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David Banner Whines About His Frankenstein

I can do something that most Black people can't do. I can bear humiliation in order to learn a lesson. Most Black people can't do this and don't understand the importance and strength of doing so.

Why do I say this?

Well I am sick and tired of Black men whining about V-Nasty and the White Girl Mob. V-Nasty is a product of Hip Hop and reflects the ENERGY of Hip Hop today. Many Black people are upset that V-Nasty uses the word Ni*gga profusely. My question is why shouldn't she? She has been saturated with the word and the word has become cemented in Hip Hop, a song without the words would seem to lack the ENERGY of Hip Hop today, only certain artist like Lupe can pull it off.

Here's a little lesson in life. You can't open up floodgates then try to stop the water. You can't open up floodgates and then try to dictate where the water will flow. That's an idealistic way of thinking and it will never work. I'm sure those who went through Katrina understand this.

Over the years Black people went from saying Nigg*a amongst themselves to putting the word in the culture and music. Doing so can't help but add ENERGY to the word. In fact it becomes just another word, until a person purposely uses it to be offensive.

I'm not a fan of V-Nasty or the White Girl Mob, but

I like the ENERGY they radiate. They radiate an ENERGY that brings shame to Black people. They radiate an ENERGY that can't totally be dismissed, after-all they sounds like many Southern rappers. It's not hard to capture the flow and ENERGY of Hip Hop today. Hip Hop is dictated by subject, not flow in this era.

Any song that has to do with "flossing money", sex, strip clubs and drugs has a chance of being a hit.

It's time for Black men of this era to learn about the ENERGY they are putting out there. When Black children emulate them they feel a sense of pride and power but when other races portray the same, they become insulted. They become insulted because when people of other races portray this race it's like getting an untainted version of what the ENERGY of this culture is truly like. All V-Nasty can do is fall on the ENERGY of this race in order to sound like the culture. So what she ultimately portrays is a dramatic insight to what she has absorbed and how we seem.

I think the word Nig*ga has been used so much and embedded so deep within this culture that everyone and everything that has a voice should be saying it. Parrots should be saying it. Toddlers should be saying it. And yes, the word is used so much, people of other cultures should be saying it too.

I have no sympathy for the situation, because Black people have chosen to give power, strength and life to the word. Rappers in the past did not use the word in the music they fed to the world, in turn the word was kept taboo and thought to be a word off limits by other races. Think about it metaphysically, in times prior because the word was not used often or poured into our culture the word wasn't thought about or focused on by the masses. It was a word used and sealed within our communities and when it was used by others there was no confusion that the word was being used in a negative way. Now you need a panel of people to determine if the person is using the word in a racist way or not.

It's hard to determine the motives of V-Nasty and the White Girl Mob, that's why despite Black people and Black male rappers complaining about their music they have over 10 million hits to their videos. White people are ready to embrace them and many Black teenagers like their popularity.

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