Exposing the ENERGY of Entertainment To Release People From The Mental and Spiritual Bondage It Creates!

Comments that Catch My Eye

Here's a comment I came across online that gives you an idea of how mental brainwashing can occur. Over the years I have witness Black people embrace the problems of the Black community with a sense of pride as if it defines the "Black experience".

We have become numb to our circumstances and environments and make light of it. This comment reflects that ENERGY.
Black people are being portrayed as clowns, even if they have money.  It is being shown that no matter how much money black people get, it just reinforces their niggerism. I was watching some new black sitcom and the were justifying smoking crack! They were like, everyone goes through hard times; so and so (female) used to be on crack! They want people to think that going through a crack head phase is a norml part of being black!
It's important to be conscious of the subtle ways Black people inadvertently support brainwashing. The person who felt the ENERGY of the characters in the above story "caught it". They understood that making light of such a serious issue is a form of brainwashing and shouldn't be taken lightly.

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