or friends, at the same time one can't help but see that many of the details of the case don't add up.

Lashawna Threatt met a fateful 30th birthday at the W Midtown Hotel in Atlanta Memorial Day weekend. She and best friend Ciara Williams fell through a glass panel window in the hotel room Lashawna was to stay in.This fall resulted in Lashawna's death and Ciara being in critical condition.

Now, the events that lead up to this incident (I refuse to call it an accident at this point) are still being investigated but this story is beyond strange. Lashawna celebrated her birthday with her fiance Ray Hamilton and about 20 other friends at an Atlanta Station Restaurant. After her dinner celebration the group headed back to the hotel for an After-party. This is where things get fuzzy and real strange.

According to the police Lashawna and best friend Ciara (who could easily been mistaken as her sister), began to wrestle and play fight, at which time they went through the window and fell 10 stories. Both Lashawna and Ciara hit another structure , Lashawna landed on the slanted glass ceiling above the hotels sun room. Ciara landed on this same glass ceiling but rolled off the ledge and continued to fall 20 more feet landing on an outdoor patio outside the hotel.
Glass ceiling above sunroom

Guess who survived?

Surprisingly Ciara did, she was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta with multiple broken bones and other injuries, she was listed in critical condition and is still making a slow recovery.

What makes this story strange is the fact that LaShawna's boyfriend Ray Hamilton claims that neither woman was play fighting before falling out the hotel window. He claims LaShawna was standing by the window and Ciara came to give LaShawna a hug and both women flew out the window in an instant. He claims he had no time to grab hold of either woman.
"We were just saying our goodbyes for the night. It was no party. Let me clear that up. We weren't in the room drinking. We weren't in the room cutting up." He says Lashawna was hugging her close friend, 25-year-old Cierra Williams. Williams' back was against the glass and the women were leaning against it. "It was goodbye, it was bye for the night. Just within an instant- they literally flew out of the window. It was that fast. I was standing next to her and with a quick reaction, reached out to try to grab her." He pauses, choking up. "And we couldn't get a hand on her fast enough."

Neither scenario makes any sense and defies physics, gravity and logic.

I want to address this with VISUALS, then you can read all the details in the links provided.

Now the obvious question everyone has is "How did this happen, how can a hotel window break so easily"?

Here is a picture of the broken window.
The area that you see missing in the photo represents only the bottom portion of the window as you can see by the room above 

Here is a close up of the broken window

So, I have the same question. It has been mentioned that both women are about 5'7 and weigh about 120 pounds. How can two above average size women fall out of a window like this?

As someone else pointed out on a forum discussing this topic:
the middle metal help prevent windows from being shattered because the metal bar protudes out. If you run into a window designed with the middle metal bar, all of the running speed would be stopped by the metal bar first, not the window. Even if they were leaning against the window (standing and hugging), most of their weight would be on the metal bar, not the window because the metal bar comes out about 4 inches from the window.

It's impossible. I remember sitting against these windows and my body didn't even touch the glass. It couldn't because the metal bar wouldn't allow it to. My back would be leaning against the metal bar and my butt on the floor. You would have to concave your body in towards the window to even touch the glass

To me that cancels out the theory that this accident happened while LaShawna was leaning against the window.


I don't care if it was me who is 6'0 and weighs 147 pounds, a Hotel window is suppose to withstand a great deal of pressure. I don't care if it was a 300 pound women or a sumo wrestler a hotel window is suppose to withstand a great deal of pressure, particularly when being so high off the ground means wind pressure is stronger.
Again, I don't care if either Ciara or Lashawna picked the other one up and swung the other over their head and slammed them against the window like a wrestler, the window should have held.
When I went to Atlanta I had the pleasure of staying at the Westin hotel in the downtown area. The Westin Hotel is synonymous with the word windows. Take a look:
I stayed in a beautiful room that had a large window which spanned across the width of the room. The window was from floor to ceiling. In fact at night you could hear the wind whipping against the window and there where moments I thought to myself 'wow, what if the window blew open'. I particularly had those thoughts because at the time I stayed at the Westin they where doing window repairs on some of the floors.
Like most people who stay at hotels with scenic views, I was drawn to the window which gave an awesome view of the city. One thing I noticed about the windows was how thick and durable they seemed. These weren't windows that would simply fall out, even with great pressure. In fact I did a google search expecting to see many incidents where the windows fell out at the Westin Hotel due to the hotel having so many and I couldn't find any such incidents.

Wouldn't the Westin be more of a candidate for something like this happening then the W Hotel? I say this because it's a larger hotel and it's windows deals with the constant beating of the wind. There are windows everywhere at the Westin, it's the theme of the hotel. The W Hotel, while also a large hotel has more of a traditional window layout, the windows aren't in a circular pattern like at the Westin. The W Hotel doesn't have windows that span the hotel room like a wall.

At the Westin hotel the window acts as a wall in the hotel room. The large window spans almost from floor to ceiling, wall to wall in every room. The windows aren't divided in panels but is one big continuous window.

My point is there has never been an incident at the Westin Hotel where someone fell out of the window in such a bizarre fashion. In fact there has never been an incident at the Westin Hotel where someone's fallen out the window, period.

Here is a news cast of the tradgedy, note how the anchor man is in total disbelief, particularly due to Ciara being the one who survived.

I don't believe that either woman fell out of the window, I believe they where pushed. That explains why LaShawna landed on the sunroof and Ciara did not. Ciara continued to fall and fell away from the area LaShawna was in because she was pushed with more force. I believe LaShawna was pushed first and then Ciara was pushed. I think both women where forced through the opening of the window. I believe they where pushed through the bottom portion of the window.

There is no way they could have been standing when the window broke.
There bodies would have to be pushed with force to fall through the bottom portion of the window.
The events do not add up to boyfriend Roy Hamilition's account. It defy's logic and physics to believe that LaShawna and Ciara where standing by the window hugging when the window fell out.  Both of their bodies would have to bent then pushed for them to fit through the bottom portion of the window.

I will be following this story as updates are available.

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