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Can A "Throne" Be Shared? Jay Z, Kanye Feud

There are so many lessons the Universe wants to teach Jay Z and Kanye West. They seem to live life on a magic carpet and zip by scandal and controversy as if it's nothing. Well the Universe always wants you to learn lessons as you progress and will eventually find an opening to do so, no matter how much you think you can control your life.

The first opening for the Universe comes through the title of this CD. Both Jay Z and Kanye West's egos made a big mistake. They made a big metaphysical mistake.

They both thought it would be a good idea to name their joint CD "Watch The Throne", that was not a good metaphysical move. Both "The" and "Throne" symbolizes "one". It does not symbolize joint or together. See how the Universe is always there to creep through and teach you a lesson, or come against your ENERGY.

So here we have two very egotistical spirits seeking "The Throne", this couldn't possibly turn out good and they will have to work hard to make it seem as if it is.

I could write a thesis on both Jay Z and Kanye West and I will in trickle form in other posts. I will and must do this so that it's not overwhelming. Most of ya'll don't want to read beyond a paragraph anyway lol.

But when I absorb the ENERGY of Jay Z and Kanye West, I feel two different types of egotistical ENERGIES. With Jay Z I feel that his egotism revolves around wanting to APPEAR the best and powerful. It doesn't mean he doesn't care about his craft, but you can tell a difference between Jay Z and Kanye West's music.
Jay Z is more materialistic and money driven, where Kanye really wants you to respect the craft that he has created because it is the best, not because it appears POWERFUL due to money. Kanye's lyrics aren't as laced with constant materialistic references as Jay Z's music often is. You can tell there is a spiritual side to Kanye. Jay Z seems colder and more calculating, while Kanye seems more aware and emotional.

It's the one thing that has always scared me about their relationship; thinking of how far gone Kanye can become in a cold, calculating environment. That type of environment will make a deeper more free or spiritual person channel their ENERGY in the wrong way.

To keep this short I will say this, as a higher conscious person that absorbs the ENERGY of situations, yes I believe they had their differences and argued. Despite this, I think that they both wish to remain friends enough where they will try a little harder then most to resolve their issues.

However, as I stated the Universe at the same time can't help but use the situation as an opportunity to address their egos.It's something that has been waiting in metaphysical limbo to happen.

I hate to be mean, but

I think Kanye is one of the best rappers in the game right now, and I hate to see him waste his talent working with Jay. I hate to see him in the mode of trying to prove something, when he could be working with those who are more his metaphysical match, those that will allow him to just be him.

The Universe gave him that route and option, with Lupe and Pharrell. For some time now they where suppose to join forces as a group for a CD. I can tell you now, that's more his metaphysical match. Imagine trying to keep up with Jay's "I rule the world, no one tops me attitude". It has to be stressful at least Kanye sticks up for himself and I hope it's worth it.

When I think of two friends working together, I envision artist in the studio because they metaphysically match ENERGY wise. While they are in the studio they are enjoying what they are doing, eating nachos and laughing between sets. Knowing that everything will be alright because no one's trying to out do the other. No one is worried that the public will think one artist out did the other. Maybe even playing a game in-between to release tension, or watch a movie.

Well this..................:

“Yes, we get on each other’s nerves. But that’s part of pushing each other. We push each other”. Jay-Z said that studio bickering is nothing unique to him, nor Kanye. “So of course there are times when we’re in the studio and we’re yelling, but that’s about it. I would never disrespect that man. I have so much respect for him.”
Doesn't sound like that type of scenario, but I guess like with anything else friendship gets put on hold with business. I have a softer soul so I've never been able to think in that way. I could never strain my friendship even for business. I would have to find a way for the ENERGY of our friendship to shine through. But as I said Jay Z does not think in that way, he's colder and more calculating then Kanye.

Good luck to Kanye, I'll never him forget the fact that he brought Satan's promiscuous daughter to the spotlight, but he is one of my favorite lyricist he just goes in and out of possession at times. I pray he doesn't get totally sucked in like some and get lost by losing himself.

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