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Why I'm a Ricky Lake Contestant Now

For those who remember "The Ricky Lake Show" you will remember she often had episodes where people hated or where frustrated with their race. That ENERGY is where the title of this thread comes from.

So I must ask Black people; Is this video disturbing enough? See I convene with God so I see through and understand things on a deeper level then most humans.

I understand why many humans do and don’t do some things. I even understand myself when I fall into those modes. So I sit back observe Black people and watch the tolerance they have for “sitting in crap”.

“Sitting in crap” is a specialty of this race, and no I don’t have the desire to take it easy in 2011.  You can’t “sit in crap” for years then get mad when people finally get fed up and speak out. Together with the fact that this race has regressed and support a horrible culture, I feel no sympathy.

I absolutely HATE the ENERGY of mainstream culture in this era. It is beyond destructive. Culture reflects the character of the people it represents. After-all culture is created by the people and only thrives through the support of the people.

So here we have another video out of millions that shows the ENERGY running rabid in Black communities. I don’t give a crap what White people are doing. Most of ya’ll still have to ask White people for a job. It does Black people no use worrying about what White people are doing. Our race does not have a foundation to support the type of negative ENERGIES we absorb daily.

When you start from a point of weakness, the only way to get strong is through concentration. The way to get strong is not looking at those who have a since of strength and saying “well they are doing it too”.
Some might say will there are positive Black people in the community. Here’s what I think of so-called positive Black people of this era:

The ENERGY of so-called positive Black people isn’t strong enough to come against the negative ENERGY of this culture. It’s like they’re weak. It’s like positive Black Men are soft and positive Black Women are spiritually worthless. It appears as if they can’t even begin to come against the ENERGY of this race, this culture and their negative peers. Instead, they enable the culture by fueling negative ENERGIES and stereotypes through supporting it inadvertently or by being passive to these ENERGIES.

See I think it’s the responsibility of those around my age to address this upcoming generation and those amongst us who fuel this culture.

I say this because many older Black people and Black Baby Boomers don’t really understand this generation or the culture that they are exposed to. Those who are part of “Generation X”, like I am, know better.

We have seen the many transitions. We have seen things go from good, to bad, to a mutated mess. That’s what the generation coming up reflects, and those of “Generation X” are simply zombies about it. They sit around and get fat, eating fried chicken instead of challenging the youth. That’s takes too much ENERGY.

Now say that Sista Soulja’s a mean and a self-hating Negro! No she’s sweet as pie compared to me. I have a lethal, acid tongue and I’m not afraid to use it. I don’t believe in being PC or politically correct.

I tell the truth, reveal ENERGY as well as attack it.

As far as the video is concerned we must admit; we don’t exactly see video’s like the one above coming out of other communities in great numbers.

Let me give you two reasons why, reasons that point to both Black men and Black women.

Black Women:

Many Black Women are “Crap Mothers” in this era, I mean it. I not only mean it, I’ve seen it, felt it and know that it’s true.

See most of Black women go numb. After letting Frank “fu*ck them so hard, they see stars”. And after Frank leaves, most Black women become harden and don’t give a damn. See I see right through Black women because I ask God for the answers.

So I asked God “Why are these children so horrible coming up”? And he told me it’s because children of horrible mothers become like “Things”, they become like pawns and things to use, poke at and abuse. These mothers will tell many that they love their children but they don’t. You always go by what is shown and proven not what someone says. People can say anything, but they don't live their life to prove it.

In fact many Black women HATE their children, they despise their children and their children are a pain in the ass because they become a burden. That’s why even if “Frank” is screwing the child, they can simply ignore it. Nothing will take a man out of their life, not even their children.

Once these women realize they will not become a woman like in Jodeci’s song “Forever My Lady”, that’s when they show they don’t give a damn in many ways. This happens on the conscious or subconscious level.

These children are being treated like “Things”, “things” of entertainment, things of conversation, but simply “Things”, something to twist, turn and use.

These girls grow up being treated like “Things” to use and develop the mentality of not caring when someone bends them like a pretzel. It does not feel foreign to them, it seems natural. Many simply try to progress to the point of trying to feel a sense of power by at least being with a man with money.

They become like this:

Or like this:

Amber Rose, a woman who claims she likes to be “spit on and choked”. Of course this is not true but to maintain sanity you must lie to feel control of your abuse. (I’ll explain more about this sad syndrome later)

This video is another example of why I don’t really like young Black girls in this era. The way they're being raised and the mentalities that are being driven deep in them, mutates them. I understand that many of them come from homes where they are abused and aren’t raised properly but that doesn’t erase their ENERGY.

I’m always on the side of God and try to reflect the ENERGY of the Universe. The Universe does not make exceptions for children born in this way. During biblical times God would have destroyed these children right along with their parents, because they have mutated and seem beyond help.

