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Conversation with A Broken Brother

Media Possession leads to Mentality Shifts
I will periodically post conversations that I have with people outside of this site. Of course, I surf the net and I have really good, eye-opening dialog with different people on the web. The Internet brings the spirit of humanity and our society to the forefront and it's important to absorb this in order to realize the extinct of many problems. So here we have a Brother that I went back and forth with on YouTube who became fed up with Black women and found himself a Filipino woman. He chose to be with a Filipino woman for the same reason many Black men claim they don't like Black women, particularly American Black women. As with many men he claims that Black women are materialistic and gold-diggers. Many of you are saying and???????? It's true!
Well it's not true, it's an illusion created within the media. I pointed out to him that most Black women are poor and will settle for "no-good" deadbeat men who don't have a pot to piss in. The problem is within the media the everyday, humble, nice and even educated Black man is under attack. He is not represented in the media in a way that feeds his ego. Instead Jail Culture Black men, and Black men who promote being thugs, or athletes dominate. They are the ones that are able to attract the materialistic Black women that flood the media.
This leaves most Black men feeling left out, underrepresented and resentful that the beautiful women within the spotlight seem as if they would not give them the time of day. This creates a perception that all Black women are materialistic, gold-diggers when in reality as I've stated, most Black women are poor and or struggling and will settle for just having a man.
I will simply post the conversation I had with him so that you can understand how I revealed the facts through deeper thinking and absorbing the ENERGY of the situation. I do not speak solely on emotion, in fact I come across as cerebral, scientific and analytical at times. Which is fitting because that's how I observe this race. I will start by posting the video that started this conversation.

Now here is a series of comments that we exchanged back and forth. It includes direct messages I sent to him. My Response
I hope that everything works out as a Black woman I have many frustrations about this race, but I would never seek men of other races in a predatory way. I know that if I do that my secret longing that I wish I could have connected with a Black man would destroy me deep down. I also would know that the Universe would metaphysically send a "Pillow" man to me like it's sent you a "Pillow" woman someone who doesn't ask for much but would accept anyone like me. It's not a real connection. BlackEnergyNews 1 day ago
His Response:
@BlackEnergyNews I regretfully gave up on black women a long time ago. I will always love black women from afar yet i feel modern black women have too many issues. I do not have any money i am just a working man. And that is not enough for today's hyper materialistic black women who demands that the brothers have much goods. And at 41 i am not stereotyping i have been through many relationships and i just gave up. I like to keep my self esteem high. Peace. aahmovingon 1 day ago
My Response:
@aahmovingon Do you think White men consider Black women when they are frustrated by the relationships they have had? Also it seems you have been brainwashed by the media because most Black women are poor and will accept a deadbeat man who sits on the couch everyday. You simply want the women who wouldn't want you. The women you where taught where the best but like men with money. You have a mail-order girlfriend there's no way she can't tell you long for Black women she just doesn't care sad BlackEnergyNews 1 day ago
His Response:
@BlackEnergyNews First off that is the most stupidest thing i have ever heard. You do not know me or my situation. Where i live there are filipinas moving here all the time and she is not a mail order bride. Learn something before you comment ok. No i did not want the women who did not want me. I was in 2 long term relationships with black women. So know your subject matter before you say something. aahmovingon 1 day ago
Interception from another commenter:
@BlackEnergyNews There you negro women go with the "media". Black women ALWAYS look for external forces as to the reason why they are in a predicament. Did this black man not say "hyper materialistic black women?" What does that have to do with the media? That is how most negro women are. White men who have problems with white women go to Asians as if they would go to black females. mrblackalchemist 21 hours ago
My Response to interceptor
@mrblackalchemist Ah see how I got you to come to terms with your problem You want and are attracted to "hyper materialistic Black women because that is what is shown to you as being a woman who is top of the line in the media. After-all Black men with money pull them with no problem, you want to feel powerful like them. When right around you there are everyday, more spiritual Black women who you could have grown with. Some White men date outside their race but do not bash White women publicly BlackEnergyNews 18 hours ago
As you Know I type Fast and I like to be thorough so I decided to take the conversation one on one:
