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But the Culture Said I Was Cute!

When I first saw this video I died laughing. Then I stopped and became sad. I became sad because once again it's an example of those simply emulating the culture.

These girls look like strippers and the whores the video girls portray. At the same time if you observe their reaction they don't want to be seen in that way. They simply walked into an ENERGY they truly couldn't handle.

That is the truth for many young girls these days, they will consciously or subconsciously emulate this culture then walk into an ENERGY they don't like and didn't expect. They are sometimes shocked when people react unfavorably to them. Then sometimes in an instant they understand the reaction but are still insulted like in this case.

This is another example of why Black men must care enough about themselves and the women of this race to keep strippers and hookers "Under the Bed". Notice how I didn't say absolutely don't look at them. I wasn't so "tight" to say you're less of a man if you even acknowledge them. No I understand the human weaknesses of us all, but you have to try in life. You have to make sacrifices even when it comes to those things you desire that you know is not the best. Like a smoker who makes sure to not smoke around non-smokers or children.

When you don't understand that approach, your environment becomes what it is now, and the women in them will mutate.

When we realize that strength and sacrifice is true power we will RISE.

Read "Hookers Should be Kept Under the Bed" and learn how you can be a real solider the Universe respects.

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