Now let’s talk about:

Black Mens part

I will be honest, maybe I should have started with Black Men. Maybe I should have started with Black Men because they play the biggest part in all of this.

If you listen to one thing, one thing, one thing I say, understand that taking hoes like Amber Rose, Angel Luv and the rest of the “back alley, steam hookers” from under the bed creates this.

It creates this ENERGY because you fixate and parade women with the ENERGY of Amber Rose around. Now I know you don’t truly give a crap about her. A friend of mind just told me about a girl he had “straight to the point” sex with. I asked him “why no foreplay or why was it so mechanical and robotic”. He said he wasn’t trying to be with her, he didn’t care about her in that way and just wanted to get straight to it.

So I understand Amber Rose is worthless to you, besides sticking your dick in her “pin cushion ass”.

But………………..and this is a big but…………………….

Lost Black girls don’t understand, don’t want to understand and can’t resist thinking the opposite is true. They think that you truly admire these women. Now many of you might be saying, that’s their problem if they are that dumb.

Well there are two ways I can respond to that. One, just understand that you are a predator. Two, you are simply choosing to act numb, because you can feel these women are confused. See unfortunately many women are on the losing end of the stick when it comes to intimate relationships. It doesn’t matter the level of intimacy. Most women are affected by intimacy.  It’s as if the Universe designed it that way purposely.

After all we do give birth to children through our bodies. Despite this, many women will try to disguise the fact that they are effected, ignore it and act like they don’t care. Some eventually become numb to convince themselves they can handle anything.

However, most women can’t handle a man being intimate with them and then disappearing. A woman’s body will absolutely feel and remember the act of sex. Women have bodies that receive, where men have penis’s they can stick anywhere.

Anyhow, here’s my point; Black women will emulate and flex themselves into anything you say is admirable. They will notice what you seem to focus on. Even if it’s a “focused fantasy”, like simply wanting to stick your dick in an Amber Rose and poke her butt like a pin cushion.

There you have the mystery of why Black women talk about ASS as much as Black men. It seems to be your concentration so women focus on it. They will settle for the slightest momentary since of intimacy, due to never having a strong loving male figure in their life.

Let’s go a little deeper, then I’m out till next time………………………

Black women will allow themselves to be used despite it being something that is against what their spirit really wants. They will use their bodies and present themselves in the way that you seem to admire. They will try to emulate what gets your attention the most. It doesn’t matter what you truly feel internally, particularly when you don’t reveal the internal or the truth to them.

Many Black women long for any sense of affection and attachment to a man, again, even if it’s temporary, so they will do anything to feel what they never felt. So when these women mutate into “back alley, steam, hookers”, their ENERGY will spread to not only their daughters but your daughters too.

Another way that this mutation happens is the fact that young girls see what Black Men seem to admire. And because Black Women do not come against this, but instead “fold”, young girls transform because they witness this. As a result they too become promiscuous.

Bottom-line Black Men need to keep this ENERGY under the bed. It’s mutating this race and young Black girls. They have become nothing but a gyrating ass to tame.

But can I just say one other thing? I know it will drive you crazy but I will keep it short. God wants me to add this.

See as Black people we must understand that no matter what we went through in the past, we have to see clearly. It’s important to understand that so many Black people have mutated mentally, particularly Black men.

Why do I say this?

Well, Black men go to a place that has mutated negative ENERGIES and they absorb this.  Of course I mean jail, and jail usually means many Black Men live under less then humane conditions. Often times, this results in their brain snapping in many ways. It’s important to understand that these ways aren’t always apparent. Remember it’s mental. They will not tell you how their brains have snapped, many of them don’t even know. They simply seem to not care anymore.

So I have witnessed a change in Black Men, where they just don’t care. They have a “don’t care” attitude. They could care less about protecting young girls and keeping certain things out of their reach and eyesight. After all they where forced to eat food, that had sh*t and boogers in it. They had to sit on a toilet in front of another man. They had to get naked in front of anyone. They had to have cavity searches and watch their Black brothers break down and become fond of the anus as if it’s second nature to them.

All of those ENERGIES result in these men not giving a fu*ck about anything. They will eat Black children alive. This is why you cannot let men like this have great power. Jail Culture men do not mind praising Amber Rose, Angel Luv or any other hooker in front of everybody. Their minds are mutated and “mad”. They don’t think in normal ways. They don’t understand or care about compromise. They don’t feel the need to keep those ENERGIES contained and under the bed. It’s as if they’re subconsciously saying “you should be glad I’m not real crazy”.

I have more to say, but I won’t go on. I will speak more about this later and go even deeper. I explain things in many ways not just one. I speak in terms of ENERGY that’s why it’s possible for me to explain things until it penetrates like water.

Those That Sacrifice, Those that Try are True Warriors

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