Friendly Note I've been commenting on your video Why Did I Chose My Fillipina I'm not trying to attack you, nor will I attack you. In fact you would be surprise by my stance on many issues. I have two new sites I'm working on. Blackcelebrityenergy.com and Blackenergynews.com Now both of my sites attack the ENERGY of Black people in this era. I don't just come at Black men but I come at Black women too. You could never look at any of our problems in a one-sided way. What Black people don't understand is that through the years the media (whether by white people or our own media) has separated Black men and women spiritually. They unite for sex in this era, but there is a lack of respect and understanding. Here's a surprise and ironic twist for a Black woman to have.............. I despise Black women in this era, I think the characters of Black women have mutated due to being brainwashed just like Black men. We have allowed "Jail Culture" Brothers to dominate over the past decade or so. In doing so they promote materialistic things and messages. They enforced the notion within Black men that if they don't have money they are worthless. Only the top "Ballers" are real men. That mutated the minds of Black men to where they will kill, die and go to jail for money. After-all you never attack a man's masculinity and again the message is if you don't have money you're worthless. Simultaneously while this was occurring Black women became brainwashed that the baddest, most powerful and realest Black men should have money and materialistic things. Not only that but unfortunately these men usually are negative. These men don't represent nice guys, or men who are humble and modest. So they drown out the ENERGY of those types of men and they seem less like men, but soft. And it doesn't help that Black women who have dominated the spotlight send a message to Black women that if you a "top Bit*ch" you should have a man that's "balling" that's the message female rappers, and other entertainers have sent over the past decade or so. Just like mathematics you have to check the validity of your answers and views with facts. Was the Black race always like this? Did Black women not walk with Black men in times prior, despite their circumstances? So what happened? Now I did point out to you that though that is the case now with alot of Black women. Many Black women will date, and have kids with Black men who don't have a "pot to piss in". It's usually the wrong type of man of course but it demonstrates that they aren't just holding out for men who have fat pockets. Most Black women are poor statistically. So that shows two things. 1) The media is the most powerful tool and brainwashing entity in our society. Whatever is highlighted in the media and given a sense of power people will follow. Whether it's based on who is the most attractive, what is the best fashion, what is the best car, food whatever. In the case with Black people, most Black people front and create illusions that make them seem closer to what the media tells them is the best. Most Black people are poor, but that doesn't stop them from trying to emulate what they see in the media. These illusions create separations within the race. You cannot progress with illusions. 2) as I said before unfortunately like many men you have fallen into longing for what you can't and shouldn't have or even want. "No", a woman who is a trifling hoe and trying to be what the media said she should be would not want an everyday man like yourself. But many men can't resist women like this because they are the ones who dominate the media. There bodies are portrayed as beautiful and an ENERGY is sent that if you can pull these women you are "the man" and you consciously or subconsciously what to be "the man". When all along there are Black women who aren't being portrayed who are just as attractive have just as nice bodies who are not being represented. Our ENERGY is not being represented. So it creates an ENERGY and illusion that Black women are gold diggers. You have to FIGHT the tendency to become brainwashed by illusions created. I will be writing an article about this on my site. Take 50Cent for example. Google his girlfriend, the mother of his child, she looks like an everyday sister. She loved him when he had nothing and when he was shot up. Now ask yourself would he date a woman like that now? No he wouldn't, he has moved on to trying to attract and pull the type of women he was told was out of his reach and top of the line. He will never be with or date a woman like his first true love anymore she's beneath him. He's moved onto silky long hair, non-Black women or women he was told he needed money to pull by the media. Another scenario that is funny, and I won't run on because I type fast and I understand people don't like to read long articles. But another scenario is the fact that someone like 50Cent will make it to the spotlight (as he has) and metaphysically attract these trifling hoes and then turn around and convince society that Black women are gold-diggers in general. When in reality he's simply in a position where these type of women metaphysically are drawn to him based on his lyrics and what he promotes. After-all many of these women where told that they are so attractive they should not settle for less, and feel they don't have to. They seek him like vultures overshadowing women with a better ENERGY and it makes men like him resentful and they don't even know what's happening on a deeper level and cycle they have started. Ask yourself how many rich or well to do Black women you see. Ask yourself how many Black women you know with men with money and they live upscale or in mansions. Don't let the media continue to separate us. That's why my mission is to attack the ENERGY of this culture. Just like many young Black men feel like crap because they can't be like Lil Wayne or the top neighborhood drug dealer. Now ask yourself what do these men aspire to be in great numbers, despite there being good guys like you out there? They don't aspire to be like you because that's not what is shown as powerful or the reflection of a real man in the media. Again, see why I attack the media