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Fantasia Blames Pregnacy on God

Fantasia recently came clean and announced that she was pregnant, something that we already knew. Not only did she announce her pregnancy but she claimed her child was given to her by God.

I know when does the meanness stop? Never, not when it comes to ENERGY and the truth.

Now Ms. Fantasia Burrino knows darn well that she got pregnant again due to intention or carelessness, and not because it's a blessing from God. God blesses unions, not someone who due to their fame brought and attracted a "Ken" doll who would be repulsed by her under if she was back in High Point.
See I wish that was the totality of the story, but no it isn't, this "Ken" doll by the name of Antwaun Cook was married when Fantasia met him. Not only was he married he had two kids. Not only was he married, had two kids but Fantasia was pregnant by him before. Not only was he married, with two kids, and Fantasia was pregnant by him, but she decided to have an abortion.
So recap: Fantasia met a married man who had a wife and two children, got pregnant by him then had an abortion. This happened last year, so obviously she got pregnant by him again very quickly. And calls it a blessing from God.

There's no need for me to write a thesis like I normally do but I must repeat that this was not a blessing from God. The way their relationship was forged defies everything God stands for. Antwaun's roots where implanted in another family and Fantasia uprooted him. So unfortunately there's no way on God's green earth these two will1 last. Just like she couldn't provide a good father for her first child, she chose to give her second the same path.

I won't bash any more, but I still find it amazing that like so many other black women coming up now they feel this should be viewed lightly. She could not even understand that her ENERGY is so negative that it was appropriate for them not to ask her to participate in Aretha Franklin's tribute at the Grammy awards. She was several months pregnant by Antwaun at the time of the tribute. Fantasia was upset by not being asked as if we are all suppose to hunch our shoulders and make exceptions due to the low standard environment she came from.

I wish Fantasia the best of luck but I have a feeling Karma and the ENERGY of her choices will be riding her back on this one.

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