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Yes, Buffy The Body is 45

Yes folks "Buffy the Body is 45. In fact I thought she was older then that. I had the pleasure of listening to "Charlemagne the God" interview Buffy during his show where he destroyed her. That seemed like five years ago. That's why I assumed she was older then 45. In the interview Buffy revealed that she was 43.

Just look at how she's been enabled by this culture. She's been enabled to the point where she doesn't have to grow or expand. Don't get me wrong God made a Universe where she can't help but be in spiritual pain internally, but her body still gets attention. She can try to escape her subconscious mind with alcohol and drugs, till she crashes and burns.

Her body gets attention because she's like a "Chitlin". Those who eat "Chitlins" should be able to understand her ENERGY.

For those who are confused, "Chitlins" are pig intestines.Despite this, when you put a plate of "Chitlins" in front of a person who likes them, they will say "hmm that looks good". Buffy's body is the same way.

When a low standard, or jail culture man sees a body like Buffy's even though it lacks proportion and looks like a thick piece of ham walking, they will say "damn she looks good". Even if a woman like Buffy looks like she would die after going up two flights of stairs, they say "she looks good".

Why do they do this?

They do this because just like "Chitlins" it doesn't matter what it is or how it looks, they go by what they can do with it. "Chitlins" are tasty to someone who likes "Chitlins". They don't care if they are eating an organ that was drenched in shi*t the entire pigs life. That's why "Chitlins" smell, you could NEVER get rid of the smell of crap totally when it comes to "Chilins", I don't care how much vinegar you use.

In terms of Buffy's butt, a butt like Buffy's allows a man to be more brutal during sex. A woman with a bigger butt has the ENERGY of being able to handle aggressive doggy style sex. Their butts bring out the urge in a man to penetrate through all the flesh and grind and drill into the chick until she is affected.

Her butt seems as though you can stick a pitch fork in it and it wouldn't effect her. It's a totally usable look. Trying to make Black women understand this so that they are not used like doormats or rode like a bull or mule is like talking to the wall. You should want to convey that just because my butt is big, I'm not durable like a cow.

If my son brought home a woman like this, I would know he's limiting his life. I would know he would only be accepted in certain circles. Worthless circles. He could never have the aura of being a man with standards or class.

It's only sad that in order to feel represented thick women continue to allow their exploitation. In turn you NEVER see professional or accomplished men with women who have bodies like this. These women are only prevalent in the circles where their "Chitlin" butts are passed around, then discarded.

Anyway I won't go on. MTO which is the most worthless Jerry Springer, Maury Povich type of site, decided to go "payola" and do some advertising for Buffy. I know this is true. After I left a comment on the site, which is sure to be more powerful then any other, I was banned. They literally did a thread praising this women, in front of impressionable young men and women.

That's ok, because it's time for MTO to fall, so they picked the right person to irritate. My next post will reveal why they're a destructive ENERGY to come against.

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