and this culture. Whatever ENERGY a race, group of people or even individual takes in that's the ENERGY that will transform their mentalities. So yes there are many Black women, particularly young Black women who want a "baller" it represents power in this era. They where told that if they attract a "baller" they are the baddest bit*tch. While Black men are told that if they have money they attract the baddest females. Women who are just as attractive but more spiritual are overshadowed, so their ENERGY seems mute. Again it wasn't always like this, you have to trace transitions to see why they have occurred. No one wakes up with bad mentalities, they develop them. I respect your relationship with your lovely fiance though I think it's slightly unfair that you are in a relationship not just out of genuine love, but because you are frustrated. I don't know about your fiance but a highly conscious woman like myself would know that's the case and I wouldn't be spiritually fulfilled. That's like me going out to get a White man or man of another race because I'm frustrated with Black men, as many Black women threaten to do. It's like showing up to someone's door because you have no other place to go or having a hard time at home. It's not fair to the other person. The only interracial relationships that last and remain strong are those that occur when a person is stable in his environment and in his mind. For example if you loved Black women had many successful relationships but just happened to meet your fiance and fell in love, that would be a genuine interracial relationship. Don't let her see your videos, she might be deep like me. I would die inside if I was dating a White man and he went on and on about White women and started giving me reasons why he's dating me instead. I would know he longed for and wished for a White woman and I'm just a comfortable, convenient substitute. I would want him to simply love me and not love me through pain and frustration. After-all I would think to myself would he want me if he didn't have issues with White women? What if he meets a White woman who represents what he was longing for all along. I like you I would love to interview you, I go deep but I can prepare you by submitting the questions I will ask you first. Take Care
His Response the Red portion is a quote from my previous note:
Re: Friendly Note ) as I said before unfortunately like many men you have fallen into longing for what you can't and shouldn't have or even want. No, a woman who is a trifling hoe and trying to be what the media said she should be would not want an everyday man like yourself. But many men can't resist women like this because they are the ones who dominate the media. There bodies are portrayed as beautiful and an ENERGY is sent that if you can pull these women you are "the man" and you consciously or subconsciously what to be "the man". I really do not know why i am even responding. You aggravate me on so many levels. Once again my first and second relationships were with simple down to earth women. Not super sexy looking women. I judge the heart not the outer appearance. Secondly my relationship is based upon love as i knew her for 9 months before i expressed my feelings for her. Its not based on frustration. Thirdly is have moved on from the notions of so-called Black Love and Black Family. I will love the blue woman from Avatar the movie if she was real and had a nice personality. This is the last with you. I find your assumptions extremely irritating. Sent to: blackenergynews
My Response:
Re: Friendly Note Well don't get your "panties in a bunch" lol, and the Avatar is a Black woman by the way lol, lol so was the mother. Why do your actions seem calculated like some other Black men? I guess it's the part where you tell Black men to look like pathetic rejects and go get a passport to look for a woman in other countries (OUTSIDE OF AFRICA of course) because they can't lead, correct or repair their relationships with Black woman. At the same time be extremely verbal about it. I go by ENERGY not just by what someone says, everything said has an ENERGY. And just the fact that you are on Youtube complaining about Black women at your age means you have some unsettled issues with the women you thought you would be with. You should be happy and content with your "find" but again that is not your ENERGY. That's why some people have been so-called ignorant and said your fiance is like a mail order bride. You sent that ENERGY. You need to look at your video again. You did not make a video saying that you fell in love with a Filipina woman. You made a video saying why you chose one over continuing to pursue Black women and I told you illusion has affected you. I'll tell you a secret, it plays out on the subconscious level; most Black men know and realize that everyday Black women will settle for a man with no money or one who would buy them a "Happy Meal", but it doesn't matter. You know why, because the human spirit is peculiar. People define themselves by how much they are represented and admired. So even though you can find tons of down to earth Black women who are just happy to have a man, the fact that the women in the spotlight who are idolized and considered beautiful wouldn't give you the time of day irks you, just like most Black men. It has made you feel less than a man because let's face it the whole world is witnessing this illusion. It makes it seem like you are not good enough to attract a "top quality" woman. It makes you feel like a "chump". I helped your soul and told you the media has become a distorted illusion of reality but it's not enough. Isn't that a peculiar reality? You subconsciously need the world to see those women admire and want men like you. When they don't, all Black women