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Beyonce Announces Her "Rosemary Baby" at VMA's

Photo via Sandra Rose.com

Beyonce has a strong ENERGY so I have to absorb the ENERGY of this moment, but I will not be doing tons of post about her.

There's no mystery that I am not a Beyonce fan, I've never been a Beyonce fan and have always hoped that she would simply go away.

I don't like her ENERGY she's a narcissistic person who displays the trait of being a "jealous competitor to human beings". Do you know that's one of the traits of Satanism?

Another trait of Satanism is the fact that a person is "self-worshiping" meaning nothing comes before them. Not friends, not family and Beyonce has shown many times not even her husband.

Now I don't want to sound "spacey" I study and go into things the average person could not comprehend. Things that would bring shock and awakening to most people, but people are usually resistant to things that shake up their sense of calm.

 Sought of like Black people who will say "Black is Beautiful".

That's a nice saying and it could be true, but the fact of the matter is, in this era with this culture IT IS NOT TRUE.

Again it could be true, but currently it is not true. Please don't take your individual lives into consideration, no one knows you personally and no one cares.

How Black people are portrayed through this culture, a culture we support is NOT BEAUTIFUL.

Anyway it's never been a shock to be that Beyonce and Jay-Z metaphysically attracted each other. They are the biggest narcissist in the industry and where made for each other. Of course both of their ENERGIES together can only cause friction but being the narcissist that they are, I can almost be certain they will never part.

In doing so it would be giving into the people in their eyes and admitting defeat. Remember I said Beyonce is a "jealous competitor to human beings", that goes for Jay-Z too. This is why Beyonce, though she's friends with Gwyneth Paltrow she doesn't have many, if any friends in the industry. Particularly the music industry, where they would be considered competition. If Gwyneth Paltrow does make an album as she said she plans on doing and it's successful, more successful than Beyonce's last album she would die a little inside.

Jay-Z is also skeptical of people and picks his friends strategically and with purpose. Most narcissistic people are suspicious of others because they know they are untrustworthy due to their willingness to do anything for fame.

Neither have a genuine bone in their body. She was manufactured to be a "Pageant Girl" at a very young age and simply lives a life of trying to be not just good and talented, but better than everyone else.

Sandra Rose is one of my favorite bloggers because she tells it like it is. She has always been able to see through Beyonce. So just like her, I knew that her announcement of her pregnancy at the VMA awards was another way for her to over shadow everyone else in order to get another drug "hit" for her "Pageant Girl" cravings. She had to be the star of the night. She had to feel as if she was the star of the show, even though this year she clearly wasn't. She can feel the world moving on.

I have never, ever seen a celebrity woman do this at such an event. Most female celebrities make a special announcement just to say they are pregnant. They will tell People magazine or make an announcement at a time where the focus is already on them. They don't do so at an event on a night where everyone is suppose to be able to shine.

It's like your best friend announcing at your wedding, birthday party or graduation that she is pregnant. It's tacky and unacceptable. And in this case these are people that know Beyonce but aren't close friends with her. They came to the event with the hopes of being able to shine too. So it's worst then if a friend did this at your personal event. It would still be tacky and distracting but Beyonce's actions were egotistical and sad.

For those confused
As Sandra Rose pointed out, Beyonce gave 4 sold-out concerts in Roseland New York several days prior to the VMA awards.

Now absorb the ENERGY of this, (and fans need to understand they are just a speck in her drug stash, and not really significant to her). She can drop you and still get high.

Absorb this............Her Roseland N.Y. concerts where attended by people who are true Beyonce fans, these are people who waited in line for her and in most cases paid top dollar to see her perform. These people paid specifically to see her. Despite this they weren't worthy of the announcement. After-all that would've been too humble and appropriate.

Their ENERGY and presence was too small and worthless for Beyonce. Beyonce needed a bigger audience to make such an announcement. She needed a big audience and tons of celebrities to do so. And not only did she need a bigger audience she needed to do it in a way that showed other celebrities once again she is the "Top Bit*ch" she gets and deserves all the attention. Just like a "pageant girl" stepping up to get her crown before all others.

Regardless of how she announced her pregnancy it would have gotten attention, so why did she have to distract people and try to overshadow everyone else and their performances?

Ok let me post some of my favorite comments:

What an attention whore. Part of me approves of Beyonce stealing the show because I hate all the people she stole it from. But still, that was an asshole move. I feel sorry for Beyonce as I do for all control freaks, because pregnancy and parenting seems to be a lesson from the universe about how little control we have over things, really.
Who did she steal the fetus from? That was a really horrible thing to say but given Bey's track record I had to get that off my chest. Mazel Tov!!! Sincerely, Alana Smithee
She just cradle her baby bump again at the end of her performance, you know in case you missed it on the red carpet.
I bet this new publicity stunt is so new, Bey and her management still haven’t decided on whether she will fake carry this pregnancy to term, or whether she will have a fake miscarriage. Anyway, good luck Bey. I seriously doubt this lie will do anything for whatever is left of your career. Your brand of fuckery is disgusting!
Yet another one who will act all throughout the hatching process like she's the first woman on earth who has ever done this. If she does, I hope that her baby will do a uterus 'Single Ladies' reenactment every day from dusk till dawn.
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Photos via SandraRose.com

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