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Creflo Dollar's Frustration "Tithe or get Shot"

When I first came across this video I laughed so hard my stomach began to hurt. The ENERGY of the video blows me away. Here we have Creflo Dollar showing his disgust towards those who do not "tithe" while he and pastor Leroy Thompson dance on money like a stripper happy on a good Friday night.

Here's the thing, I'm going to play "Devil's advocate" and look at this video in many ways.

Most people would be appalled by this video. In the video Creflo Dollar sounds like a greedy "pimp of the people" whose pouting because it's hard to get his money. The ENERGY of this video makes it seem as though Creflo has no sympathy for those who have no money or are struggling in life.

After-all there are many people who would love to go to church to feel the comfort of God. These people would like to believe that they are welcomed in church no matter what their financial situation might be. They would hate to feel judged because they can't afford to give like others.

Many people who are struggling in life and those who can't keep up the facade or illusion of being part of the Black elite would feel uncomfortable going to Creflo's mega church.

Now I must play Devil's Advocate............

Ok, I spoke with emotion, which probably covers how most people reacted when they saw this video. Most people would believe that Creflo sounds like a greedy self-serving man who is using the word of God for financial gain.

I would totally agree, and I do agree slightly, however, the people built Creflo Dollar.

The people not only built him but they also helped build his mega church. Because he operates a mega church he needs mega support. This only makes sense and is metaphysics. The congregation of these churches can't expect to come to Sunday every week and sit on nice plush chairs in a beautiful church with central air conditioning for free.

It takes a lot of money to operate a mega church, keeping the doors open is a constant challenge.

So it's easy to understand why Creflo Dollar loathes people who don't "tithe". People who don't "tithe" are people who act as dead weight. And let's face it Creflo can't afford dead weight, he needs those who turn a profit.

Creflo Dollar has a very extravagant lifestyle so it's impossible for him to carry the dead weight of even one person in his church. Every person in the congregation has to contribute to keep his mega church going.

Smaller churches hope the people of their congregation give in order to help keep the church running. At the same time these churches don't have the extravagance and required maintenance mega churches have. A preacher at a local church is happy to be able to have a salary and keep the lights on at the church.

So folks as always I like to absorb the ENERGY of a situation and I wanted to absorb the ENERGY of why Creflo Dollar would say something like "Tithe or get Shot".

He is not impressed by fat Black people coming to his church every Sunday unless they are contributing to his bills and lifestyle. He believes in a give and take relationship. Creflo Dollar can't afford to be as accommodating and accepting as a reverend at a smaller church.

And that folks is the ENERGY of this video.

Of course I must point out that I don't agree with Creflo Dollars approach. I think Creflo Dollar should be honest with his congregation and allow them to feel more inclusive when it comes to operating the church. I would let the congregation know that they have the opportunity to come to such a beautiful church because of "tithing' and contributions.

I would not hide behind the word of God.

God does not care how much money you have, a person can always seek his word. God talks about the importance of "tithing" but would not turn away a poor person. In fact in the Bible it states that a poor person giving a penny sometimes means more than a rich person giving more. He wouldn't care if you had to downgrade to accommodate the people, he would understand that more. He would not support people being shot if they didn't "tithe", particularly if they have no money.

The bottom-line is, Creflo Dollar's mega church can not be kept in operation and sustained itself with a poor congregation so his church is not for the everyday person. This is a warning to the poor because believing his church is for you will make you feel as though you would be one of the members who would have gotten shot back in the days because you couldn't afford to "tithe", what a warm feeling, lol.

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