become materialistic gold-diggers. Confused? Well again ask yourself where are these rich, well to do Black women in the community? Who are these Black women rolling in dough? Most hoes can't even consistently get money out of a "baller". Most of these women have to find a way to make money on their own and that sometimes means using their bodies or going from one "baller" to the next. So ask yourself what you are truly saying? I would respect Black men more if they were honest and said I'm tired of these gold-digging bit*ches in the spotlight making it seem like an nice everyday man like myself is worthless. Because again the media is POWERFUL and can make and break the human spirit. This is why Black people have a low-self esteem now due to a lack of positive representation. A dark skin Black woman in the community could have had a boyfriend all her life. But because she does not see herself represented like others in the media in a beautiful way she will feel like sh*t. She will feel less worthy and uglier than those that are represented. No need to get aggravated I'm simply a fierce debater because I would never say something that doesn't make sense and I don't speak solely based on emotion, I analyze my viewpoint for it's validity and absorb the ENERGY of others. I like to awaken people because most people are driven by emotion and don't realize it. Their emotion develops their opinion, which makes them consider that opinion the truth and I come against this. So yes, you went and got a Filipino girl because you are tired of looking like a fool before the world. It's a deep realization that Black men need to understand and admit to. I was watching "Diary of a Mad Black Man" and a woman was on there, she was attractive, attractive but simple. Anyway she wanted a relationship so bad that she was unemployed dating a guy who was employed and she said when they went out she paid lol, lol, lol, lol I know many Black women who will act in this way. I'm sure it's safe to say she gave her body to him too. She just wanted a man like so many others. It gets even more sad when they have children with these deadbeat men, but they do that everyday too don't they? Well I respect that you are tired, I wear people down it's why I have a lot of viewers to my site but people rarely comment. It becomes exasperating to some because I don't bring up points that can be attacked, I don't understand the concept of that. Take care, and like I said don't let your Flipino girlfriend see your videos she will know you are frustrated. Here's the catch just like with White woman I've observed she will not only know you are frustrated but feel uneasy because she witnesses Black women everyday that are the opposite of what you say. She will consciously or subconsciously say "if only he met her I wouldn't be here"........................Does that sound like security? That's why you never enter into an interracial relationship complaining about your race in general. Especially when it's an illusion, she probably sees many Black women who are humble, down to earth and those who simply want companionship. She would feel so much better if it seemed like you saw that too and just couldn't help but falling for her. Just something to think about, some friendly advice. OK I won't bother you anymore, I'll be off to enlighten others who are in emotional misery. Sent to: aahmovingon
His Response: Red portion is a quote from previous note I sent
Re: Friendly Note Especially when it's an illusion, she probably sees many Black women who are humble, down to earth and those who simply want companionship. She would feel so much better if it seemed like you saw that too and just couldn't help but falling for her. Humble yeah right go sell somebody else that fairy tale. All i have seen and been exposed to is arrogance and annoyance. A former friend of mine tried to set me up last year with a 6 figure earning sister. She was darkskin and very preety. She was also arrogant and talked about her position and how she ran a hospital here where i live. In short she was a big fucking turn off. The high point of our conversations is when she told me "She would have no problem marrying a white man". I told the dumb Educated black woman, "If that is true then why in the hell are you talking to me"?. So education means nothing. 90% of all american women of all races are pure garbage. And yes i dated white women and hispanics too. Your so-called humble one's are Jesus freaks or Nation of Islam followers. I am an atheist so not a fit for me. Please do not respond to me again as i will not read it. Sent to: blackenergynews
This was an eye-opening back and forth conversations allowing insight into the mind of a growing number of average Black man. While it was eye-opening it's slightly sad at the same time. See Black men don't realize that God and the Universe won't allow them to simply dodge their community, race and Black women after sitting back and not intercepting the destruction of what God gave them. This is why though more and more Black men seek women of different races (always excluding African women, lol) they can't subside the spiritual longing they have for Black women. This is why though they claim to be happy, all they do is complain and use the non-Black woman they have found as a weapon to beat down Black women . They do this with the subconscious hope that it will beat Black women into submission and cause her to change her ways. Black men have to face the fact that they have assisted in the destruction of their community and the mentalities of Black women. They have done this through the ENERGIES they support in the spotlight and the fact that they cannot figure out how to change these negative ENERGIES. They can't figure out how to reach not only Black women, but