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Amber Rose and "Crack Baby" Wiz Khalif at the VMA


Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose look like the dressed up version of Halle Berry and Samuel L. Jackson in the movie "Jungle Fever" at the VMA's.

Like many commenter's have pointed out across the web, they can't erase the ENERGY of trash from their persona. 

Here we have Wiz Khalifa who looks like his mother had a special little problem while he was in her stomach for 9 months. And then we can tell the awesome parenting skills of a woman like his mother just by looking at him. He looks like a stellar man.

No he doesn't, he looks like a malnourished, weak "crackhead" that has no regard for his body and could careless where and how the money's coming in. His claim to fame is making a song "Black and Yellow" where he can tell the world how worthless and simple his mind is. He can make it clear that he has one main focus and despite his age he is determined to make it with having that simple focus as a crutch.

He's ugly, he's horrible and another example of why I despise Black women in this generation. We don't know the importance of making men like this disappear from mainstream spotlight.Young girls should know they can do better and deserve better.

But just absorbing the ENERGY of the Universe and Black women in it, it's easy to see why he can slip through to the forefront. When you look at the type of men Black women allow around their kids in everyday life, there is no mystery as to why they would accept Wiz Khalifa and all the other trash that harbors the spotlight.
Then we have Amber Rose shining like a "Lite Brite" toy, radiating a color not seen on earth or known to man. Trying to look like her attendance has some relevance. She has to remind people in the most dramatic way that she is here because she is affiliated with a rapper.

You can tell she's in hell and misery trying to keep up the charade that she's into "Crack Khalif".
These are the types of metaphysical traps I like to see woman like her fall into. She's worthless to this culture and young girls, though she will say she's a role model and now she's tied to someone like Wiz Khalifa.

Someone who I guarantee you, though he looks like a wimp and is mentally, he won't be as understanding as Kanye if she tries to leave or in Kanye's case tries to play him. It would make him look like a fool and then she would experience the choking and spitting she claims she loves in a way that makes Vanity in the movie "52 Pickup" look like the pillow she was being smothered to death with, was just a cotton-candy cloud.

Kanye has ego, he would never allow this chick to think she's worth anything to really fawn over. Not to mention he has a track record that speaks for itself. Her leaving doesn't take away from that. He was big before her and is big after her.

Wiz Khalifa on the other hand is a broken down "one hit wonder", forever "guest appearing" on songs, Brother from the gutter. Many men between idolizing her body say he's a fool. I can promise you he would not take kindly to her making that seem like a reality.

So I love that Amber Rose is trapped in bad ENERGY just like she traps young girls. And believe me she's not the glossy trash Kim K is. She is pretty much worn-out image wise after just dating two rappers. After-all she was a whore to begin with. A whore has such a strong ENERGY that after dating two men it's like a "train" was ran on them.


Think of ENERGY....... they already had the ENERGY of being ran through so it doesn't take much to intensify that ENERGY.

So I laugh at her forced movements and stiff, fake smiles she has to display in order to seem relevant with a worthless rapper. It's like she's on a treadmill and can't get off, she has to keep up with the illusions she has displayed. After-all just like her hooking and stripping days she has made this her new source of income, so she has to keep it up despite the "Ambien" or "Lunesta" needed to sleep.

I would die before I supported either one, I wish Black people understood the power of doing the same, we would be able to mold our culture and media better.

Photos via SandraRose.com

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