the youth or their own peers for that matter. You cannot mess up one environment and simply move to the next. It would be like tearing up a house over the years and saying "I'll just go buy a new one". God and the Universe frowns on this, he watches to see how you take care of what he has given you. I fear this is another example of Black men not being able to lead nor help their community. It makes my mind drift to Africa during the slave trade where Black men could not help women and children at that time either. There is something missing in the brains of many Black men where they cannot repair problems to strengthen themselves, but would rather leave. Many Black women in the 50's can tell you about the phenomenon of Black men simply leaving when the going gets tough. I feel blessed everyday I had a good father. Anyhow, Here's what they don't understand, due to many Black men being psychologically damaged in many ways their traits and characters will simply follow them. In turn women of other races will start to say the things that Black women say. This will be a humiliation that Black men will not be able to stand. It will be a type of humiliation that castrates Black men before the world and all the other men in it. Many Black men support this culture, and don't come against this culture so the ideals of the culture have penetrated the minds of those in the community. And despite what Black men say, most women of other races do not embrace Black men as a whole. They are simply fascinated by certain elements of a Black man. Usually elements they are brainwashed to think is great by the media. What happens when they realize a Black man is not special and due to the extra trouble of being in a interracial relationship decide to be with the men of their own race? That's why most women of other races who are worth something require a Black man to have money and status. The women who accept Black men as they are, usually where breed in a 3rd world country or have a 3rd world country mentality. A mentality where they're just happy to be alive and want a man for breeding and to life heavy things. They can't strengthen Black men or boost them spiritually because they don't truly understand Black men. They are simply willing to be a "pillow". Even if their fathers are disgusted. Most women of other races do not accept Black men, though it empowers Black men to believe that they do. That's why Black men have no jobs. The highest minority business owners in the country are White women followed by Hispanic women and Black men don't have jobs in great numbers lol, lol, lol I will be writing an article about that shortly. That's why I'm embarrassed when Black men think non-Black women truly embrace them and then wind up with "White trash" or a "3rd World Country" woman, never a Julia Roberts or Penelope Cruz or Salma Hayak. Black men of this era have not demonstrated they are creators or protectors. In fact they have proven the opposite. When a situation becomes sticky and messed up they simply leave. It's what makes Black men weak in this era and the least respected men imaginable. Seems like a theme with Black men, and it's not impressive it's actually a sad reflection of Black men. It causes them to be jokes to the world. Just think how weak Black men are in this era They feel like less than a man because they are not represented in the spotlight. Instead of fighting the ENERGY of the spotlight so that they are represented and can be considered desirable again, they simply throw their hands up. Despite trying to fend for and rear Black youth in the right direction, they become an example to young Black men, that when things get "sticky" you run. It's sad. I don't care how frustrated I am with Black men and this race I would never seek men outside the race in a strategic, predatory way. Many Black women are claiming they will do this and I correct them. Despite the illusions that have been created which indicate Black women are repulsive, there are many men of other races that would date Black women. It's a union Black men should hope and pray never occurs. Remember White women and Hispanic women, the two top minority business owners do nothing for Black men. However, White men have always provided for Black women. They give Black women jobs to feed and cloth their family, they protect their neighborhood more than any Black man can and they try to educate their children more than any Black man and their explorative minds is an asset to mental growth. Most Black women are already connected with White men. For him to offer love too would create the same scenario many Black men are trying to create. In the process it would bring more humiliation and frustration to Black men. So let's just say, I believe we should work out our problems. But in order to do so we must know how to destroy the ENERGIES that cause us to develop negative mentalities. These ENERGIES are reflected in the culture. As we speak a new generation of young girls are being brainwashed to think that if they can get a man with money, a "baller" like in the media they're a "top Bit*tch". So I ask Black men what do you do about that?.............Oh I know, pack your bags, run and teach young Black boys to look outside the race right??? I swear I think Black men ran during slavery times when Black women where being caught. Black men seem to run from a mess they don't seem to be willing to clean it up or fight. Sad, I will write an article explaining Black woman's culpability in this situation too, it's never one-sided, however you do wish that Black men would be the strongest within the race after-all they are the men. Read this article that shows that Brainwashing is not reserved to Black women and Black youth
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